YOU'RE NOT ON THE LIST! | Not Tonight - Part 2

YOU'RE NOT ON THE LIST! | Not Tonight - Part 2
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    TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES. My name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to not tonight
    Do you think that if I change this from I know it's English to a different language
    did you think of a change to British to something else the game would complain to me and
    Say that I was a dirty foreigner and wouldn't let me back into the country. I don't know. It's a good question
    It's a solid question. Okay, what's up, dude?
    What one is this again?
    Alright didn't get this before. Oh, yeah, I just woke up for the next thing
    So so slowly gonna get much harder now in this episode
    Job announcement Club neo the hottest club in town understand guess this apply via bouncer
    No AC running water. Oh, yes. Please sign me up
    Active and complete. Oh, I have these ones done
    Okay got 260 pounds. Okay
    Let's take the job. Let's take the job of the future and let's head on out. I got a new clicker now, right?
    That should do something. It's a rust-free clicker
    Whatever that means club neo Exeter Devon
    8th of January. Okay. Whoo
    This place is poppin low gang
    "You're the Euro from King's Head ain't ya?"
    "I'm from-"
    Whatever. See yeah Something's going on with my guy. Where is he from? Everyone's asking. "Don't plan on sleeping through this job like at Dave's gaff"
    "We're only after the best clientele here. No riff
    Definitely no raff"
    tha- it's a shame their kind of a
    They're a coupled package can't have the rift without the raff. It's like saying
    Oh, I just want the heebies, but I don't want the jeebies at the same time like you kind of have to get both
    "So any one on the guest list just let 'em in?"
    "Check the ID as well, all the usual rules apply for the guest lists and regular folks queue on the left, right?"
    "Right. No, guests on the right another simple one. I should speak slower, If their name isn't down,
    "Their name. Isn't down. They aren't. Coming in."
    "comprende you?" "Comprende."
    "Hit the guest list target. A surprisingly small mega bonus" Damn, I have to let 15 people in?
    "Oh, someone's got their big bouncer panties in a twist"
    "Still get ready to work two queues is well doubled accuses." Oh
    Man, I'm gonna make so many mistakes on this one. So now I have queues either side of me.
    And I still have to
    Apply the rules. Oh, wait clicking through this also clicks through this.
    "they'll start leaving and that's"
    "Well done"
    Okay, so these are the VIPs, these are the people I have to let in
    basically immediately and if I don't let them in then they're gonna get mad at me. No color, no stamp.
    Oh God so everything else still applies. Now I just have extra things. Okay. Wish me luck! This is where
    This is we're trying to manage everything get's in my way. Pound-tastic!
    Okay, so it's still over 18's only, and all that kind of crap, yeah
    "ID please"
    Here. Okay. 2020, 1981. Yes. Yes
    In yah go
    This is the type of game that I feel like I should be playing in like quick succession. Okay? Yes. Yes
    2019 yes.
    Oh, here's the VIP
    No, I need to go over here. Who are you?
    Are you on the list?
    Frank sterling, Frank sterling
    Frank sterling. Okay, you're on the list. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay in you hop
    Ah Christ! Okay, I'll do you first. Uhh, Yes, Yes. 1985, 2020 go
    ID please. Can I cross them out?. Yeah, there we go
    Uh, Mario Delloite. Got you in 1984, 2019 okay, in you hop
    Oh for f*ck's sake they keep showing up
    uhh, 1985, 2021 yes. Yes. Yes. Okay, go go go go
    "ID please"
    Uhhh, Henry hopster, okay 1986 2020 go
    "ID please"
    Who are you? Uhh Denise Dorking. Okay. Yes. Yes. Yes. March, okay yeah you're good.
    You're gonna be a VIP aren't you?
    Damn it. *chuckles* Okay. I'm almost letting all the VIPs in. 1987, 2021. Faith Johnson. That's not a proper flag
    "This place sucks". No, it doesn't this place is hoppin
    Umm. All right
    Uhh, Dean Chibbo
    There you are of 1976, 2019. Yes. Yes. Yes
    Simon sauces, it's gonna be Simon saucer. I feel it. Now, Jake Jakester, *chuckles* Jakey Jakester
    Uhh, yeah, you're good. "Halfway keep it going", Okay I have ten people in
    Uhh, Lucille Sharpwit? Yes. 1984, 2020 okay go
    That's good, okay. You're coming in as well
    I'm almost through all the VIP's though that's good
    Frankie Walsh, yes, yes
    ye-ah? Yeah.
