How to plan and start cool weather vegetables early, to guarantee harvest before drosting

How to plan and start cool weather vegetables early, to guarantee harvest before drosting
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    Hi welcome to asiangarden2table.
    One of the frequently asked questions:
    what kinds of vegetables can I grow at this timeof the year?
    Different areas have different climate, vegetable growing seasons can be different.
    At the same time, there are so many vegetables, for example, almost 300 in our store.
    Without knowing personal preference, it is hard to make a recommendation.
    For beginners, I would suggest to visit our website to see what vegetables you are interested,
    and check the growing temperature to see when to grow in your area.
    Get some seeds and try them out.
    After gaining some experience, you should have more confidence and clearer ideas
    to grow more vegetables.
    It is almost transition time from warm weather vegetables to cool weather vegetables in my area.
    I am sowing seed for cool weather vegetables.
    Today we will talk about how to plan cool weather vegetables in advance so we can have them ready to pick when cold season comes.
    What kinds of vegetables are cool weather vegetables?
    Generally speaking, Chinese cabbage, bok choy, Nai choy, Kolhrabi, Kale, mustard, garlic,
    cauliflowers, broccoli, peas, radish, green onion, celtuce, lettuce, celery, parsley,
    Tongho and so on.
    They are called cool weather vegetables
    so a lot of gardeners wait for the weather to cool down to start growing them.
    But not long after, before the vegetables grow big enough,
    temperature drops and they stop growing…
    In fact, for these kinds of vegetables, we should grow them early
    before weather cools down and let them grow into good size.
    When temperature drops, even they will stop growing, they still can be kept in garden
    and ready for picking for long time.
    How much earlier should we grow these vegetables?
    First, look at climate temperature.
    On our website we provide vegetables' growing temperature requirement.
    There is a high temperature at which a vegetable can tolerant.
    Around this temperature, we can try to start this vegetable.
    A lot of cool weather vegetables can tolerant to warm weather at seedling stage.
    We can water them well and provide some shade, they will grow fine even at warm weather condition.
    Second, check growing cycle.
    Early maturing vegetables can grow fast and get harvested early,
    and produce multiple batches.
    They are more flexible.
    Late maturing vegetables need to plan early enough
    to let them grow into a good size before frosting.
    For example, cabbage takes about 60 days from sowing to heading.
    We should check our local climate to see when temperature will drop under 50F,
    from that time count backward at least 2 months.
    That is the time we should start the seed.
    Third, it is not a must but will be a plus.
    Try to plan well so when temperature falls into optimal range, vegetable is at critical development stage.
    for example, flower growing stage for flower vegetables,
    Fruiting stage for fruit vegetable, tuber swelling stage for tuber vegetables,
    stem swelling stage for stem vegetables,
    flowering and fruiting stage for fruiting vegetables etc.
    The vegetables will have the best flavor and texture when they grow at optimal temperature.
    Now in the north the weather gets cooler, gardeners can grow some early maturing vegetables
    such as bok choy, nai choy, lettuce, leafy mustard,
    or early maturing Yu choy sum and Chinese kale etc.
    They can be harvested in about 5~6 weeks from sowing.
    Gardeners in the south can start cool weather vegetables I have listed above.
    There is still more than 2 months before temperature drops.
    This is all for today.
    If you find our videos helpful.
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    You can also visit our website at to purchase vegetable seed and cookware.
    Thank you very much.
    I will see you next time.
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