Xbox - August 2018 Games with Gold

Xbox - August 2018 Games with Gold
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    >> Hi Xbox fans.
    Get ready for the Games with Gold August lineup.
    As always, all four games are playable and acquirable on
    Xbox One and free to those with
    an active Xbox Live Gold subscription.
    Starting August 1st is
    the massive open world racing title
    Forza Horizon 2 in its 10th anniversary edition.
    Explore Southern France and
    Northern Italy to take part in
    challenging races and events day
    or night in dynamic weather conditions.
    Drive over two hundred exotic cars and show off
    your skills with friends online in
    the ultimate celebration of speed and style.
    Then, come back on August 16th and
    enter the chaos of war in For Honor.
    Mixed speed, strategy and team play across
    several multiplayer modes as you
    control your favorite warriors be they knight,
    Vikings or samurai, and
    guide your armies to ultimate victory.
    On the Xbox 360, August 1st,
    return his protagonist,
    Isaac Clark in the survival horror Dead Space 3.
    Joined by Sergeant John Carver,
    travel to the ominous ice planet,
    Talle Volantis, to uncover
    the secret of the Necromorph Plague.
    With online co-op mode,
    join a friend and use teamwork to
    end that deadly threat once and for all.
    Finally, on August 16th,
    grab your magic paintbrush and
    return to save the world of wasteland
    once again in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.
    Pair up with Oswald The Lucky Rabbit.
    Interact with classic cartoon characters
    of yesteryear and
    defeat the mad doctor in
    this heroic two player co-op adventure.
    To redeem the title,
    simply click on the gold area on your Xbox One,
    your Xbox 360 or even on the web
    Your new games will automatically appear in the
    ready to install section of your Xbox One.
    With Xbox Live Gold,
    you are part of the world's premier gaming community.
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