How I Organized My Pantry ~ Kitchen Organization Hacks ~ Noreen's Kitchen

How I Organized My Pantry ~ Kitchen Organization Hacks ~ Noreen's Kitchen
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    Hi everyone, welcome back to the kitchen today
    I'm gonna share with you how I organized my kitchen cupboard next to my stove and two of my pantries in my back hallway
    Let's go, see how this all comes together
    Today we're gonna make
    Okay for years, this cabinet has been the bane of my existence as you may know
    I have a real spice fiend
    But I also have a lot of different ingredients and I came to this realization
    that I needed a different way to organize my pantry stock and
    This cabinet is right next to the stove. So it has all those things that you reach for all the time
    She's also the cleanup queen of Java
    He calls me the queen of shove. It's true. I'm not gonna lie. I hi
    I have to claim my title the queen of shove. It's not a lie
    I thought for a long time how I wanted to do this and this is what I came up with and it seems to be
    Working really really well
    It's been working for over a month now and I thought maybe it could help some of you these cabinets are
    Very shallow. This house was built in 1968. They were not building for space back then, honey
    let me tell you but what I did was I found some of these containers these I just bought at Walmart and
    We just took the lids off of them
    But when I need something from this cabinet now
    All I have to do is pull this tray out pull it down here and everything I need is right here
    I have a couple of spices that I reach for all the time that are not in my spice rack
    baking powder baking soda corn starch some
    Beef and chicken bouillon salt and sugar along with my wonder flour and my little powdered sugar shaker
    There's even some room on the side here where I can put a few extra things
    But it doesn't stop this from going in and out. I did kind of want to put some
    Semblance to this like this one has some overflow spices my cooking spray
    Extracts and flavorings and what-have-you and my vanilla powder that I made
    liquid smoke what-have-you
    not going to take down the one on the top, but it has like
    Different spices and mason jars that I use homemade blends that I've made
    Corn syrup that he don't reach for very often but this way I'm not like trying to reach his I'm super short
    I always have to call Rick for something or I don't have to stand on the chair
    I can just pull that whole box down and I can't container is almost perfect for this shelf
    What really is that?
    It is perfect for this shelf and there's a little bit of wiggle room on either side and like look, you know
    We all do it. Somebody opens up a box of pasta
    and only uses half
    that fits right in here perfectly and then you'll just know the next time and there's some spices that are like
    That I do use all the time
    That are like over there and they're not in anybody's way
    So I'm gonna take you into the back hallway and show you
    What I did similarly in my pantry closets. Okay, this is one of my pantries
    It's the one in the very back of my hallway. What I did was I got several of these clear
    Shoeboxes and you're gonna hear a cat whining because he's in the bedroom and he wants out
    And I organized them in what was logical to me. Like there's baking supplies. There's cake mixes
    There's dried fruits. There's like bread crumbs and
    Different things that I would need and there are some loose items in here
    But they're bigger containers. So I know what they are. This is like seeds and nuts and things and this is rice
    products and
    Asian ingredients down here and jelly and syrups and
    salad dressings and then this shelf down here has bigger items that don't fit in a shoebox, but I know it's down there little
    More bulk items and then down here are items and I apologize for the lighting, but we're not bringing the light back here
    Down there are number 10 cans of
    shelf-stable foods for my food storage that I use all the time and in the door, I have some
    spices in bigger containers that I refill from in the and then I have
    packages of jell-o and packages of pudding and
    That's what's in this back pantry
    this has been working so well for us for like six weeks and I can't imagine not having it like this anymore because
    when I open this cabinet
    I can just grab the tray that I need out pull out what I need and put it back
    It also helps me keep a better inventory of the things that I have on hand
    That's my soul pack before you couldn't see what was in the back of it. It's true. It's really true
    And then I'll tell you a story
    I'm gonna go show you the front pantry here very similar set up in the front pantry. These two closets are exactly the same size
    Actually supposed to be linen closets, but we converted it
    They are the one in the back didn't have shelves in it at all
