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    what's going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video today we
    got another killer video for you guys full of information today we're gonna be
    looking at why I think cryptocurrency could replace Fiat we're also gonna be
    looking at these three common mistakes new traders make and tons of other news
    that went on in the cryptocurrency space but guys before we can start with that
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    well guys we've had people make up to two Bitcoin in one single day as well as
    countless other people make an extra 100 500 or 1000 dollars now let's move on to
    some news because we have a lot of good stuff going on first of all some
    blockchain of adoption news Alibaba cloud launches a global blockchain
    service now what actually happened here is that they have expanded their
    blockchain as a service beyond their domestic border so now they are offering
    this as a global thing this is the cloud computing part of China's largest online
    retailer retailer Alibaba which is another company with another founder so
    Jack Ma another one that is very very interested in the blockchain in crypto
    currency and has had a lot of rumors tied between him and some specific
    crypto currencies out there and other names namely Justin the Sun is another
    one that gets tied in with Jack Ma a lot similar to Elon Musk in the sense that
    you know very forward-thinking always looking at new innovation and adoption
    but he actually looks like he's more into you know blockchain cryptocurrency
    that Elon Musk seems to be at this time obviously we don't know for sure but
    overall this is some very good news now on the maybe not so good news coinbase
    laid off staff and this could be related to decreasing demand so if you guys
    remember at their peak they were adding reportedly
    50,000 new customers every single day and obviously that was during the bull
    run when we were having those all-time highs people were flooding into crypto
    currencies and tons of accounts were made now the USO now claims coinbase
    reported to have laid off their existing staff after recruiting 250 new hires now
    they didn't say they they didn't want to say how many they actually did layoff
    but insider source said that the number was more than 15 and at the senior lead
    the senior leadership is handling communications poi so people are pretty
    upset about it I assume they would be upset if they got laid off but the
    communication part is very important now the fact that there there are layoffs
    happening is something is not as nothing new it happens to a lot of companies
    especially when it comes to a little bit of a rougher period they hired a lot of
    people because of the bull run so they're starting to realize that with
    less demand there isn't the need for everyone to still be there delete so
    they are starting to lay off people and you know what I'm sure when the bull run
    comes back if coinbase is still on top and they get an influx of new accounts
    and new users they're going to have to look to hire some more people but this
    happens to every come this happens to every company you guys remember in every
    time there is financial crash companies or even just you know a company's having
    a rough period the first thing they do usually is to lay off staff now if you
    look at the last week in review guys this week has been very very bullish for
    crypto currency honest way more bullish news than any form of
    bearish news going on now I know we are still consolidating in terms of the
    prices but this is a very good thing moving forward because I would rather
    have bullish news now while we build up for some bullish action then
    continuously see bearish news even if we're trading sideways I would much
    rather see adoption in bullish news then I would like to see bearish news I'm
    sure a majority of you guys probably agree with that as well so let's take a
    look at some of the highlights of the week japan's
    FSA green lights crypto crypto consortiums self regulating status so
    what they said here is that it's a very fast-moving industry one that we know to
    be true right it's better for experts to make rules in a timely matter than a
    timely manner then bureaucrats do so what they're saying is better to let the
    people who know what they're talking about deal with it then get people who
    don't know what they're talking about to try and deal with it so overall is gonna
    make it faster if the experts deal with it and there's a higher chance of good
    things being done rather than try to put it on to people who have no idea what
    they're doing there's a much higher chance that they will mess things up
    right now coinbase was also awarded their custodian a license by New York
    regulator Mumbai New York regulator now again this meant that maybe we'd be
    seeing XRP listed on there currently they have they have a custodian license
    which is not the same as that they're gonna list XRP it's not confirmed but
    they have the custodian license which means they can support they can offer
    custodial support for the top six cryptocurrency so it's Bitcoin Bitcoin
    cash aetherium theorem classic like coin and X R P so that for the fact that X R
