Finding the Best Patterns to Trade With Tim Bohen

Finding the Best Patterns to Trade With Tim Bohen
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    - What's up, Tim Sykes, millionaire mentor and trader here
    presenting you with a very interesting video
    of my student, Tim Bohen.
    He's a part-time trader, a family man, very disciplined.
    Learn from his experience.
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    - So when you talk about patterns,
    you know I am not necessarily a pattern trader.
    I do look at the chart pattern.
    I look for a consistently repeatable chart patterns.
    But when you talk about set up,
    I like to look for as many variables.
    You'll hear me say, building the case.
    Or the components of the recipe.
    So I look for the pattern,
    but I look for the fundamentals
    to help reinforce that pattern.
    So there's a lot of strictly technical traders out there.
    They don't care what the price of the stock is.
    They don't care...
    A lot of these guys I mean
    they don't even know what the stock does.
    They look at these things as trading vehicles.
    It's strictly a ticker.
    It's all it is.
    And it's a way to make money.
    And I'm not saying that's not the right way to go,
    and I know a lot of successful strictly technical traders,
    but for me, I like to wrap my hands around the idea.
    That's where I call my approach,
    and I didn't coin this but,
    I'm more of a techno-fundamental trader.
    So, first thing I find is that chart pattern.
    That's where we scan for with Stocks to Trade.
    That's what we scan for with all these tools.
    Then when I find that pattern,
    I wanna dig deeper and start building that case.
    So, back to the question,
    what's my favorite set up?
    Right now, fall 2018,
    it's a marijuana or a cannabis related stock
    that's in a hot sector.
    We don't always have hot sectors.
    But typically three to four times a year you get one.
    So right now I wanna stock
    that's in the cannabis-marijuana et cetera sector
    that's been up big on the day,
    it's trending up big, up 10, 20, 30% on the day,
    has news.
    That's where the fundamentals come in.
    There's 16,000 publicly traded stocks.
    Not all of them have news every day.
    Maybe 100.
    Maybe 15.
    When you drill down to the cannabis sector,
    maybe there's one or two each day.
    You'll see that in the coming weeks more and more.
    But I wanna dial in on those
    and then I wanna digest that news and say,
    okay, is this something that's, air quotes, legitimate?
    A lot of these press releases
    are very fluffy, very manipulative.
    But I'm looking for real numbers, real partners.
    ACBFF is a stock ticker
    that's probably my main watch for this coming Monday,
    was exactly this on Friday.
    It was up big.
    Coca-cola is considering investing in them.
    It trended all day and it broke late day.
    So now when I talk about the set up,
    it's that.
    So stock up big, with news, in a hot sector
    that's held those gains all the day,
    is primarily pinned
    to VWAP,
    volume weighted average price.
    That's a technical indicator that I love, I use,
    I recommend everybody else uses.
    That stock's above VWAP.
    Into that 2:00 p.m. late day move, you wait for the volume.
    These are the stocks that tend to spike that day, late day,
    and then continue the next day.
    Which are great trades if you're new
    and under the pattern day trader rule.
    So, your variables might be different.
    Maybe you looked at other things.
    Maybe you look to short these stocks late day.
    But the biggest piece of advice I could give is,
    don't just trade the chart.
    Don't just trade the news.
    Put them together, have a process,
    and really make yourself fall in love with that stock.
    You can't trade them all.
    I use this saying all the time, and I didn't coin it.
    I think it's a Chinese proverb but,
    he who chases many rabbits catches none.
    You need to drill down into as few stocks as possible,
    and focus on those.
    - Hey, Tim Sykes, millionaire mentor and trader.
    Thank you for watching my videos.
    I hope that they help you.
    I wanna share everything that I've learned over the years.
    You can check out more videos right over there.
    And also click subscribe
    so that you can watch all of these videos.
    Get that knowledge,
    and become my next millionaire student.
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