How To Shower CORRECTLY? 10 Showering Mistakes MOST Men Make

How To Shower CORRECTLY? 10 Showering Mistakes MOST Men Make
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    10 Shower Mistakes MOST Men Make [0:00:00]
    Ten mistakes the most men make when they take a shower, guys.
    And, I'm talking about mistakes you make because I know I was making a lot of these
    What are they?
    Find out in today's video.
    [Music] Shower mistake number one.
    You're taking too hot of a shower.
    I love a hot shower, but guys you got to understand that if you take a hot shower, you are, one,
    irritating your skin and, two, you're stripping away the essential oils that are there to
    protect your skin.
    Mistake number two.
    You're showering too often.
    Mistake number three.
    You're showering too long.
    And I know what some of you guys are thinking, Antonio, is this really a problem?
    Cleanliness is next to godliness, right?
    Well, there are extremes.
    So, if you're showering four times a day probably a little bit too much unless, I mean
    if there is a medical or a real reason I get it, but for most of us, showering once a day
    is perfectly fine.
    So, if you're spending thirty minutes, an hour in the shower, guys, come one.
    I mean think of all that water that you're wasting.
    There are other thing other ways to not waste as much water; hot tubs, saunas, you could
    go swimming in the pool.
    Guys, find maybe alternatives to just taking extremely long showers which don't do anything
    great for your skin and waste a lot of water.
    The next mistake you're making.
    You're using an overly harsh shampoo when you're washing your hair.
    And, I get it, you want to get rid of that product, but guys understand when you're
    stripping away that product, you're also stripping away the oils, you could be irritating
    the skin.
    And a lot of that shampoo out there, it's got the things that are not natural and can
    cause irritation to your scalp.
    So, to avoid this mistake, you want to look for a shampoo that has all natural ingredients,
    ingredients that you can actually read.
    And you want to make sure, okay, it's got no artificial fragrances, good, it's got
    no sulfates, it's paraben-free, good, exactly what I'm looking for.
    And, this shampoo right here made by New Man Revolution, the paid sponsor of today's
    video, guys this has everything you're looking for.
    I've been testing this product.
    And you know what I love about this business?
    It is veteran-owned.
    So, the story behind this, these guys were fighter pilots, they came back in 2014 and
    they realized when you were deployed, your shower is sacred when you can actually take
    the time to clean your body because sometimes you go weeks without showering.
    I want to have a nice shower and I don't want to be using harsh chemicals that are
    going to irritate my skin that I'm going to want to throw out there or going to do
    harm to my body.
    And these guys were like we couldn't find a product that they wanted, so they went out
    there and they created.
    I actually love their body washes.
    So, again, they've got their green pack or their red pack.
    Check out the website.
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    And, again, this is a veteran-owned business, they actually give back, they've got a number
    of charities that help veterans that help first responders that help those that suffer
    from cancer.
    These guys are the real deal.
    So, you may be asking the question, how does New Man Revolution actually get you clean
    without using the harsh chemicals?
    They used this coconut derived cleanser that's far less drying and damaging the skin than
    other like mainstream products.
    Also, they only use therapeutic great essential oils to scent the products.
    No colognes.
    Guys, New Man Revolution makes this shampoo that cleans your hair and doesn't irritate
    your skin.
    It's really that simple.
    Again, a veteran-owned business I'm proud to support.
    Make sure to use the discount code RMRSCLUB and that's if you sign up for 25% off when
    you join their club or take 15% off just for a one-time purchase by using the code RMRS.
    The next mistake that you're making, you're way too aggressive when you're washing your
    I know you like to take that washcloth or that loofah.
    Nothing wrong with using a loofah and get in there and scrubbing completely cleaning
    that skin, clean that face.
    You look at yourself in the mirror and you are red.
    It's irritating your skin.
    You are removing layers of skin and this can lead to breakouts, it can lead to issues.
    Guys, don't do that.
    You don't need to be that rough.
    Guys, be a little bit less aggressive when you're scrubbing yourself.
    Now, the next mistake closely tied to that last one is that you don't use a fresh washcloth
    or you're storing your loofah right there in the shower.
    Understand, guys, when something has been sitting there for a day damp and warm, guess
    That's a breeding ground for bacteria.
    Guys, be careful with reusing washcloths.
    Next up, conditioner.
    You need to use conditioner in your hair if you've got a little bit longer hair than
    probably an inch and you've used a shampoo.
    The shampoo strips away all of the oils.
    The conditioner puts it back.
    It actually goes in there kind of re-mineralizes the hair follicles.
    It makes a difference, guys.
    Try using conditioner.
    You don't need to use too much which takes me to my next mistake we're almost all guilty
    of and that's we use way too much shampoo or conditioner.
    All you need to use is a small amount about the size of an almond, that is perfectly fine.
    Now, some of you guys are saying, well, I like to fill out my entire hand.
    Guys, don't overuse, it's just waste and it doesn't actually clean your hair anymore.
    Next stop, if you're shaving in the shower, nothing wrong with this.
    But, when you leave your razor in the shower, we talked about this, a warm moist place where
    bacteria builds up especially on those nicks and breaks in the razors if it's a disposable
    Guys, that's just going to lead to an infection on your face.
    [0:05:05] Rinse properly.
    This mistake can lead to irritation because the shampoo is actually left on your hair
    on parts of your body especially in the cracks and the crevices.
    Guys, you want to get rid of all that shampoo, all of that conditioner, all of that body
    wash because if anything is left it's going to when you moisten up it's going to suds
    back up and all of a sudden it's going to keep cleaning.
    It's going to strip away those oils that can lead to irritation in the armpits and
    other areas.
    I don't need to get into too much detail there, but guys make sure rinse properly.
    All right, guys, I want to hear from you what mistakes are you guilty of?
    Let me know in the comments.
    And if you like this video, click on the like, share it, maybe subscribe to this channel
    if you're new to it.
    And, guys, go check out New Man Revolution.
    Absolutely love their shampoo, they're all natural ingredients and I just love the fact
    that they're using that coconut extract it actually do a great cleaning job without
    irritating your skin.
    A great product made by awesome guys.
    Again, I'm linking to them down in the description with that 25% off if you sign up for that
    club using the code RMRSCLUB, so make sure to use that.
    Even if you find, hey, this isn't for me, then simply unsubscribe, they make it very
    Guys, that's it.
    Take care.
    I will see you in the next video.
    [Music] [0:06:34] End of Audio
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