    P was there was one of the reasons everyone's speculating maybe they're
    going to get it added now more ETF hype grows as Van Vanek CBOE and solid X
    speak with the SEC still a lot of people are speculating this is going to happen
    in q1 of 2019 which honestly at this point is not far away so again another
    potential catalyst to either enter us in the bull run or to push us higher in
    that boat and obviously there's a lot of stuff coming on and I don't think one
    thing is going to bring us back the all-time high but it's the continuous
    building and building and more and or adoption that I think is going to get
    us there also Chinese Court validates Bitcoin transactions and handling
    allowed or holding a lot I guess they spelled it holding here and then some
    smaller news we have coinbase list aetherium based circle the US DC
    SDC seems like it's gonna be pretty centralized but I see confirmed backs
    futures of Bitcoin futures launch date that's some good news
    tether torches 500 million USD T I guess we don't know if that's good or bad
    depends on what you think it's Heather and the Singapore government back vertex
    Adventures discloses finance investment so it's a lot of news that went on and
    like I said a majority of it was bullish which means if we are to have any form
    of price action you know coming in the future if we take a look at a year's
    time and I'm talking guys talking this is a year technically in an investment
    is the short term but we're gonna take a look at it in the long term because
    that's how a lot of people seem to think with cryptocurrency so in a year's time
    however you want to call that longer short term all this news add it together
    you know fact we have the ETF all that stuff building on shows that there's a
    higher chance that a year from now we're gonna be up then there is you know then
    there is a chance that a year from now we are going to be down now day to day
    you know maybe even week to week harder to tell there's a lot of stuff that
    still goes on in the market and a lot of the times people think we might be
    entering a bull run we do the exact opposite but a year from now when all of
    these things come into play the chances are a lot higher that we are gonna be up
    than we are going to be down now the three common mistakes new traders make
    this was actually fun to see because they covered this article covered pretty
    much everything that I try and tell people who are new to it now I know not
    everyone is a trader and although I think trading is a great thing to do if
    you have time obviously if you have time to do your own technical analysis it is
    a great form of passive income to do because with cryptocurrency really can
    make a lot of money very very fast and for those of you who don't have time
    obviously I started the trailor group specifically for that because I wanted
    to help everyone have the ability to make money trading not just those who
    have the actual time to do it I want to do my best to make sure was open for
    everyone but in terms of the risk if you are looking to start this year going to
    embark on this journey on your own keep in mind a few things and this doesn't
    even just apply to traders I believe this implies to most overall
    cryptocurrency holders the one is reduce market exposure and risk
    by purchasing a variety of assets at different price levels what does that
    mean diversify your investment and dollar-cost average that is not just for
    traders that is for every single cryptocurrency investor every single
    investor in general you never purchase only one asset you never purchase one
    thing and you never purchase it at one time that's just the recipe to keep
    yourself safe and to reduce your risk obviously a mic work it might work out
    sometimes but a majority of the time it doesn't it's not worth playing that risk
    next off is to have a complete clear strategy and get out of the habit of
    Harling now I don't agree with this one obviously it's going to depend if you're
    a day trader or not but I think the way I look at this is separate the to have
    your trading amount which is something you're comfortable with start small you
    can increase that later and then also on the other side have you're holding have
    the ones that you are accumulating use the trading to accumulate more of what
    you want to be holding and to me that's the best recipe that's the recipe I've
    used that's a strategy I've used to continuously grow my portfolio and then
    last one is consolidation period are sketchy at best with no clear entry or
    exit signals so it's best to wait these periods out and that's what we are doing
    right now a lot of people are very impatient and are putting in trades just
    to try to you know get something however we've had so much trading opportunities
    moving on until now that even if we have a month with no good entry point in the
    long run that means nothing one month with if we're gonna be consolidating and
    there aren't really any good trades doesn't matter because the moment we get
    some of the trades like this someone we get some price action like this you will
    easily make back your money that you waited on that month it's better doing
    that than risking losing because guys trust me oh this is well I've seen a lot
