Warbringers: Sylvanas

Warbringers: Sylvanas
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    Secure the beach.
    Prepare to invade the tree.
    You've already won.
    Only innocents remain in the tree.
    This is war.
    is hatred...
    Windrunner, you were...
    defender of your people.
    Do you not remember?
    I remember...
    a fool.
    Take her! Run!
    Life is pain.
    Hope fails.
    Now you understand.
    Don't grieve...
    you'll soon join your loved ones.
    I grieve for you.
    You've made life your enemy.
    And that is a war you'll never win.
    You can kill us...
    but you cannot kill hope.
    Can't I?
    Burn it.
    Burn it!
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