6 Technical Reason of Loss In Copy Trading | Special Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi and Urdu

6 Technical Reason of Loss In Copy Trading | Special Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi and Urdu
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    if you watch this you will see a man in a blue jacket directing the red car driver so it looks like a policeman was directing the Bourk st mall attacker, another anomaly in this theatrical false flag act of treason assisted by Victorian Police and or Federal police is the Spokesperson for the Coroner is Queens Councilor Mandy Fox, i dont know if she is a relation to lindsay Fox Jetsar owner trucking Multi Milionair but Definitly the Coronors statements pre empted a factual investigation into these highly suspicious of false flag sedition terrorist Zioinst Freemasonic activity in australia and in view of the Jakarta lion airways plane crash the Hijackers of twin towers planes do seem to have been former CIA agent Saudies like Bin Laden allegedly but we all know Rolls Royce and other Plane manufactiures can take remote control of a Passenger Jet whenever they want to and this technology seems to be behind mh370 malasian passager jet remote control highjacking and twin towers blatently false flag mass murder insurance fraud event that Fienburg Cerburus owned Dycnorp Rumsfelt Cheeny Bush Newscorp Murodoch and his melbourne Nephew Mat Hambury CEO Riancorp who Jesuit Rhodes scholar XPM Abbot and Merchant Bankster Goldman Sachs Agent XPM Mal Turmbull approved to Geo Engineer Australians and Indonesians Weather using Pine Gap Exmouth HAARP technology, so Dr Judy woods in Where did the towers go Youtube points out in total SEVEN!!! Twin Towers Buildings were turned into dust 2001 911 Twin Towers buildings were turned into dust before they hit the ground in 8 seconds Siezemic data only recorded 8 secons of vibration while Twin Towers buildings collapsed it takes 9 for a bowling ball to hit the gound if dropped from the hight of twin towers so 2 planes cannot possibly have caused Twin towers concrete and steel buildings to be turned into dust 2001 911 whilst in expert freefall controled demolition that is self evident and in Building 7s case the Insurer Larry Silverstien Part of Sir Frank Lowy Westfield Group admitted to and dont forget Aron Milchan who admited being and isreali spy and stealing USA Nukes for Isreal made a Movie with Newcorp New ltd 21x FOX News fox has a connection to Gematria number 6 so does ABC 666 Khazar jew Jesuits News of Fran kelly and Breakfast TV Virjinia Trioli, Bert Newton who I have to Note is not Jacky weavers husband i was getting Bert Confused with Shock Jock Derin Hinch who was a former Husband of Jacki Weaver so Im not exactly an expert on TV stars being a Senior now but Newscorp Murdoch and Aron Milchan a self confessed Nuclear Technology of USA Stealing Isreali Spy made a movie about a Remote Controled Hijacked Passenger Plane flying into Twin Towers that aired on MSM TV 2001 before 911 and BBC News Anchor Jane Standly read outscripted news of Building Sevens Collapse 911 20 minutes berore it actually happened and 2.3 trillion dollars was announced missing from Pentagon DOD USA private Contractor Dyncorp Budget it was 6.7 trillion dollars that was missing from DOD Dycnorp Budget by 2006 and USA Greens Senator