    What's the year i'm looking for again? 2000? Yeah.
    Oh my god it's so bizarre to me that people born in the year 2000 are now legal adults
    uhh Logan George
    You're not on the list buddy
    "Your name isn't here" I'm sorry
    Okay these people are still happy over here and these people are still happy, got it.
    Uhhh Lucina Pollo. Yes. 1990, 2018
    Boom, hop on in , okay we're just about to pass the level
    Uhh Chloe Thomas, nope
    You're not on the list, mate
    Last call, I could still get a few more in, sh*t
    Uhh, Natalia Allen 1994, 2020, yes.
    What do you want!?
    No, you're not on the list!
    Go home!
    No, it doesn't suck it's amazing. Simon Saucer is not here
    You know what I need my bonus, I need my bonus f*ck off
    Simon saucer hasn't shown up yet. Clara Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes
    Okay, I don't have a- Okay yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I don't have much just three more
    Yes, yes, yes, yes go
    I like how this says "sh*t club"
    Uhhh, Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah
    Okay, come on. Let me hit my bonuses. Let me hit my bonuses. I don't have a whole lot of time left on this one
    Wait, how much time do I have left?
    Oh! That's it.
    Ooo! Just hit one of my bonuses. Okay. I don't know if Simon saucer was any of you people? I don't think so
    We almost got all the VIP's in will I get punished for not having the VIPs in
    What's going on how did we do?
    "I'll call them more than accessible. Here's your pay" Acceptable. "Thanks" Pass. Yes, no bonus
    Fifty pound more hundred pound more. Yes! I got a "B"!
    B for best boy! "hmm, get yourself some better clogs before you come back"
    "Right. Clogs. Clothes. Style. My sis Lucille's with
    Shonkytonk, she'll give you a buzz"
    Okay that was, that was hectic. If the game throws many more mechanics at me like that. It might be a bit harder
    Six hundred and twelve pounds. I'm actually well on my way to um
    I'm well on my way to being able to pay this
    When are my bills due?
    Wait what? "Bill due", it's not on any of these?
    Okay, what's coming in here, Club Neo, The King's Head. do i have to, do I have to choose a job?
    I have to read my messages
    Oh, Lucille Sharpwit. Hello, this is your- this is Lucille you're shonky tonk representative a little Bird
    Oh, no one writes emojis like this anymore >:-( "A little birdie tells me someone needs me
    Don't worry pet help is coming and it takes all major credit cards"
    Cool! Thanks
    So do I get to pick what job I want now?
    Mylarna, "Vicklav still on rampage people say he's at Neo always Neo now, please look out for safety
    Yes must not get drunk again. Not until uh
    But that is not your worry. Don't even have a worry"
    I probably should do this one because of that, but I kind of want to do the king's head cuz it pays more
    But that means, it's gonna be harder
    what's here?
    Okay, I can only do The King's Head there, so I'm gonna do Club Neo again
    It pays less but I can, I think I can progress things better this way. I don't know. I don't know how that works yet. I
    don't know if I
    if i get
    like a
    Turnout or bad feedback. If I don't go to club head tonight King's Head. What was it? Club Neo Head? King?
    "Lucille contact you?" "yes" " well, I'm sure she's peddling only the best British goods"
    Crumpets and all that. Not much choice with all the embargoes, right? Anyway to work." Guest list tonight, time again
    I hope you ready for a big one. Keep a special eye out for the chobby family
    *laughs* Teddy-Teddo Chobby, Donovan Chobby, Mikey Chobster, Chebby Chobby, Chibby Chobby, Dan
    Chobby, Maisie Chobster Laurie Chobster, Lina Chobby and Damo Chobby "Don't smirk
    Nothing more dangerous than an angry Chobby. Anyway, everyone has to be on the list or they're walking home"
    No problem. What's this Dorseco? Is that like Prosecco?
