Is one side of a hurricane worse than another?

Is one side of a hurricane worse than another?
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    There are consistent bits of wisdom you
    hear during hurricane season when
    there's a storm brewing. If you're along
    the Gulf Coast, you know the ones.
    Stash enough water for everyone in your family,
    have an evacuation plan that
    includes pets and get your beer on ice early.
    Forecasters also typically have
    their own too - like it's the upper-right
    side of the storm that's the strongest.
    So, why is that? First let's talk about
    what's the 'right' side of the storm?
    Typically, geography would want us to
    think more along the lines of North,
    South, East and West. But the right side
    of a storm is defined by how it's moving.
    Storm swirling to the north? That means
    the right side is on the east. Storm
    heading west? The right side is on the
    north. Think of it like a moving clock,
    no matter which way the 12 is pointing,
    the "right" side is always between 12 and 6.
    Now what makes the upper-right side
    the stronger or dirtier side of the
    storm? It's because that's where the
    strongest winds are located. The strength
    of the storm's movement combines with the
    strength of the storm's winds and voila,
    you have a nastier storm with stronger
    winds and higher storm surge. For my
    math nerds out there, think of it this
    way: if a hurricane with 90 mile per hour
    winds is moving at 10 miles per hour it
    would have winds at 100 miles per hour
    on the right side and 80 on the left.
    Remember, our clock example? This means
    the toughest, nastiest part of a
    hurricane is going to be somewhere
    between 12 and 3, no matter which
    way that clock is pointing. What it all
    means is, if you have to be in a
    hurricane's path, it's best to be on the
    left side. And remember: all of this gets
    reversed if you're south of the Equator.
    Do you have Louisiana questions? We've
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