Microsoft Surface Go Unboxing!

Microsoft Surface Go Unboxing!
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    Hey guys, how's it going? It's Justine and today we are unboxing the brand new Microsoft Surface Go
    It's basically like a very tiny mini Surface. I'm a huge fan of all the Surface products
    You guys might know that half of my office is Mac and the other half is PC, and on the PC side
    I've got it completely decked out with Surface products and this is gonna be such a fun little thing to add to my collection.
    And just for the record this video is not sponsored, but they did send this to me to check out
    So, thank you so much Microsoft. Let's get to the unboxing, these come in three different, four different colors
    Burgundy, platinum, cobalt blue and black. I'm not sure what color this one is,
    I'm thinking that it's gonna be the Platinum, judging by the outer rim, the type cover. Let's open.
    Little knife. It's Knife Go.
    Just cutting this outer plastic is so satisfying.
    Got that shot you got that shot that real nice close-up that real nice – Yes
    Wow, okay. This has gotta be the platinum because the whole inside of the box is also platinum. Oh it definitely is! Yessss!
    So excited like there's a lot of things that make me excited like candy, and cookies and new tech!
    Little instructions, I'm not interested in those right now. Little charger!
    Everything is small like oh, it's not that small but compared to the actual surface. It's a much smaller. Look at this
    Little tiny baby
    Can I freaking help you? I have an upcoming event, well I can't go to it cuz I'm unboxing
    I'm not in my house. I don't know where all the outlets are. I'm in unfamiliar territory.
    Oh it's so small!
    I mean, it's not actually that small. It's probably a very normal tablet size. Definitely gonna play Fortnite on this
    It's probably not gonna be the most optimal performance
    Got your little stand
    Should probably turn it on. So while that starts up, I'm gonna open up this mouse
    The side of it is magnetic and my knife is stuck to it!
    Quit trying to take my things. These are my things actually it's Jenna's to be honest. This is her knife.
    I think I stole it from you. You can have it back. Yeah, I was gonna say I think I bought this and we went to Yosemite
    mobile mouse
    Oh, you're like half the size of a normal Mouse
    Hi there! I'm Cortana and I'm here to help.
    A little sign in here, a touch a Wi-Fi there and we'll have your PC ready for all you plan to do
    I've got big plans
    This is your voice or the keyboard along the way, and if you'd like me to stay quiet
    Just select the little microphone icon towards the bottom of your screen
    I would like if you talked to me cuz I haven't talked to anyone all day. If you need an assistive screen reader, press the windows, control,
    and enter keys at the same time to turn on narrator
    Okay, enough intro. Let's dig in!
    Let's dig! Jenna: I like how she said little power button. Justine: Ha! Litt-le
    Your Region is set to the United States. Is that right?
    I am unboxing and setting up with my voice. PC: Your keyboard is set to U.S. Want to stick with that?
    Do you also type with another keyboard layout?
    Now let's get you connected to a network. Oh geez...
    Then you can get updates, apps, then cat videos as soon as possible! Justine: Cat videos!?!? What's your password?
    I'll brush my hair while I wait
    You're all linked up
    I'm all linked up. Okay, next cool. Thank you...
    You want to see that shot get this shot
    Look at this keyboard, check this out
    Like what do you think they're doing back there?
    Secrets. Oh Oh several minutes. I won't turn it off. This thing is so freakin cute. I love small things
    Do you think you're gonna do like an Excel spreadsheet? I loooove spreadsheets. PowerPoint? I'll probably do a spreadsheet
    I like spreadsheets as well
    This is what we need to do we're gonna download Fortnite and I'm gonna play it. So I didn't do this on purpose,
    I swear
    Because I've had these nails for several weeks, but they match this
    Like it's so close. All right
    Well, I'm downloading Fortnite and then let's go take this outside and get a nice slo-mo montage of me doing really cool
    things like sitting and playing on my computer.
    You ready for that, Jen? Jenna: Yeah. Justine: Okay!
    Let's slo-mo go. (music)
    I'm working on an extremely important document. So I'm gonna have to ask for some privacy, please. Please do not look at my document. *whispers* Look at my document! Come look at it!
    Chicken tenders...
    I'm listing all my favorite snacks. This is a secret document! Stop looking at my secret document!
    Don't look at my document!. I won't look at it. Look at my document
    How– that's what you're typing? I'm working on a secret Excel document!
    Oh brother... Justine: Tic Tacs, I like tic tacs. (more montage music)
    We are playing Fortnite on the Surface Go and I'm actually really surprised how well this is running. Let's go
    Let's go get some loot. I just bought this new pickaxe. It's the stop sign
    Who wants to get eliminated
    Hey Ed, you wanna see this? Yeah. Wanna take a look at this? Like, it's running. Yeah, I would totally carry something like this around.
    Me too
    You've gotta get out of that house. I KNOW! You will go to the basement, that's a great idea. Where are we going Bud?
    Oh my gosh!
    Your a terrible driver!
    I'm still shocked with how well this is running. Like I am incredibly surprised especially after playing on the MacBook. Okay, where you at?
    I'm trying to see how close you are to the succulent
    This table is huge and you're sitting real close to that succulent
    I am sooo close to the succulents!
    I'm not sure why I wanted to sit in the middle of the table!
    I mean measure the table, Ed, how how big is this table? Let's see ... it's
    it's like two Eds - okay, so - so we got one Ed
    Oh my God two Eds almost
    That's two Eds!
    This is the worst thing I've ever done. No.
    Ow I'm breaking my knee!
    Ohhoooo I'm down
    Somebody help me somebody help help
    Help help somebody
    Help. What about having painful times
    That would be so cool
    I'm getting revived by this homie
    Little goodies up there
    Hey hog, do you want to die? Oh, shoot. No. That was me. I'm dead
    I think I'm dead...Does that say mud butt? I does, mud-butt just killed me
    Well guys that was Fortnite on the surface go
    shocked at how well this ran because I did do a bunch of tests when I was playing on the MacBook Pro and it still
    ran fairly well in MacBook Pro, but this ran way better than I expected
    This does have 128 gig solid state drive and eight gigs of ram and it is so small
    And so tiny that you can take it, wait for it...
    on the go
    Okay, let's go get dinner and then I'll get myself some b-roll of me going to dinner going
    To dinner we might be going alone. Ok cool. I've gotta save my document
    Solid state you just close it. No, I wanna make sure you don't want to lose this important data (music)
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