    of people a lot of people on YouTube come out and be like oh I predicted this
    dumps like yes maybe you predicted you know this one little spike in the
    console in the consolidation period maybe you did predict this one but you
    also longed this one right it's sort of it's very
    difficult to trade consolidation period a lot of the people who post their wins
    this time probably lost the last time and those just aren't the ones they're
    showing so keep that in mind now in terms of cryptocurrency replacing feel
    and this is something I think a lot of people underestimate a lot of people
    were born into fiat currency they're born when fiat currency was around and
    so they don't realize how new it is and just the fact that it's probably not
    going to be around forever it's not going to be around forever and the
    possibility of it being replaced is pretty high and the process and the
    possibility now of crypto replacing it in my opinion is even higher now hear me
    I'm going to give you guys the exact reason for this first of all the reasons
    for the u.s. dollar not being success the reason for it crashing people are
    expecting is the debt so the u.s. pays half a trillion dollars in interest per
    year to services to service its debt its debt increases by a trillion dollars
    every single year it's a death spiral and it cannot be undone this is from who is a german Finnish internet
    entrepreneur self-destruction and USD collapses a collapse are unavoidable he
    says to get out and to buy gold and crypto now this is why I think crypto is
    going to replace fear personally we've entered the age where everything is done
    online right we have e-commerce and that is rapidly replacing stores you know at
    Amazon rapidly replaced stores you can now order your groceries online you can
    buy a car online you buy tesla online you can buy every single thing you can
    imagine you can probably buy it online and if
    you can't yet then chances are you will be able to in the next one to three
    years right it's just the direction everything is heading in a lot of
    companies are closing down because they didn't take that target for example
    close a lot of stores Toys R Us going bankrupt because they didn't adopt
    ecommerce a huge company that works just like countries and I've been saying if
    countries don't adopt cryptocurrency in the blockchain they're going to they're
    going to fall behind that's type of stuff that happen with
    Toys R Us it was a huge company a huge success all of a sudden made one bad
    move ignored ecommerce and bam this is where we
    right now they're going bankrupt now I think obviously we are looking to use
    cryptocurrency for you know for micro transactions using it to purchase things
    in a store however I don't think that's where it's going to thrive I think where
    cryptocurrency is going to thrive is in e-commerce is in the online space
    because then that means Amazon doesn't have to accept you know you don't have
    to have Amazon com Amazon dot all Amazon duck oh no you can whatever
    it is you don't have to have all those using different currencies somebody
    everybody could be using one currency it could be using the world currency
    whatever it is that that whatever that is at the time maybe it turns out to be
    Amazon coin I don't know what it is I don't know wanted to kill what's going
    to be I don't have a crystal ball then again we might obviously have several
    crypto currencies down in the future as well but my point is since
    cryptocurrency is the digital currency and we are in the digital age and the
    fact that everything is moving online and I think cryptocurrency thrives when
    it is used on I think it's super super easy when it's used online and that's
    why I believe it stands a good chance to replace via again via is not going to be
    around forever simply because it hasn't been around forever before right
    everyone knows that it's going to come to an end eventually looking like we
    might be getting closer and closer I'm not saying one to two years from now I'm
    speaking further down the line than that but it looks like it could definitely
    start struggling due to the issues that come with having the fiat right the dead
    that's going on the inflation is going on all that is stuff people are starting
    to realize in the UK the US economy being the you know being the world's
    most powerful economy it has impact on every everywhere as well so has
    significant impact on Asia and Europe so when US stocks are suffering and the
    sentiment is shifting a lot of people are expecting to see other countries
    other other countries or other regions seeing those stocks suffer as well so
    we're gonna have to wait and see obviously the US stocks have had a
    little bit of a turn and they've wiped out a lot of the gains that have been
    going on previously now another here is encryption plus crypto equals
    freedom so another thing that I that makes sense to me is that everyone
    always talks about freedom and what does everyone want everyone wants freedom
    it's a financial freedom whatever it is it's freedom and part of freedom I
    believe is having control of your money not just you being able to know not only
    you making enough money but you also having control of your money that to me
