Rip It Up: The first gig you ever went to

Rip It Up: The first gig you ever went to
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    RODDY WOOMBLE: The Pogues at the Edinburgh Playhouse in 1991.
    It was amazing, but Shane wasn't singing for them on that tour.
    Joe Strummer sang.
    I was 14, and I didn't know who Joe Strummer was.
    So I was initially disappointed, but then it
    was kind of amazing, because they were doing Clash songs.
    Yeah, so, that was the first gig I went to.
    VIC GALLOWAY: It was The Damned.
    Classic punk rockers who I saw recently, actually,
    again, and they're still on fire.
    I was 12 years old.
    It was Edinburgh Playhouse.
    A total life-changing gig.
    The support bands were an American garage band
    called the Fuzztones, and the Edinburgh punks
    threw bottles at them.
    They carried on playing, and then The Damned
    came on the stage.
    It was dressed as a graveyard.
    Rat Scabies, the drummer, set fire to the cymbals.
    It was utterly astounding and life changing.
    DAVIE MILLER: Culture.
    It was a reggae band.
    At the Usher Hall, on my 18th birthday.
    BRUCE FINDLAY: The first concert I remember going to,
    in a slightly more rebellious state of mind, when I was 16,
    would be Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran
    at the Glasgow Empire in 1960.
    DUGLAS T STEWART: It was Mud, and I
    got a badge that said Mud On The Road, which was like,
    a double meaning, Mud on the road and mud on the road.
    And I thought it was the most exciting night of my life up
    to that point, and I was like, that's what I want to do.
    IAN RANKIN: Oh, it's kind of embarrassing.
    The first gig I ever went to was Barclay James Harvest
    at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh.
    And I really didn't know who they were.
    I knew they were kind of proggy, and a mate of mine
    had got a ticket.
    It was very exciting, because I lived in Cardenden,
    so I had to get to his house in Cowdenbeath.
    Then we had to get the train through to Edinburgh,
    see the gig, buy the programme, buy the poster,
    and then leave before the encore so we could get the last train
    back to Cowdenbeath, where I had to sleep the night on his
    floor, because I couldn't get back to Cardenden.
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