Early North American Trade on 30.10.2018: USD, EUR/USD

Early North American Trade on 30.10.2018: USD, EUR/USD
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    The US dollar is enjoying higher demand since the opening bell on Wall Street.
    The US dollar index was approaching the level of 97.00 before Conference Board
    releasedits consumer confidence index.
    Interestingly, analysts had expected the reading worse than the previous one.
    However, the fresh print surpassed the median forecast and previous index.
    The indicator for September was revised downwards.
    A month ago, Conference Board reported the strongest level of consumer confidence in the recent 18 years.
    However, the index in October hit a record high at 137.9 points.
    Nevertheless, such upbeat data has not changed market sentiment.
    The euro is still losing ground against the US dollar, trading at near 1.3660.
    The euro could not find support even from a report on faster consumer inflation in Germany.
    The single European currency has been weighed down by preliminary data
    on the eurozone's GDP which revealed a slowdown in the economic growth.
    Meanwhile, dollar bulls are in the elevated mood, anticipating a report from the US Labor Department.
    The US nonfarm payrolls are widely expected to show strong readings.
    As a rule, such expectations boost demand for the US dollar.
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