How to pronounce SCHEDULE?

How to pronounce SCHEDULE?
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    hello there it's Hadar and this is the
    accent way today we're gonna talk
    about how to pronounce the word schedule
    schedule in this video I'll be answering
    Jyotee's question. Jyotee is from India and
    her name means light. Beautiful name. So
    let's begin with the fact that there are
    actually two ways to pronounce this word
    schedule two syllables, and schedule -
    three syllables. Schedule, schedule. We'll
    start with the first pronunciation, the
    two syllables, because there are less
    sounds here which means - easier to
    pronounce! Let's begin with SKE an s
    sounds that shifts to k' and then you open
    it to the EH as in red. SKE. make
    sure not to add any vowels before so
    it's not a eschedule
    but start with S, SKE. and then
    we have j'l. it's a /j/t sound and a
    schwa, and a dark L. The dark L is created
    here j'l. L. It's not, j'l (light L). You
    don't just bring the tip of the tongue
    up, you have to create this tension.. and
    this tension makes it sound as if there
    is an O sound right before the L. Almost
    as if we're adding the letter O . jol
    SKE-j'l. and if it's still not
    clear, go ahead and watch my video : "how to
    pronounce the L sound in English".
    'Schedule' the first syllable is the
    primary stress so it's higher in pitch
    and longer schedule. 'let me look at my
    schedule'. The other option is adding
    another syllable right there in the
    ske jew w'l. so we begin with SKE then
    it's juw a j sound and the tense uw as
    in food, and then /uhl/ at the end. But when
    we connect the second and third syllable
    we have an intrusive sound , because it's
    an uw sound that shifts to another vowel
    and then we add a /w/ SKE-juw (w) uhl
    schedule, schedule. The last two
    syllables have to be really really quick
    schedule. so: SKE-j'l
    Or SKE-juw-w'l. By the way this is the
    American pronunciation of the word.
    Let's turn it into a fun
    practice, and write down in the comments
    below one sentence with the word
    schedule. That way, we'll create a bunch
    of sentences for us to practice together
    because you know, first of all, practice
    makes better, so we always want to
    practice, but also, you can't just
    practice the words separately, you always
    want to use it in context .Okay? same
    thing for sounds if you're practicing
    the dark L here, then of course you want
    to use it in words and not just create
    that L sound over and over again!
    And the word always needs to be in
    context, because we use sounds and words
    always in context. And that creates the
    fluency and flow. okay? so write down your
    creative sentence right here below the
    video. Thank you so much for watching
    have a wonderful week and I'll see you
    next week in the next video! :)
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