Cynthia Mckinney investigated Dyncorp and found Rumsfelt and his Military and Financial Staffer Tina Jonas appeared to have Premature Dementure like Alan Bond when questioned about his Art Frauds and Bankrupcy missing milliions as did Hillary Clinton when Questionied about Bengasigatge and Sid Blumanthal Organ harvesting Cruises to Haiti and why did Secretary of State Hilary Clinton fly to Haiti to get Clinton foundation Employees out of jail for Child Sex Trafficking in Haiti so this leads me to my own Melbourne Friends and Family my brother in law Queens Councilor Paul Odwyer an Owen Dixon Law Chambers Senior was appointed to Protect Cardinal Pells Pedophile School Teachers from Jail in the Victorian Senate Enquiry into Roman Catholic Cardinal Pells cover up of Seual Abuse of children when Cardinal Pell was incharge of Ballaratt Diocess QC Odywers Father was a Xavior School Teacher which is next door to Trinity grammar the Vice Headmaster There is also a formeer Roman Catholic Novice but was Vice Principle of what i thought was nominaly a Protestant school when I went there for a Year before dropping out in part because the Vice Principle alleged i sold a matchbox of grass to a Schoolkid infront of the headmasters office, i was a bit of a recreational cannabis and LSD drug user in the early 1970s and supplied my friends but i would not have done it infront of the Head Masters office and the vice prinible Trinity Gramar eventually married my Oldest sister so I have 2 so called secular roman catholics in my family both have been superficialy kind and generous to me but realy i regard them as seditious the former Vice Principle Trinity Grammar and my sister a Riton Senior maths teacher of an Elite Melbourne Girls school for 30 years still back big bang jesuit maths of lemaitre and refuse to acknowledge Thunderbolts project Eletric Plasma Discharge Science of Australian Radio Cosmology Physics of Wally Thornhill and associated Maths of Queensland Resident Steve Crothers has totaly refuted Einsteins Black Hole Gravitional Fantasy Tensor Terms and Gravitational Field Equations maths and Logic which my sister and former Roman Catholic novic Brother in Law taught erroniously at Trinity Grammar and Riton for 30 years or more and so it is suspicious my Queens Councilor RomanCatholic Bro in law was allowed to represent alleged Pedophile Cardinal Pell whats even more suspicious of Corruption in the Judiciary is the Fact My close Geelong Grammar Friend Son of Former Liberal party leader of Victoria was unable to earn a liveing as a Barrestor in Owen Dixon Law Chambers where my Roman Catholic Brother in Law is a Senior who was also appointed to "investigate" Dreamworld Theme Park Deaths gold Coast which as Dreamworld is not part of the Movieworld Seaworld Wetnwild Cabal is suspiciouos of being monopolistic Corporate Espionage so one wonders if the Recent Loin Airway Crash in Jakarta is at all related to this sort of thing we know Schapel Corby was set up by Honest John Ex PM Howard and Fed Police Chief keelty my indonesian undercover narcotics agent Consort and dual mother of my son via a surrogacy gone Awry told me Sonia From Brazil Supplied the Bali 9 with herion while working undercover with Kuta Police I reported this to authorities to try to save Sukarmaran and Chan Bali 9 drug mules from Execution who were set up by Australian