    "Mmm Dorseco, dorset's finest sparkling wine". Definitely not Italian. I didn't see the end of that. So do I get these things if I
    Finish on time? And do all the things. Oh we only have to let 10 people in.
    Neat okay, want 10 in tonight, check ID's, got it.
    Anyone, over 18 born before-okay got it.
    Are you guys going to go up and all the way around?
    Damn sick song
    Sup. okay. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yep
    Okay VIPs are coming in get ready
    Uhh Yep. Yep. Uhh Yep. Yep
    Here we go two in already. ID please. Hello, Dan Chobbi. Yep. Yep. Yep.
    Ohhhh, You almost expired bro
    Uhh Laurie Chobster, yep. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh shit was that
    Okay, it's good I thought it was out of date
    Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah
    Okay, it's throw- its throwing a lot of mechanics at you, but it's been pretty fair with them. Yes. Yes Lina Chobby
    You're good
    Who are you?
    Who's that guy looking at me Donovan chubby? Yes
    Who are you sir? Can I help you?
    "Neighbour! Is me Viklav. Your neighborly neighbor"
    "Mylarna's husband?" Okay time is not going down remember that
    "My wife anyway, you let me in, yes?" "Need to see your ID Viklav"
    Ugh, it says that I shouldn't let you in though
    Sorry bud your wife said no
    I gotta- I gotta take care of you man. I think you're important if you keep showing up. Is your belly showing dude? uhh yep
    Okay, I'll do this one then move onto the VIP, yep, yep. Yep Yeep
    Everybody's allowed in okay 25 for the second bonus. I would love them Masie Chobster. I remember that name because it was like Maisie Williams
    You're gonna be Chebby Chobby. I bet. Chebby Chobby ha ha I was right
    Hell yeah, okay
    This place is popping! I don't wanna
    live next to them
    Uhh, Robert Watson, 1996, 2021. Yeah
    Okay, you are going to be Damo Chobby I bet yeah, yep, yep, who do you think it's gonna be?
    Wait I have to check photos?
    It is Damo Chobby! How the hell am i predicting this stuff?
    Didn't know I had to check pictures as well. Mikey chobster
    Yes, 2019, 1980. Yes go
    okay i'm one away from my bonus
    And we're doing great on time!
    Uhh, Yep. Yep
    Yes. Yeah
    I think god there's so much information coming at me now
    I'm panicking Teddo Chobby
    Yep, and you should be Chibby Chobby. Oh you guys are chancing now aren't you? Chibby Chobby. Yep, 2019, 1976
    Wait, that wasn't them was it!?
    I mean all of them have gotten in you're not on the list. No one else is on the list anymore
    1988, 2020. Yep
    God checking faces now is freaking me out. Yeah, I can get my second bonus on this. Is that your face?
    I think. 2018, 1997. Yeah, go
    Isabella cook yep. Yep. Yep. Yes
    You guys can get angry all you want but I only have a certain amount of time left and i have to get five more people in
    Summer Kennedy. Yep
    Uhh Maximillian. Ha, I love how all your IDs are just your faces at this second. So were you dress like this when you got your ID?
    Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yes
    Okay getting a bit better at it, getting a bit faster yes, yes. Yep Hugo Watson. Yes one more one more for second bonus
    That line's not getting happy, 1991 2020 Megan Lee yeah, yeah. Yes. Hey Bonus Time, what do you guys want? Oh
    Oh! Black and white flag! sh*t. No, you can't get in you're not on the list
    *Incoherent Jackaboy noises*
    Okay just checking one- god damn it!
    I thought I had 25! I should have just stayed on this side! Christ!
    my bad, I screwed up. sh*t-o
    I was doing so well
    Two incidents though. That's that's not great
    "Excellent work euro supposedly, so" "Thanks" " Bet you're looking to be head doorman yes?"
    I mean it would be pretty good for me would go great on my resume
    2 Incidents. I still got
    190-pound for it though. Damn. I could have got so much more.
    Oh well! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    "Three jobs and we'll talk about it".