    falls under freedom as well that falls under financial freedom right I want to
    make enough money to where I'm comfortable I don't have to worry about
    money I can do all the stuff I want in the world but that's exactly I want to
    be able to do all the stuff I want I want to be able to do whatever I want
    with my money I believe fighting for freedom is going to make a turn for you
    know in scope cryptocurrency is going to be a part of that so let me know your
    guys thoughts are just a little bit of my predictions in terms of what's going
    to happen in the future I think as more and more things continue to shift online
    cryptocurrency is going to find its perfect use find its home being the
    digital currency that it is being used digitally and again I think we're gonna
    get a ton of adoption with using it for micro transactions in stores in
    supermarkets for example but even supermarkets are shifting to become
    online now so eventually it looks like we're going to have a world where a
    majority of things are online and that's where I think cryptocurrency is going to
    be used the most and that's where I think it's going to thrive and that's
    why I think it could genuinely replace all it could replace the fiat currencies
    it could replace the US dollar it's possible is it you know too early to
    tell 100% what the possibility is there guys
    people made fun of people thought the internet was gonna be a bubble people
    thought the internet was going to be a fad looks like it's gonna stay and if
    you still believe it's a fad then maybe just maybe you might not want to invest
    in crypto currencies either but if you believe in the internet and you think
    that's the way things are going and you agree with my logic let me know what you
    guys think of my logic down below let me know if that makes sense to you guys or
    if I just rambled on about absolutely nothing let me know your thoughts in the
    comments down below now if we look at the overall market 209 billion dollars
    in mark cap with the 53.7% bitcoin dominance meaning nothing is
    but in the market we are still trading sideways the prices around a few dollars
    higher than it was yesterday we're up 0.16 percent biggest gainer denta coin
    of Denton was actually down a lot yesterday so it looks like it formed a
    little there's a little bit of a Bart you know up 15 percent went down had a
    little bit of a Bart and come back up then Reve an auger data coin polymath
    and of veritasium or some of the biggest gainers in the last 24 hours not too
    long ago status is up 3% as well look at that huge pump it's having their against
    only 3% though but it looks like a huge pump in the market spin sideways for so
    long and in terms of the biggest loser Stratus is down wax is down Hollow is
    down and a lot of other cryptocurrencies are down as well we're roughly at 50/50
    in terms of overall in terms of red and green we're roughly 50/50 so again
    markets trading side with even when we have a little more red it's just such
    small percentages that if you guys can tell we've been trading between the 207
    and the 209 billion dollar market cap for a very long time no much longer than
    I would like to admit now XRP has seen some good news and
    talked a little bit about this yesterday but I found exact figures they've more
    than doubled their sales so ripples XRP sales more than doubled to 163 million
    dollars in q3 showing the institutional interest involved showing the interest
    that XRP is having overall this is a very very good sign 163 million dollars
    we talked about coinbase they are laying people off because demand is date is
    decreasing XRP sales have more than doubled so very good thing to see for
    ripple right there now before this video goes on too long because it probably
    already has from my rambling I want to do the Bitcoin giveaway for you guys to
    give back to the community I picked a video 56 unique comforters guys if you
    want to enter a chance to win future the future Bitcoin giveaway when we have 56
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    winners see who wins Damian will or I probably I don't know if I
    pronounced that correctly if I did then congratulations you want if I did it
    then I'm sorry I didn't but congratulations you want anyways ideally
    Celeste would be more honest but with money in front of them they soon crumble
    such a pity I agree you were talking about you know
    Floyd Mayweather indeed I think it was fly made the employed Mayweather and dj
    khaled we're the ones we're talking about where they're getting sued for
    promoting in high CEO and I said ideally these guys these guys would you know
    maybe just talk about things they used things they're interested in things they
    know about but when you put a large sum of money in front of anybody it's not
    just celebrities right when you put a ton of money in front of anybody if it's
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    so much for watching I'll see you guys tomorrow for another video