Federal Police Keelty and XPM Howard the WMD Iraq LIE promoter and user of Australian Defence forces for personal Policitcal gain in Tamper with Children Gone Overboard scandal so Zionist Jew XPM Howard is also along with ADF prime suspects in Port Arthur Massacar using Martyn Bryant as a Patsy , I have refused to associate with my family of 4 Jelbart Sisters since XMAS 2011 because i was aware of USA Senator Cynthia Mckinney Investigation of Dycnorp Rumsfelt Newcorp Murdoch and Raincorp DEW WMD Patent holders now paid to Geo Engineer Austrlians weather are implicated in Twin Towers sabotage as is the Family of Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowy and XPM Turnbull a Zionist Jew Merchant banker goldman Sachs Agent did accept Lowy Institute Advice to Build Vecchy french Nazi Uboats of Jesuits in South Australia so all these suspicions i have reported to ASIC AND ACCC Mat at ASIC when I asked him how many buildings Collapsed 2001 911 Mat at ASIC told me he only knew of 2 as there were in fact SEVEN!!! it seems Mat at ASIC also works for Albert Pike Fremasons and the Ku Klux Klan Mafia Papsit 1776 Freemasonic Wieshaupt Rothsdhilds Mobsters at the Vatican Crowncorp Columbia Private reserve banks. I dont claim to be a saint after being sent off to Geelong Grammar just after i turned 11 do have PTSD bipolar symtoms of manic depression my self under the guidence of a Buddhist Chan Master and Tibetan Buddhist of the Dalia Lama Gelugpa Tradition i went stright and after 3 years Religious arts degree Sanstrit Linguistics at Latrobe Uni i swaped and completed a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Pschology, One Thing is for sure I would not trust NSW Bathurst Freemason Child Sacrificing Alleged Fiona Barnett child rapists and sacrificing pederast sodomist labour elites like Bob hawk and moss cass his treasurer as far as I could Kick them being Rothschilds Dancing Isreali Twin Towers Sabotures suspect associates and Liberals with Honest John and Big Ears rhodes scholar XPM Tony abobt and Ex PM Turnbull having paid 10 million to dycnorp Newscorp Raincorp To geo engineer australians weather does sort of identify them as Racketeers who can Via Graincorp the Renamed AWB after Zionist jew PM Howard oversaw a 295 milllion dollar bribe to Iraq Sadam Hussain in the 1990s via a CIA Front Jordainain Trucking company its pretty obvious Zionist jew Pm Howard funded the Post Iraq invasion by USA Suni Uprising and their weapons with the AWB wheat for Oil Scandal that broke sanctions on wheat sales to Iraq after Sadam Hussain Invaded Kuwait in First Gulf War, Australian Govt also spent 70 million "lookiing" for Malay Aircraft MH370 in southern indian Ocean inspite of the Australian TV show propaganda it seems PINE Gap is as useless as tits on a bull when it came to telling the truth about where MH370 malaysian Passenger Jet was remotecontroled hijacked to. So as the Surrogate grandson of WW2 ANZAC Royal Engineer General Sir Clive Steel Son of Ballarat jelbart tractor Builders decendent ANZAC Royal Engineer Lt Colonal Norman T Jelbart OBE im more than a little angry about all this pretty blatent DEWWMD Patent Holders Milton Freidman DIsaster Capitalism False flag NuganHand annada marga patsy using Sydney Hilton bombing Bali Sari Club bombing Lombock earthquakes going on that Rhodes scholar Liberal Senator Dutton