    "I know" I'll track your progress at the Bouncer profile page. If you're lucky, I'll sort you out with some of the lovely dorseco sparkling wine"
    Okay. Thanks neighbor. All right, we have to go to The King's Head for the next one. And I think that, that's gonna be hard
    Okay, 802 pounds and I need 2,500 by the 30th, I'm- I'm well on my way I should be fine
    Wait, so what did my new clicker do?
    Use w key to *moment of realization* activate clicker so I don't need to click it anymore I can just press w
    Sweet I wish you could get upgrades that helped you
    Find stuff easier. Like if somebody has something wrong that your you can use like your senses or something
    Just a little unlockable later on in the game. Who are you? "Shonkytonk calling! Everything you need a prices. You can almost afford"
    "I'm not interested" "Oh dear too bad. You have no choice. I have to install the app on your phone. It's the law"
    "After all if you're not spending, how do we know you're fitting in?"
    "It's really not needed"
    "Oh shush. It's no trouble
    There we go. All ready to be a good British consumer. Why not try it now buy yourself something nice."
    "Hopefully you won't clash too much with that outfit"
    "*Ahem* Every Wednesday or pop by to keep you updated of new stock" "Every Wednesday. Great"
    Oh my god there's so many things
    Taddy rags these are the ones I have.
    Ooh! I can make myself a spiffy boy
    In hats and glasses. 100 pound?
    I don't want a hundred-pound. I don't spend a hundred pou- but I could be a clown
    Yes *evil laughter*
    Okay, I'm 100 pounds down the hole now but what are you- what are you gonna do? Phone skins
    Do I want a new phone skin? Will it fix my cracked screen cuz that's what I really want. I don't care about the new sorry
    "Number one 112 all seems to be going well, I'm gonna drop by congratulate you in person, huh" Okay, but when
    Okay, I don't know when he's dropping by, but I'm just gonna
    Just gonna go about my day, you know gettin the balance wrap. I'm gonna go to King's Head. We can skip work!
    Uhh, Lucille will visit on Wednesdays and *laughs* Viclav *laughs* I forgot that I had the clown
    Thing on *laughs*
    All right, what are you got king's head
    I wonder how many mistakes you can make before the place is like "NOOO!"
    Alright, talk to the boss
    "Hey, hey look. No mistakes today.*bord bord* Licensing board's on my arse today. Ready to shut us down" " No mistakes? At all?"
    "Okay, maybe one mistake" "You're not serious."
    "Okay, two mistakes after that though. We're screwed. The good thing is this is your fifth job for me
    While every job will get tougher. You can learn more cash"
    "So you keep saying I remember this from the other night" "Oi Oi watch the lip Euro *bord bord*"
    "Also, did, you know if you mess up." "No pay?" "You will be executed at dawn"
    "Nah, your Social Credit will just go crashing down.
    Got your attention though didn't I?"
    What a shithead.
    Alright, so I'm not allowed make any mistakes?
    All right. There's no guest list on this one though, so
    This is, when you go to the hard ones and then you come back to this. This is pretty easy
    No expired IDs over 18's only. Want 20 in tonight. Okay
    "ID please"
    Yes, yes, okay and I have to check faces now
    I just figured out. Oh I didn't need to click the thing, I could just press W I need to get into the habit to do with that
    "ID Please"
    Yes, yes 1997, 2019
    Ah, that's so much handier.
    I forgot that papers, please did that as well 1993, 2020
    See this is the moment now where I think I have it all sussed you are underage
    Ah you are underaged!! I'm not allowed to make any mistakes. Get out of here! "This ain't nothing" just like what John snow knows
    1977 Yep
    Space is poppin y'all. Uhhh. Yes
    20 people is a lot 25 though is the thing. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep
    I'd love to see people be like insanely fast at this game. I want to look up videos on it
    Yeah, oh sh*t! 2018 was you're thing expired?
    No. Okay. Good. Ahh yep. Yep, 2021. Yep
    Cuz I make simple mistakes now. I'm overanalyzing
    "Didn't match check photo you need to check clubbers more carfully
    That's your face yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Okay i can- i'm only allowed to make one more mistake
    uhh 1997, 2020
    Is that your face? Sometimes it's hard to tell. That's really annoying
    Uhh your dates are all good
    And your face is good and your Flags good and your Holograms good, bellies out. Half way keep going. Okay, you scared me
    Uhhh August 29, yes. Yes. Yes
    Put away your belly!
