How to Snatch: Beginners Guide of Olympic Weightlifting / Torokhtiy & Rebeka

How to Snatch: Beginners Guide of Olympic Weightlifting / Torokhtiy & Rebeka
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    Hello, everybody! My name is Aleksey Torokhtiy
    And this is Rebeca next to me
    Today we will talk about the Snatch
    and show how to work on it
    and how to lift consequently.
    Let´s go!
    First thing I recommend to start with when working on the Snatch
    is defining your snatch grip.
    There are two ways to do that.
    First is by locating the arm paralell to the ground
    And the second arm is located straight up.
    If you do everything right
    You´ll get a 90 degrees angle.
    This exact position on the pvc
    will be your snatch grip.
    Second way - one arm parallel to the ground
    second arm is bent
    creating an angle of 90 degrees between the forearm and pvc
    The same, we save it
    that's your snatch grip. Now be attentive!
    We defined it and now go to the barbell
    and apply the snatch grip we've just discovered some seconds ago on the barbell, transfering it to the barbell
    Please, don't do this with a barbell!
    I've seen this several times in Brazil
    and people had backache afterwards
    That's why be careful! Let´s continue!
    My suggestion is to divide the whole snatch progression in 6 parts
    and we will work on them from up to down
    That is we'll talk about the barbell above the head first
    and then gradually move to the starting position
    Rebeca will help us with that
    We pass the priority to her
    Define the snatch grip width from the very beginning (as you may see)
    put the pvc down on our shoulders
    and do the press
    I asked Rebeca to do it wrong on purpose
    to be able to show you how to do it right
    We will show you from this side
    We put the scapulas together
    and the shoulders up to our ears
    In this position, if you pay attention
    our internal part of the elbow is looking frontwards
    We don´t do the internal and external rotation intentionally
    Everything happens automatically
    There will be another video recorded about this
    a little bit later
    This press is done 4 times
    Press, put the scapulas together, shoulders up.
    Shoulders up!
    Press again
    When watching, in case you're at a gym
    do 3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions
    with a pvc. This will be enough to understand
    how it works, I guess.
    Next will be the overhead squat
    For this we will do the same that we were doing before - press,
    then put the scapulas together and bring the shoulders up to the ears. Start sitting down slowly
    Knees apart and the pelvis back
    And our task is to put the abdomen between the legs
    Especially for those in the category 90+ We will show it to you from this position
    Stand up and repeat 3 times
    We will show from this position now
    Pay attention: knees apart, pelvis backwards.
    If we set the gravity centre
    we will see that the barbell crosses our whole body
    and the middle of the foot is the centre of gravity
    That´s it! Stand up!
    Next step
    Muscle snatch
    Again - snatch grip
    Starting position with legs and arms straight
    and start from this exact position
    to lift the pvc up directiong the elbows upwards too
    directed upwards
    When reaching the сhest, start rotation with arms!
    After this, do what we did before this - put the scapulas together
    and lift the shoulders to the ears.
    Repeat 3 times
    Pay attention, please
    When you push the pvc up, it´s preferable that it touches the body
    Because our task when working on this part
    is to locate the barbell as close to our body as possible.
    So we basically learn a new part at each time
    add it to the previous one and repeat everything.
    Stand up!
    Great! Next!
    Second pull
    Let me get a pvc
    Fot that we do a snatch grip
    starting position
    We sit down a bit and our shoulders need to be in the same vertical line with our knees.
    In this position you have to pay attention to something.
    What does it mean to sit down a little bit?
    There's one step to full extension
    This one is over extension
    The other one is full straightening and the last one is one step to full straightening.
    And that's exactly the one we will be using
    because it's the last position
    that comes before the full straightening in the snatch.
    We take our starting posiiton
    and do 3 hits
    Why do we take this exact position?
    Because in this position
    if we start doing the so called hits (and many people don't like this expression)
    we won´t be hitting the pubic bone.
    If we take this position, the same movement
    will be hitting the pubic bone and causing pain.
    This is something very common on the internet
    Next - we do the same
    same position but we don´t only do the hit
    but also finish the movement directing the elbows upwards
    We practice the power position
    and after the power position direct the barbell upwards due to directing the elbows upwards.
    Again, please!
    We are doing it a little bit faster here
    but for you 3-4 sets with 10 repetitions will be necessary
    for you to realize and feel how to perform this exercise. Next
    We start sitting down slowly
    to the position where the barbell is above the knee.
    In this position we check the posture
    Our shoulder has to be in front of our knee a bit
    This is very important for a Snatch.
    In Clean & Jerk our shoulder and knee are located in the same vertical line
    In the Snatch we cover more.
    From this position we will put the pvc in front of us a bit
    And the moment we relax our arms - the pvc goes down and we start straightening with the help of our legs
    Bring the pvc closer
    Our task is to make the pvc contact our body at the moment of the full straightening of the legs
    Show again, please
    Starting position: the barbell is above the knee
    Move ahead
    do the straightening
    and touch the body. Again, please
    Now all this together!
    Starting position again
    the barbell is above the knee
    we straighten the legs
    touching those places where we were performing the hits.
    And complete the exercise directing the elbows upwards.
    That´s the whole movement called High Pull
    3 repetitions
    Great! That´s it!
    Next! The most important one
    As we use to say in Weightlifting that small mistakes in the starting position lead to big mistakes above the head!
    That´s why we will talk about the starting position now.
    That´s why we will take a wrong starting position now on purpose
    and will talk about how to check yourself in case you train alone
    without a coach.
    For that first of all
    check if your arms and your back are straight
    After check if your shoulder is ahead comparing to your knees
    That is - your knees have to be behind the shoulders if we put a vertical line.
    The barbell is as close to our legs as possible
    After this we straighten till the second pull.
    This movement can be trained with stops both below and above the knee
    with small weights... like 50% from your best weight.
    Go down!
    And do 2-3 sets
    8-10 repetitions, practicing the movement
    Attention, please
    the knees are apart, cover, back and arms straight
    Next! We have to combine the starting position, second pull and power position.
    That means we will take the starting position, straighten
    when we come to the power position, we will perform the power position
    and will perform the movement by directing the elbows up.
    and fix the barbell above the head!
    Several times more!
    This movement is somewhere in the middle between the Muscle snatch and Classic Snatch
    That's why in order to train turnover under the bar speed in snatch
    and moving feet apart
    it's recommended to train the Snatch Balance
    For this we will put the barbell or the pvc on the shoulders
    stand on the toes
    count to three
    and on number three go under the barbell very fast
    fixing the barbell above the head
    1, 2, 3.
    Attention, please
    the abdomen is between the legs
    the scapulas are together
    the foot and the knee have same directions
    Stand up
    Now we will put everything together
    starting position, pull, power position.
    directioning the elbows up and fixing the barbell above the head
    In other words, we will perform the whole Snatch!
    Let´s show them the Snatch!
    Starting position, knees apart
    Arms straight
    Jump and go under the barbell
    This is too good for this video (smiles).
    That´s it! Very simple! Working on everything in parts!
    Adding big kgs
    And uploading your videos to Instagram with #torokhtiygang
    Thank you and see you!
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