atttended these private reserve Bank Drugs arms slavers alleged Child reapist fiona Barnet Abusers have been reported to Recent Royal Commision into insititional Child abuse around 2006 but no investigative reporting action has followed from Police Dean Henry alleged Carinal Pell Sexually Abused him when an alter Boy in St Marys catholic Church Sydney lawrence Tim Roy and Fiona barnetts Testimony is well corroborated by Bashed Ex wife of Aid to Usa General Al Gray of Abu Grayb Iraq Infamy and Nichol Kidmans Fahter Dr Kidman Eyes Wide Shut Chief psychiatrist NSW Freemaonic child sacrificing Cabalist Nazi False flag reichstag bombers nazi insurgents Beyond Boarders Beyond Blue Pschiatry is so unecesarily toxic it results in the death of Half the Bipolar schizophrenics these Sodomist pederast child sacrifing Cheif Pschiatrist NSW Dr Kidman and Sydney School of tropo medicin Dr Leonus Petrovskus treat within the first 10 years I made a submission to 2006 Senate Enquiry into Mental Health Services anonymous SUB195 explaining how my own son nearly died from an overdose of Toxic Pscyhiatric Drug Zyprexa at Chenrezig Tibetan buddhsit Center Eudlo QLD near Nambour SC OZ 2000-1 i have changed my opinion about the dangers of canabis it is an effective fast acting anti depressant dopermine stimulating neural network transmition enhacer whith many benifical medical uses for those with dementure sexual dysfuntion, bolemai anorexia and bipolar depression herbal medication for Bipolars who I advise to use relatively Non toxic Herbal Lithium Oratate which is available online is good, i also have found being straight in Bali is possible with the Blessing of my Bali Hindu Budhdist community the daily offerings of incense flowers rice water requiments of life and blessing of the monkus can if one is tuned in have a very good effect on ones mind so its true for me Hindu Budhism is like an opiate and has a profoundly blissfull effect on the mind due to their invokation of protector ancestor spirits and deva for whom Budda taught along with manusanam humans but in australia i think mental health services should allow the use of Cannabis and Herbal lithium Oratate for Bipolars as alchohol tends to be used as a stimulant by manic depressives and as it reduces impulse control is a cause of domestic and civil and international violence as the story of Churchills war told by David Irving bears out which was called hollocost denying by ABC 666 Jesuit appologist News Anchor Fran kelly who has lied to the AUSTRLIAN PUBLIC ABOUT THE NUMBER OF BUILDINGS THAT COLLAPSED 2001 911 FOR SIXTEEN YEARS OR MORE THOSE WHO ASSERT 2 PLANES CAUSED TWIN TOWERS COLLAPSE HAVE LIED AS THIS IS SELF EVIDENTLY IMPOSSIBLE PARTICULARLY AS BUILDING SEVEN WAS NOT HIT BY A PLANE OR ANYTHING THAT MAY HAVE CAUSED IT TO COLLAPSE AND THE INSURER LARRY SILVERSTEIN ADMITED APPROVING PULLING IT BY CONTROLED DEMOLITION EXPERTS SO THERE IS NO FUNCTIONAL CIVIL LAW OR NATURAL JUSTICE OR CONSTITUTIONAL RULE OF DEMOCRATIC LAW STILL FUNCTIONING IN AUSTRALIA WHERE ALL LABOUR LIBERALS GREENS AND INDEPENDENTS SWORE ALLIEGENCE TO ISREAL WHEN ISREALI PM SHARON DIED IN CANBERRA PARLIAMENT LEGASLATIVE ASSEMBLY ALL SEPARATOINS OF THREE BRANCHES OF GOVT LEGASLATIVE EXECUTIVE JUDICIAL ARE BEING UNDERMINED BY AIPAC WESTPAC WHO RUN NAITONAL PRESS CLUB IT SEEMS AND INSTITUTIONS OF AUSTRALIANS COMMONWEALTH