    That is your face Felicity Adams 1984, 2019 go
    A lot of people chancin their arm around here, you know?
    This is mega out-of-date. Don't give me a bribe
    Okay good
    Just leave cuz you're wasting my time when you try and give bribes and then I still need to get eight more people in
    Tabitha is that you? Tabitha!? I dont have my glasses on today! Haven't got me last is on today. The cow nose is blocking
    Iris Butler 2000- No you're underage
    You're underage! Get out of my f*ckin line! you're not allowed into glory greatest
    Ah yep, yep. Uh yes. And Yes
    All I need is like six more people in and i only have an hour.Ah, Yep. Yep. Yes. Yes. and yes. Wait. Is that your face?
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm trying to like make an efficient thing like yes, yes, yes. Yes, and yes
    Tryin' to like scan things as quickly as I possibly can. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. and Yep. See like that.
    I need to be that fast for every single one of them
    okay, I'm gonna meet my quota at least that is your face 1985, 2019
    *Gasp* April 2018. I need to keep an eye on the f*cking date
    Uhh, No get out of my line. Don't give me a bribe. Get out of my line sh*t!
    Just need to let two more people in. God come on be faster than this please. That wasn't him!!
    Sh*te balls
    sh*te balls
    Two incidents though. That's not, that's not bad. That's, that's exactly the amount that
    I was allowed to make as long as I'm not fined or kicked out or murdered at dawn. I'll be happy
    How did we do? Tell me the best ever
    "Solid work." "Thanks Dave Thanks." "Keep checking out sir. More jobs coming"
    I got fined 50 pounds!
    Oh! Go suck your mum!
    Damn it
    I could've been making a lot more
    that means I'm just back to where I was now because I got a hundred-pound for this and they spent a hundred pounds for the stupid clown gag
    Ohh Bother!
    What the hell?
    "The Scorpion watches, please. Turn over. There's more"
    "This secret puzzle will self-destruct overnight read/ solve before job/bed. England stand's" What?
    "Help Viclav"
    This is all weird! This is exactly like papers, please!
    We had the "Ezic" order in papers, please for you to do this kind of shit. Now. You're not even trying to hide that
    It's the same type of game
    um, I mean great! I love both but
    I do like little puzzles that make me feel like I'm smart for getting them right even though it was the easiest thing ever
    Can I open up my bag to put these in?
    No, okay, whatever
    I get it. Umm, so now I can work at Club neo. Okay. ♪Take me away♪!
    ♪ To club Neo ♪
    Okay, 802 pounds
    There's a helicopter going above my head outside stop! I need- give me 200 pounds for this night. I need it
    "You're in luck Euro"
    "My old head doorman just quit and he's you not being not totally useless"
    "How's about it? Ready to step it up?" to the streets the sequel?
    "Okay" , "Good. The guest list this bonus is tougher tonight, though"
    Okay. Oh god, there's two lists. Oh f*ck
    *sigh of defeat*
    Why do you do this to me my tiny little man brain can't handle all of this
    I'm just a tiny boy. Want 15 in tonight. Okay, I'll get the 15 at least
    God you guys waste so much time. Just getting in line. Just come here. You don't need to go all the way around it's fine
    *said with frustration* ID please. okay uh- Yes. Yes. Yes uhh yep
    Having to check faces is a really annoying thing when it's this hard to. Oh well, I guess i could just look at this.
    Don't give me a bribe, don't give me a bribe. Just leave my life. Thank you. ID, please
    Who are you Harrison Fisher? Is that flag wrong?
    Am I allowed to let you in with that flag, I don't know
    Okay, that flag was fine apparently
    Umm, Freddie Hamilton. Here you are tonight. 1997. 2020 yup that's you
    I forgot that I could just look at these little faces out here to make it easier to identify it. That's why it's there
    Delilah Robinson, that sounds like a porn stars name Delilah.
    Oh It is on my list. Uhh Yes. Yes. Yes
    Viclav no!
    "*acts drunk* Ah, Neighbor on duty that OKC not drunk no need to tell me Lana Turner was-
    Was dancing. Yes?
