Nike’s Kaepernick Ad - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Nike’s Kaepernick Ad - Between the Scenes | The Daily Show
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    - I genuinely, big fan of Colin Kaepernick.
    I love the ad.
    I do worry though that people have become
    a little too convinced by corporations
    that suddenly seem to have political stances.
    That's what I worry about.
    And so my thing is at the end of the day
    we always have to acknowledge and remember that corporations
    are trying to make money.
    (audience agrees)
    So corporation is trying to make money.
    And they're always gonna go for the best interest
    of the corporation.
    So as much as people are like, yeah, I'm gonna buy Nike
    because they support, it's like yeah,
    they're also trying to make money
    and they see there's a trend
    that they think can be profitable.
    Now, that thing can align with what you believe in.
    But I don't think people should put their alignment
    behind brands, you know.
    Buy the shoe because you like the shoe.
    Don't be like, I buy the shoe because it represents
    my political beliefs.
    Because I don't know that it completely does.
    You very quickly go down a rabbit hole
    of things that Nike may not do or do that you don't like.
    That all of a sudden puts you in a quagmire.
    So like to Colin, I go yeah, make your money
    and they're supporting you and what you're doing
    and you use their money for your causes so do that.
    But to people, I go like, come on.
    Otherwise we will go crazy as people tracking down
    the political ideology of every single item that is sold
    and made in the world and in America.
    I promise you now you will buy nothing, you will do nothing,
    you will eat nothing.
    Because if you track everything like it's,
    it's just one of those things where you'll go crazy.
    You'll, you know I'm gonna start a company where
    we sell you know like how you have reversible clothing?
    I'm gonna sell reversible labels.
    Just in case this happens.
    So I'll be like, yeah, you buy it as Nike
    but you can flip it to Adidas just in case.
    Just like, you could flip it and you can change it.
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