DEMOCRACY ARE BEING UNDERMINED BY THIS SORT OF FAKE WAR ON DRUGS AND TERRORISTS DR KIDMANS EYES WIDE SHUT BOYS FROM BRAZIL NAZI DR LEONUS PETROVSKUS SYDNEY SCHOOL OF TROPO PEDOPHILE DOWN UNDER SECRET AGENT OF PAPERCLIP CIA RELEASED NAZI DR MENGALS BOYS FROM BRAZIL THE FAMILY CIA TOXIC ROCKAFELLA PRESCOTT BUSH YALE SKULL AND BONERS MENA ARKENSAW IRAN CONTRA DRUG SMUGGLING OLIVER NORTH USA GENERAL AL GRAYS VIETNAM BOMBING POST KENNEDY ASSSIN LBJ H W BUSH PRESIDENTIAL 1965 ILLEGAL INDONESIAN GENOCIDAL COOP OF SUHARTO CRONEY CAPITALISTS AND KISSENGER MCNAMARA VECCHY FRENCH INDONCHINA VEITNAM BOMBING AGENT ORANGE SPRAYING IS NOW BEING DONE TO AUSTRALIANS DUE TO XPM ABBOT EXPM TURNBULLS PAYMENT OF 10 MILLION TO SUSPECTED TWIN TOWERS SABOTURES TO GEO ENGINEER AUSTRALIANS WEATHER. PERONALY I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY MOST PEOPLE DO NOT CONCLUDE THIS IS BLATENT TREASON OR AT LEAST MATERIALY AIDING CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY THESE NAZI JEW JESUIT ZION PROTOCOLIST MILTAN FREIDMAN NEOCON THATCHERITE REGANOMICS DISASTER CAPITALIST DRUG MONEY LAUDERING HOTEL BUILDING MAFIA IN INDONESIA AND ROHINGA KILING CHIN BAPTISTS OF BURMA WHO FUND THE MILITARY JUNTA THERE XPM HAWK AN ALLEGED FIONA BARNETT CHILD RAPIST LOVED SO MUCH SEEM TO BE CAUSING EARTHQUAKES TSUNAMIES WITH DEW WMD AND NUKES ARON MILCHAN ADMITS STEALING FROM USA FOR ISREALI NUCLEAR TERROR PROGRAMS WHICH HAS ALSO SABOTAGED FUKUSHIMA I SUSPECT THE MOTIVE APPEARS TO BE TO PROMOTE CANCERS IN PEOPLE LIKE MY INDONESIAN CONSORT DUAL MOTHER OF MY NEW SON WHICH IS EXPENSIVE TO TREAT SO I SUSPECT DR KIDMANS EYS WIDE SHUT DISABILITY INSURANCE SCHEME SERVICE PROVIDERS ANGLICAR ROMAN CATHOLIC WAHABI ISLAMIST SAUDI BEHEADERS DISABILITY AGED CARE SERVICE PROVIDERS CABRINII ROMAN CATHOLIC CANCER HOSPITAL MELBOURNE WILL PROFIT FROM ISREALI SUSPECTED SABOTAGE OF FUKUSHIMA AND TOXIFICATION OF THE FISH IN THE PACIFIC WE MAY BE EATING UNWITTINGLY WE ALL NEED TO GET A GIEGER COUNTER TO CHECK WHAT WE ARE EATING FOR CANCEROUS NUCLEAR ISOTOPES DUE TO HAIM SIBONI BASED IN DIMONA ISREAL MANGA SECURITY SUSPECTED USE OF OWL ATOMIC GUN WMD MADE FROM NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY ARON MILCHAN ADMITS STEALING FROM USA FOR ISREALI NUCLIEAR TERRORIST PROGRAMS OF GENI OIL GOLAN HEIGHTS SYRIAN OIL GAS RECOURCE STEALING DYNCORP MURDOCH AND THE DANCING ISREALI SYDNEY SYNAGOG GOING BINGO CLEANAWAY INTERSTATE TOXIC IPSWITCH WASTE DUMPING CABAL OF NSW PREMIER BERIJIKLIAN A JEWESS AND ANNA BLIGH EX QLD PREMIER NOW SPOKESPERSON FOR BANKS SHOWS THESE SUSPECTED PEDOPHILE DOWN UNDER SECRET AGENTS OF FORIEGN POWERS GET JOBS FOR THE BOYS AND GIRLS WHO TURN A BLIND EYE TO THIS FALSE FLAG NAZI ZIONIST SEDITION WHICH IS A CRIME IN AUSTRALIA AND A CAPITAL OFFENCE UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW AND THESE IGNORANTBIG BANK UP THE BUMSTERS BLACKHOLE TOXIC GRAVITATIONAL FROGSHIT IS STILL TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES THIS ALSO IS ECONOMICALY SABOTAGING AUSTRALIANS EDUCATIONAL ECONOMY AND INDUSTRY AS WE DONT MAKE ANYTHING ANYMORE AS JEW JESUITS LIKE PALOV SARPI AND THE VENETIAN PHONETIAN MAFIA WEST EAST INDIA COMPANY BLACK SWAN OPERATION OF RUNAWAY GENERALS AND DRUG ARMS SLAVERS WE DONT MAKE ANYTHING OUR ELITES FIND LAUNDERING MAFIA DRUGS ARMS SLAVE TRADING HAITI FALLUNG GUNG ORGAN HARVESTING MONEY