2008 financial crisis: How do Americans feel now? | IN 60 SECONDS

2008 financial crisis: How do Americans feel now? | IN 60 SECONDS
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    In the fall of 2008, the economy careened into unknown territory.
    Forty-one percent told Gallup pollsters the events then made them feel personally afraid.
    Many felt the financial system could collapse.
    Over the next several years, workers' anxieties about their jobs rose.
    In Gallup's data, between 2008 and 2009, the number of Americans who feared losing
    their job or having their pay cut doubled.
    Many told pollsters they knew someone who had lost a job.
    Confidence in banks and financial institutions plummeted.
    Americans blamed banks and Wall Street for greed; they also blamed regulators for a lack
    of financial regulation which they believed contributed to the crisis.
    What has changed in the last decade?
    Americans' confidence about their jobs and wages has returned to pre-crash levels, and
    they feel very positive about the job market right now.
    Confidence in banks and Wall Street has inched up.
    But only small number of Americans believe our financial system is more secure than it
    was then.
    Around a third gave that response to Pew in 2013 and 2015 while around 60 percent said
    it was not.
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