    How would it make you feel to see Demaryius Thomas in a Patriots uniform? Deal Trading LIVE Watch the whole session by clicking the link below: Oh. The Patriots seem loaded at wide receiver, but there are two big reasons why they could still use a pass-catcher before the trade deadline. Been a while since I have posted a blog, so here goes! October has been a great month of music. There was the ARHAVEN House Concert... a wonderful house concert hosted by Joe Angel and wife Beverly in their home, completely unplugged, no PA system. It a was solo show and completely sold out. Everyone was singing along from the first song and throughout the show. This was one to remember! Our annual show at Bob Moore's lakeside backyard concert in Lakeside, TX, just a little east of Huntsville out on highway 19. The first one was rained out on Sept. 29th, remember that? But, we got the Oct. 13th one in and the theme was "GO ASTROS". It was the First game of playoffs with the Boston Red Sox. We even had a scoreboard next to the stage where we could update the score throughout our set. The 'Stros won that game, and we beat the rain, so all went well. Thanks Bob, Sandy, Kathy, Larry and Terri. On Sunday we played a Wedding reception in Wimberley TX for Becky Marino's daughter Morgan and her new husband Johnny at a great new venue, Collective Hill Country. We heard their romance began at the wedding rehearsal dinner we played for Becky's son in Shreveport back in February! What a great love story! And then we headed west to California. CALIFORNIA DREAMING Michael Hearne, Don Richmond and I were invited to come out to California and perform a concert at Suzanne and Ross' beautiful home perched on a bluff at the edge of the continent above the Pacific Ocean. I am sitting, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, on a gorgeous morning, a cool breeze, warm sun, watching pelicans circling the water's surface, deep diving for fish, and a school of dolphins playing in the waves, people beach walking, kayakers, is sweet. On Friday night there was a welcome BBQ COOKOUT of great barbecued ribs and chicken prepared by Dennis and Sarah and their cow dog Winston. There was music and a picking party around the campfire with Don, Michael and me after our feast. We played a show in Thousand Oaks, CA for the Brogden Presents "Four Friends Gallery" with old friend Steve Brodgen on Saturday, Oct. 20th. Steve is an old friend. He use to work for Michael Hearne's aunt and uncle, Bill and Bonnie Hearne back in the day. Michael told me they use to call him 'Bwana', because he was their guide who led them everywhere while they traveled about playing music. Steve is a great guy and strong proponent of live music and a most gracious host. Thanks Steve for having us. On Sunday afternoon, I was sitting on the patio outside our little guesthouse, changing strings on my guitar when I heard whinnying and neighing and hooves galloping by. Stampede.....two of the horses were loose and chasing each other about the compound with a few laps around the tennis courts and everywhere else. Someone had left the gate open to the corral! Wild Horses were running free. Mr. Ed stuck his head in the front door. Hey Wilbur! What's going on? It made for some afternoon excitement. Our Backyard concert on Sunday in Suzanne's and Ross' beautiful backyard overlooking the ocean...nothing but blue skies, white chairs on a fresh green lawn, people mingling, with lots of love and laughter all about. We saw the colors change as the sun sank and the moon rose as we played into our first set. We were swapping songs, telling stories about them, and trading hot licks! To Suzanne and Ross, Thank you for providing such a beautiful and relaxing setting for us and all of your friends to enjoy, plus the wonderful heartfelt energy infusing and surrounding all of it. It's such a blessing to experience and behold and to be a part of. We will see you at the Big Barn Dance next year or, if not sooner, down in Texas sometime before. Bless you both. FROM FLAGSTAFF TO HOUSTON Coming home I heard from my friend Jimmy Stadler that he and his wife Bunny were in Nashville at a CMA Awards show where Ricky Skaggs was being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and someone performed Ricky's version of my song "YOU'VE GOT A LOVER" to welcome him to the stage. Thank you Ricky! Thank you Jimmy! That bit of news made my trip back a little brighter while driving through the nonstop pouring rain ...all...all...all the way home. From Flagstaff to Houston!!! RAIN, RAIN, RAIN! It's so good to be back home in Texas! It's still raining but I'm not driving. The ponies are tired. Circle the wagons. But, we have had sunshine now for a couple of days! Just to let you know..... I had a Solo show Friday night at Anderson Fair October 26th. I pulled songs out of my hat. Michael Hearne and I along with Mike Roberts were in Bastrop on Saturday for a private party, and now Sunday at Bernhardt winery in Plantersville off highway 105 (a little West of Conroe). A beautiful Sunday is forecast after weeks of rain in the area, so bring lawn chairs and some friends and come on out. We are looking forward to a sunset toast and evening of songs under the stars. We hope to see you there! If Le'Veon Bell remains with the Steelers through next week's trade deadline, it sounds like that will be due to a lack of interest in the star running back RIP to those slain in the synagogue shooting in Pittsburg! Blessings to all families. My question is how in the hell did they bring Robert Bowers in a live after trading shots with the swat team, and killing 11 people! #pittsburgh #synagogue #robertbowers #terrorist #swatteam #godblessamerica #getyourerickellyon The New England Patriots are going for it ALL.