Angelina’s Fiancé Will Never Forget She’s A ‘Dirty Little Hamster’ | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

Angelina’s Fiancé Will Never Forget She’s A ‘Dirty Little Hamster’ | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV
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    - Are you kidding me? What the (bleep)
    Does it say what I think it says right now?
    Why would you put that on me?
    - [Narrator] How Far is Tattoo Far
    is the show that puts relationships
    to the ultimate test in a very permanent way
    with blind tattoos.
    - I feel like I'm about to pass out.
    - [Narrator] On this episode, Angelina from Jersey Shore
    - You think I'm a dirty little hamster?
    - [Narrator] And her fiance, Chris.
    See how deep their love really runs.
    - We've known each other
    just like from Staten Island
    and like we were always in relationships.
    I was engaged twice.
    - I thought it was three times.
    - I'm the third.
    - Before him I mean
    - [Narrator] Despite her past,
    Chris trusts Angelina is the one
    and they trust each other enough to get a tattoo
    secretly designed by the other one.
    - Let's talk about these tattoos for a second.
    - Yeah what are you guys doing to each other?
    - I want to (beep) with you.
    - So what's your intention with her tattoo?
    - Just to (bleep) with her a little bit too.
    - [Narrator] Oh right.
    They also love to (bleep) with each other.
    - If you put a bag of dicks on me,
    you'll be sleeping outside in the doghouse tonight.
    (tattoo needle)
    - Holy (beep) you are going to (beep) hate this.
    - I'm going to (beep) murder him.
    Are you kidding me?
    - [Narrator] After three hours under the needle,
    it's time for the big reveal.
    - I'm really glad you guys came.
    - Thank you.
    - Super excited and you're both going to hate your tattoos.
    - What do you mean?
    If you did something really (beep) up to me
    like I'm not (beep) cooking for you.
    - Oh please.
    - And I'm legitimately like I'm not giving you sex.
    - You're going first.
    - I'm going first?
    - Let's go.
    - Do not take the shades off until we tell you, okay?
    - I just want you to know, after all this,
    I hope we still get married.
    - Courtney's going to remove the bandage now.
    - Oh God.
    (suspenseful music)
    - Ready? 1, 2, 3
    - Alright, good luck.
    - Yeah, I'm gonna need it.
    - [Snookie] Oh my God.
    - (beep)
    - [Snookie] This is seriously (beep) up.
    You just need to chop your leg off.
    - What the (beep) is this thing?
    Is that a hamster?
    - You have me on you forever.
    - That's blood?
    - Period (beep)
    - This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my life.
    You couldn't do anything better than this?
    - Can't you just take it as like a compliment
    that I wanted to put me on you?
    - Compliment?
    - It's cute. It has eye lashes like me.
    You love my eyelashes.
    - I'm not worried about the eyelashes
    I'm worried about the (beep) everywhere.
    - Period (beep) Get that straight.
    - Angelina, can you explain to Chris
    the meaning of this tattoo?
    - It's me,
    on you,
    my fiance.
    You should be happy that I put that on you.
    - Happiest day of my life.
    - You were laughing when I period (beep).
    - Yeah when you did it
    not when you (beep) tattooed it on me.
    I don't even want to think about it.
    I just want to wake up from this dream
    and be like I just had the craziest dream right now
    that you tattooed a (beep) hamster with (shit) on it.
    - Period (beep)
    - Period (beep)
    - Period (beep) Get that straight.
    - Alright, swap.
    - Angelina, it's your time.
    C'mon girl.
    - Do not take these shades off until we tell you.
    - I'm telling you right now
    if you put a bag of dicks on me
    tonight you are getting a bag of dicks on your (beep) head
    while you're sleeping.
    - Jordan
    - Oh my God.
    - Alright, Alright. What's going on?
    - Oh God.
    Where are you going?
    - I gotta go.
    - Why is he leaving? Why ...
    - You're a (beep) nasty (beep)
    - What?
    - It looks so bad.
    - Chris, what the (beep) did you do?
    - Are you kidding me? What the (beep)
    Does it say what I think it says right now?
    Why would you put that on me?
    - Third times a charm.
    I'm the charm.
    - I know, but what about your mom?
    I never told her I was engaged before you.
    And your whole family.
    That's my business.
    I don't want to walk around like, the beach,
    and be like, oh walking on the beach with my fiance
    Third times a charm.
    - I got (beep) period blood all over me
    and you're (beep) pissed.
    - I'm happy I put that on you now.
    What happened to the bag of dicks?
    I thought you put a bag of dicks on me.
    - Oh you'd rather a bag of dicks, get it back here,
    we will get her some dicks.
    - Thank God you lied.
    - Are you guys still getting married?
    - Yes.
    Yeah I'm going to taunt her for the rest of her life.
    - Well now you're branded on me so I can't leave.
    - You've been engaged twice, so what?
    - I feel like people looked down, they frown upon
    being engaged multiple times.
    But I should really be happy that I've actually
    gotten three rings and three different guys
    to propose to me.
    I do think it's beautiful, but I'm still a little mad.
    - Look at it
    put fourth times a charm after what you put on me.
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