    Viclav I can't..
    Go home Viclav
    Now I definitely have to do it because it's said to help Vic-
    Oh sh*t
    Sh*t no. No, no and I want restart- I want- can I restart this?
    I need to help Viclav
    I want to do it, right! Okay? I thought to help Viclav was to help him not get drunk and go home
    But apparently I need to help him like get in
    Screw what the wife said, okay. Help Viclav. Yeah, I got it. Okay, is this enough?
    Okay, we got it. We got it. We got it. I'm good
    I'm gonna do this perfectly. Okay, Viclav-Viclav's back
    Okay, your-your stuff is all solid as well anyway so yeah go on in
    "Enjoy your dancing" "Oh will do, will do"
    Okay, good, good, good good
    Adam Armstrong, are you on my list?
    I have a Teddy Armstrong, but i
    Don't have an Adam. Sorry
    You're not on the list mate. I- no, f*ck off with this shit.
    I don't care about that I wanna *sigh*
    Stop wasting my time
    Go back to this list. God you need 15 in? I'm already at ten 10? Ah Yes, yes. Yes. Yes
    So many lists, Scarlet Webb. Yep in yah hop
    ID with no hologram. Ah sh*t. Uhh, you don't have one either. Don't give me money
    *Monster jack noises*
    What I didn't click on you, uh, yes, yes, uh yes
    Come on, come on, come on. Lydia Bennet. Uh, Yes. Okay. Yep yep yep yep yep
    God the VIP line got real big
    Okay I should need five more people in Jane Tom-Jane Thompson. That's your face. And 1976, 2019? Yep
    This is exactly my thought process: take it out, flag, hologram, get the name, Oh sh*t! I didn't even check the name last time
    I got very very lucky. Your name is not in the list
    Wasn't it Jane Thompson? Was that her?
    "Should have been allowed entry"!. Come on! God I suck. Harrison Fisher 1993, uhh 30th, uhh. Yes
    So bad
    Yep. Yep 1981 Hobby Tompkins
    Yeah, you're on the list go
    I just need to add
    I just need to get two more people in just let me get the two people in don't let me fail at least. Benjamin
    Yes, yes
    Okay, you guys are getting happy you're good. I'm just gonna finish this line
    Yep. Yep. Yep
    Uhhh Yep
    Okay, I've met my quota at least
    Yep, yes. Yes. 1984. Yep
    If we could just get two more in yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Hopeful Hicks your name wasn't the list. I remember seeing it
    Yes, yes, yes, yes and Teddy Armstrong was there
    Yes! One bonus met. Okay, that's good
    If I can get a bonus while also making mistakes, it'll be fine because that means that I can keep the money High and the bonus will pay for the fine.
    Oh God it's so stressful
    *Breath of victory*
    Maybe it's cause I have the clown mask on *laughs*
    "What's foreign for 'well done' again? Never mind you did good"
    Did I get a fine?
    Oooh! A fine is at 4!
    210 pound I was right. I said I was gonna get a 100 pound or 200 pounds on this one.
    So now I'm up above a thousand pounds. "Hey, you know a chick called Mylarna?"
    "Yeah, why?"
    "No reason none that concerns you anyway."
    Oh god, this is getting all like
    Cultish secret order I'm gonna get murdered in my sleep
    I'm so close to the next level
    Hey! I'm the new head bouncer at Club Neo
    Boom okay! Well, I'm gonna leave this episode of "Not Tonight" here. That's what it's all about
    Are we gonna go home with no money and be sad? Not Tonight! Not today!
    *sigh of relief* Oh man, it gets very very stressful. It's just like playing papers. Please all over again
    Umm, I'm excited that i'll get to do more of these upgrades because I feel like I
    Can start pressing like a to get the guest list up and shit like that?
    And I could just I don't need to go clicking around like this. I can just start clicking
    Hotkeys, I think that'll really speed the game up later on
    Anyway, thank you guys! So much watching this episode if you liked it! Punch that like button in the face!!!
    High Fives all round
    *Whoopshh, whoopshh*
    Thank you guys and I will see all you dudes!!
    Get out of my line ;)
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