FOR THE JEW AMERICAN CENTURY OF TWIN TOWERS SABOTAGE SUSPECTS AND KHAZAR JEW JESUITS WORLD TOXIFYING DISORDER DISASTER CAPTIALISM OF MILTAN FREIDMANS CABALIST FALSE FLAG ARTIST HOTEL BUILDING CABAL OF MASS MURDERING INSURANCE AND OTHER RACKETEERS MUCH MORE PROFITABLE AND THIS IS WHY SRI LANKAN THIA ACHE JAPANESE LOMBOCK SULAWESIE JAPANESE TSUNAMI EARTHQUAKES AND VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS FIRES FLOODS DROUGHT SEEM TO BE INCREASING WITH GREATER FREQUENCY THESE MAFIA HAVE TO TRY QUITE HARD TO LAUNDER ALL THAT FLORIDA HOTEL BUILDERS MENA ARKENSAW CLINTON FOUNDATION HAITI ORGAN HARVESTING SUSPECTS DRUG MONEY SO INDONESIA MELANESA BURMA THIALAND PHILIPINES ARE THE SORT OF PLACES THESE MAFIA OFFSHOR TAX HAVEN USERS PANAMA PAPERS BOTTOM OF THE HARBOUR SCHEM KERRY PACKER CROWNCASINO BOSSES OF ORGANISED CRIME 1970S SENATOR ATHOL MOFFATS ENQUIRY INTO ORGANISED CRIME IN AUSTRALIA ALSO CORROBORATES FIONA BARNETTS ALLEGATIONS BUT OUR POLICE AND ADF ARE INFILTRATED BY NAZI COLLABORATING ZIONIST FAMILIES FROM WW2 AND ISRAEL COVERTS AUSTRALIA AS ROTHSCHILDS ZIONISTS NEW SOUTHER OCEAN HOME AWAY FROM HOME IN ISREAL WHICH IS LIKELY TO ONLY LAST ANOTHER FEW YEARS AS USA IS TOTALY BANKRUPTED BY ISREALI ROTHSCHILDS REGANOMICS WHICH SABOTAGED USA MANUFACTURING AND HAS TRANSFERED ALL WESTERN NATIONS WEALTH AND MILITARY TECHOLOGY VIA ISREAL TO RUSSIAN CHINESE COMMUNIST MILITARY JUNTAS THIS NOW THREATENS UK AUSTRALIAN CANADIAN EUROPEAN ANDAMERICAN ANGLO AMERICAN STYLE CONSTITUTINOAL DEMOCRACIES WELL BEING AND ECONOMIC AND SECURITY INTERESTS AND IF NOT STOPPED ASAP WILL DEFINITLY AS STATED IN G20 NATIONS OFFICIAL POLICY OF AGENDA21 AGENDA2030 SIGNED UP TO BY BLACKMIALED PEDOS LIKE UK PM HEATH DEFINITLY KILL US ALLA 29/10/2018 Closed FAQ 695-698. TW 535-545. First who are not Subscribe please subscribe and send screenshot I help you. Link here 👇👇👇 subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRDJy-3nLKQDEUR20djCRWw Golden card trading.. Good morning ... Return with 1st place of 6round #hellenicdriftchampionship 🤘 ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ Zestino Racing Tires Europe Zestino tyres Greece Monster Energy Garrett - Advancing Motion Turbo Hellas Trading Ltd @sakestc SakeTattooCrew SokratiSpeed B16A WORKSHOP TSH Design @lamda leventis Feg Lubricants Αξοτεχνική - Axotechniki Deep Club Carbon Aramid Constructions Service park tires ML CARS Protection RACESHOP.gr Talk & Drink @πρατηριο υγρών καυσίμων @Fan Club team 22 #Autorefinish @hair style nikolopoulos #Stuning Trekker Europe DTM-Europe #SSelectronics Trading it only show me what u got Just a short video of our store and our products. Join Saxo Group's #SaxoStrats John Hardy, Ole Hansen and Althea Spinozzi live for today's global Morning Call. Follow the Morning Call live every weekday at 08:45 CET. All trading carries risk, losses can exceed deposits Join Saxo Group's #SaxoStrats John Hardy, Ole Hansen and Althea Spinozzi live for today's global Morning Call. Follow the Morning Call live every weekday at 08:45 CET. All trading carries risk, losses can exceed deposits Join Saxo Group's #SaxoStrats John Hardy, Ole Hansen and Althea Spinozzi live for today's global Morning Call. Follow the Morning Call live every weekday at 08:45 CET. All trading carries risk, losses can exceed deposits
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