How to Get More YouTube Views with vidIQ - Complete Beginner's Guide

How to Get More YouTube Views with vidIQ - Complete Beginner's Guide
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    Before watching this tutorial please ensure you have downloaded the vidIQ app from the
    chrome webstore.
    Simply search for vidIQ and click the add to chrome button.
    With that done, let's get started!
    vidIQ upgrades your desktop YouTube experience to a whole new level so let's look at some
    user interface changes first.
    On all YouTube pages you will see this real-time stats bar that allows you to track your channel
    wherever you are on YouTube.
    Down the left hand navigation panel you will see new creator tools exclusive to vidIQ that
    we will touch on later.
    Also note that you can mouse over some of our tools too such as the likes to dislikes
    ratio seen here to uncover even more analytics.
    The same goes for our real time stats bar and many other tools.
    Next, keep an eye out for this vidIQ tool button.
    It does many different things on many different screens.
    For example on the YouTube video manager page it allows you to copy cards, send the video
    to facebook and more.
    Wherever you see this button click on it and see what you can do.
    Finally, when you install vidIQ, a chrome extension button is added to your browser.
    Make sure to click it on as it gives you shortcut links to important YouTube screens as well
    as access to our web applications that give you even further insights into your YouTube
    vidIQ includes over 100 tools to help you research YouTube, discover the secrets behind
    successful videos, audit your own channel and take action that helps you get more views
    and subscribers.
    When you perform a search on YouTube, vidIQ will show key metrics to let you know what's
    happening behind the scenes.
    You'll be able to see monthly search volume and the performance of the top videos in that
    search term.
    The keyword score rates the term at a glance weighing search volume against video competition.
    The higher the score the more valuable the keyword is to produce video content for.
    vidIQ will also reveal the tags for each video and you can click on these to launch our keyword
    inspector for even more insights including interest over time for each keyword.
    The most viewed tool found on the left navigation panel lets you research YouTube in a whole
    new way.
    It shows you what's trending right now for your keyword based on views, video velocity
    or engagement.
    What makes this tool super powerful is that you can filter the search in unique ways such
    as searching for the most viewed videos on Fortnite by channels between 1 and 10 thousands
    If that content is blowing up for them maybe it can do for you too.
    If there is anything you need to know about any video on YouTube, our legendary scorecard
    is the place to go
    From video insights... to social media engagements...
    SEO data... video optimisation... channel stats and more... this tool will help you
    uncover the secrets to the success of the video you are watching.
    The competitors tool allows you to keep tabs on video creators who create content in your
    creative space.
    As with the most viewed tool you can discover what content is working for them and add your
    voice to the conversation.
    One of the tools we are most proud of is the channel audit.
    It gives you an instant channel health snapshot and shows you which videos are performing
    best on your channel under different metrics.
    This is the content you should be producing more of.
    The channel audit tool also helps you with tags, titles and descriptions as well as alerting
    you to quick fixes such as where you have forgotten to add videos to playlists.
    vidIQ will help you take actions that give your content the best possible chance to flourish
    on YouTube, When you fill out your tags, titles and description our tool will suggest words
    and phrases that best suit and optimize your metadata.
    Our SEO score ensures your video has as much visibility as possible on YouTube and the
    checklist reminds you to do all those extra bits and pieces during the upload process.
    To further enhance your video's metadata our boost tool will suggest literally hundreds
    of tags that you can analyse and add to your video with a single mouse click.
    We have a lot more tools we're excited to show you including:
    The best time to publish your videos on YouTube
    Our bulk SEO tool that analyses old videos and suggests new tags to add
    The comment template tool that lets you create stock answers to reply to stock comments with
    one mouse click
    And the trend alert tool that monitors key phrases for you and emails you when there
    may be videos that you need to watch.
    For detailed tutorials on all of the tools you've seen in this beginners guide plus dozens
    more make sure to visit and subscribe to our vidIQ YouTube channel.
    On the right hand side you can watch 100 ways we can help you grow your channel through
    vidIQ and deep dives into all of the tools we've talked about today.
    Enjoy you video making day and we'll see you on those other videos right now.
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