    When we moved into this house and Rick built those in for me and this one did have shelves in it
    And it was really more intended for Linens like three shelves in it. My daddy you did add more shelves. It's true
    So in the bottom, I have things in containers and some things on the floor like I have dish soap. That's easy to reach
    I have pet formula
    And then like this container has some small appliances in it
    I have my mini food processor and two hand mixers in here and then on the bottom down there. I've got some overflow
    spices there is that bagel seasoning I was looking for
    There it is
    and this box has all of my cake decorating supplies and whatnot in it and
    Overflow sejun spices. Oh, this is cake decorating
    This is open flow spices and this literally that box down there is all like cake sprinkles and decorations
    I've got all of my cake decorating items
    This is all of my cake tips and all of that business that I would need to reach for. This is an overflow seasoning
    Everything I know where it is
    Which I love
    Pasta of different kinds this whole shelf is pasta. So that's just how it is
    macaroni and cheese and in the back
    Sometimes I've taken in the back I have garbage bags
    Macaroni and cheese. This is a bone stock bone broth vegetable broth
    These are just some random items that as I use them up
    I probably will find a different use for this bin and then up here
    the all-important cocktail shaker I
    Have this is like for the baking style. This is a
    bag of sugar was just removed, but four bags of
    Sugar granulated sugar. This is powdered sugar and brown sugar and flour
    And then that show up up there has always been for the hooch
    And then of course on the door, we have these little racks
    We actually bought a rack that was all together and Rick sawed it apart for me and he attached it to the door
    So all of my seasonings
    blends and then I've got them kind of separated how they make sense for me garlic and onion so
    Granulated and minced then down here. I've got my like savory spices down here
    Yes, I do use gravy mixes. There's nothing wrong with those but I do make it from scratch when I need to and
    These would be warm baking spices down here on the bottom
    so this is just what works for me and I thought maybe it would help someone else because
    sometimes this mess that we call life can get completely out of control and
    I wanted to share with you that I am NOT unlike many of you and I am ashamed to say that we took an entire
    Load to the dump when I clean these pantries out
    I'm not proud of it, but you know
    Some boxes and stuff. I just the things that were out of date
    I preached all the time use what you eat where you store and first one in last one out
    Or you know it
    It's a great
    Rule to adhere to but sometimes we don't follow our own rules the way we should and you know
    If maybe my mistakes can help some of you that's fantastic. I am NOT too proud to admit that I made a lot of them
    yeah, I was not proud to go to the dump and throw so much stuff away that could have maybe helped some others or the
    To think about how much money I had spent on all those things over the years
    but literally there were things in there that were 10 or 11 years old and when I first got the self preparation bug
    the self-sufficiency bug I went all out and I was super enthusiastic and
    over time I
    Kind of realized that this some of these things weren't working for me
    But I never really stopped adhering to the you know, pack it in kind of thing
    If you're gonna go to the store when something's on sale instead of buying to buy 12
    The problem is there are some things that we always use and there are some things that we never use
    So this was also one of those life lesson things
    So before you go off and do that learn from my mistakes if you find this helpful
    then these these shoe boxes are super cheap and they're just really a way to come part mentalize your pantry and
    Make things a little bit easier for you
    You can tell you know, I am I have three bags of egg noodles down here, right?
    But look you want to see something absolutely hysterical
    every time I thought I needed a bag of
    Orzo, I bought a bag of orzo. But look at this. I have wars. Oh and orzo and orzo and orzo and orzo
    No person needs this much Corzo. I promise you and I have fideo coming out my ears
    But I'm not afraid to say these things won't go bad and they'll get used
    I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope that you learn something. I hope that it will help you in your life
    And if you can use it
    fantastic, if not take from it what you can and
    Make sure you hit the subscribe button. Make sure you hit the bell notification button. Give me a thumbs up
    I hope that you like this video and until next time I'll see ya
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