Episode 10 - Why the Repetition is Important in the Trading Practice

Episode 10 - Why the Repetition is Important in the Trading Practice
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    hi guys Girolamo Aloe here and today I am the shark investor.
    my students have the uncertainty that comes because there are not so much
    experienced and when I explain the things that I have to study they just find
    difficult to understand better some things. this happens because they need
    the repetition or the events I mean they need to repeat to experience more and
    more times the occurrences that happens the market the market works in specific
    way the specific is something that is a repetitive in the time then they have to
    simply familiarize with these and just stay focused on the details
    so then with time a lot of time they will be will became a spin as in the
    right way those students that have difficult today will get experience later
    just working hard with dedication for the long term this is the process this
    is the way one thing that does really work for people is the habits to avoid to
    listen what is said they don't want to study properly or many other people have the
    problem that they forget what they listen, forget what they study and this
    is a very common problem people forget everything definitely you need to repeat
    repeat and repeat time by time and this is something that in the educational
    process really worked so the problem is that it is necessity don't give up
    because you get difficulties to understand concept in the proper way
    Oh better to find in the market occurrences that can confirm this
    concept because simply you are still too new too young not experienced to realize
    where art is a thinks the market so you need to realize that the market is
    telling you what you have to do and this is something they take care of the time
    taking time you just think I have to work on your skills develop your own
    market judgment how can you do this you do these simply watching the market
    spending hours in the market behavior understanding what is happening and of
    course making mistakes and from the mistakes you get something to analyze
    something that give you the fear the worries is the problems that you have to
    solve indeed the most of my experience comes from the mistakes that I did
    the mistakes just give you a motivation to understand what is going wrong the
    frustration comes when you are inexperienced. when you are experience get the
    compensation. the compensation comes because you have to understand what kind
    of mistakes you did and then how to avoid this next time and this means that
    you have to focus a work and improve time by time so the work of the trader is
    just this is the constant and never-ending repetition and the
    never-ending analyzing of the market the never-ending way to keep your eyes on
    the market behavior and just figure out what you have under your eyes because
    the improvement that you make going forward comes from the little details that you
    simply didn't see before so now that you became experienced you
    are able to see time by time moment by moment this little peculiarities that the
    market is giving to you mistakes happens every time but this peculiarities that
    you get with time with hours and hours with years of work and dedication you get
    something that make you improve time by time and in trading every little improvement
    is a conquest a conquest that requires a lot of job many many hours of dedication
    in the market this is what you do so in my career as a trading career started
    very long time ago I have experienced a lot of mistakes a lot of problems the real
    thing is that you have to overwhelm you have to go over these mistakes if you
    give up because you don't find a way to be perfect in this job you are just not
    in the right place for you this is not the right job for you if you continue if you
    persist you find a way you can prove you get all these deteails that you need
    time by time year by year you get a way to make money mistakes happens
    continually the account can became full of wrong trades then you have to manage them so
    as full of profitable trades that you have manage too but this
    something that comes with the time and the experience so guys like this video
    and share it with a friend if you want to see many more of these just subscribe
    take you guys to listen my words. thank you to be here and see you next time bye bye
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