We Are Eating A Poison! Here’s How to Identify GMO Tomatoes in 2 Easy Steps

We Are Eating A Poison! Here’s How to Identify GMO Tomatoes in 2 Easy Steps
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    How To Identify Gmo Tomatoes In 2 Easy Steps
    Eat Lots Of Fruits And Vegetables; That Is The Advice That Any Doctor Or Dietitian Will
    Give You. And They Have All The Reason! Vegetables And Fruits Come Loaded With Fiber, Minerals
    And Vitamins That Are Essential To Stay Healthy. But Not All Fruits And Vegetables Are Created
    Equal. The Big Biotech Companies Have Been Working Hard To Alter The Genetic Code Of
    Our Food And Then Patent It And Get Its Millions. It Is Quite Sad.
    Gmos Contain Dangerous Compounds Or Are Grown Under Conditions That Involve The Use Of Pesticides,
    Hormones Or Other Additives That Only Destroy The Flavor Of Their Fruits And Vegetables,
    As Well As Their Nutritional Value. Gmos Make The Value Of An Apple Reach Zero And Endanger
    The Lives Of People.
    So, Instead Of Panicking And Worrying About Our Health And Most Importantly, The Health
    Of Our Next Generations, We Have To Protect Ourselves From Gmos Or Anything Dangerous
    Presented In Our Markets, Because If We Accept To Fall Into This Pattern Of Approval Of Everything,
    Then We Are Consciously Agreeing To Lower Our Quality Of Life.
    How To Know If You Are Eating Gmo? Well, If You Are Familiar With This Topic,
    You Should Know That The Labeling Of The Product Itself Tells Us Whether We Are Consuming Gmos
    Or Not. Unfortunately, This Labeling Is Not So Direct, Which Means That You Must Understand
    What The Label Says And Means. Therefore, You Should Look Closely And Interpret What
    A Particular Number Or Ingredients Mean And How Dangerous They Can Be To Your Health.
    How Are Gmos Labeled? Genetically Modified Foods Are Labeled With
    Five Digits On The Label, However Unlike Organic Products, The First Digit Of Gmos Is Always
    Number 8. Knowing All These Facts About The Identification Of The Foods You Are Eating
    Will Greatly Help To Improve The Intake Of Valuable Ingredients And Most Importantly,
    Healthy And Safe Ingredients. Unfortunately, The United States Has Very Few Restrictions
    Regarding The Importation Of Gmos And This Is The Reason Why Almost 80% Of The Food In
    The United States Is Genetically Modified. Unlike The United States, There Are Many Countries
    Like France, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Greece And Hungary That Have Completely
    Banned The Sale And Production Of Genetically Modified Products.
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