DUG Insight How-To: Using class settings to accurately compare horizons

DUG Insight How-To: Using class settings to accurately compare horizons
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    Data objects in Insight are most effectively displayed
    when the correct colour range is applied
    This single horizon is being displayed with a spectrum colour bar
    but only a few colours are visible
    because the colour range does not match the data range
    A histogram is a simple way to see the actual horizon value range
    The horizon settings shows that the current colour range
    is using the min and max class settings
    Turning this option off
    allows me to adjust the range to match the horizon exactly
    The colour min max range is now the same as the histogram
    as expected
    and the horizon shows much more colour variation
    as desired
    If I add 2 more horizons to the view
    I can see that each horizon has its own local range of colour
    showing the maximum detail for that surface
    It is not possible however
    to compare the horizon values
    the red colour represents a very different time value for each event
    To make a direct comparison between multiple objects
    I need to set the same range of colours for each object
    This can be done quickly by changing the ranges back to the class settings
    Now each horizon is using the same range
    But now we are back to the original issue
    there are only a few colours here, blue is missing
    The range needs editing
    but this time it can be done simultaneously
    for all horizons by changing the class range
    Now that each time value has a unique colour
    the horizons are comparable to each other
    and it is clear which are deeper than the others
    The same principle applies for all other objects in Insight
    for example matching seismic volumes from different surveys or vintages
    To update multiple volumes simultaneously
    use the same class for each volume
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