Go Copy Trade - Social Trading - Xu thế tài chính mới 2018 - Giúp bạn bất bại dù không có kiến thức

Go Copy Trade - Social Trading - Xu thế tài chính mới 2018 - Giúp bạn bất bại dù không có kiến thức
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    #Power9Twelve #YouthRadio #913FM #TechNews... President Donald Trump routinely calls old friends, business partners, and confidants on his personal iPhone while in the White House, giving Chinese and Russia spies easy access to his personal communications and interests, reports The New York Times. The story cites American intelligence reports, which detail how Trump aides have repeatedly warned the president not to use his personal iPhone and to use the secure White House landline instead. Despite the warnings, Trump continues to take personal cellphone calls, and the White House has resolved to simply hoping the president doesn't discuss classified matters over the phone. According to the report, US intelligence agencies have reason to believe that Chinese and Russian spies are regularly eavesdropping on Trump's calls by way of human sources within foreign governments and through the interception of communications between foreign officials. The goal, according to the NYT, is to keep Trump from escalating the ongoing trade war with China, with Chinese intelligence agencies hoping that by learning more about Trump's behavior, they can use people close to him to influence policy. The Russians are thought to be a running a less sophisticated operation because of Trump's close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which apparently makes influencing Trump to favor Russian interests less of a concern. (TheVerge) #MoreOnTech..Facebook has been fined £500,000 by the UK's data protection watchdog for its role in the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) said Facebook had let a "serious breach" of the law take place. The fine is the maximum allowed under the old data protection rules that applied before GDPR took effect in May. The ICO said Facebook had given app developers access to people's data "without clear consent". In July, the ICO notified the social network that it intended to issue the maximum fine. (BBC) Bears' draft capital already stretched thin, but what about player-for-player trades? Trade morning Portadown Building 7 AKA Solomon Brothers Building at the World Trade Center, Home Of The Twin Towers Representing The Rockefeller Brothers, Is The "Smoking Gun" Of 9/11: Who benefited from 9/11? Lucky Larry Silverstein the Leaseholder of WTC is on Record saying this about Building 7: "I remember getting a call from Fire Department Commander saying they may not be able to contain Fire, I said we have had such a terrible loss of Life and maybe the smartest thing to do is to 'Pull' it, they made decision to 'Pull' and we watched the Building collapse". Pull is another name for "Controlled Demolition". Lucky Larry was able to Double-Down on the Demolition by saying it was two separate Terrorists Attacks and has even Sued the Airlines. All the Shareholders of all the Airlines should be Suing Lucky Larry. Trump is on Record, in a Interview on 9/11, saying Lucky Larry is a good Friend of his. Trump also spoke about Bombs! We need "Truth Bombs" before Nuclear Bombs are dropped on US. Could be Today! We promised never to forget 9/11 and it's time to Pay-up, before we Pay the Ultimate Price, for allowing ourselves to be "Ruled" under Secrets and Lies. Our so-called Government created Al-Qaeda while the Skull & Bones Secret Society Member CIA Bush Family, and Dr "New World Order" Kissinger, were Business Partners with the Saudi Royal Bin Laden Family: Follow the Money right up the Illuminati Pyramid Scheme which is Hell-Bent on bring US down to their New World Order like they brought down the Buildings on 9/11. Even If Anyone Still Believes The Unbelievable "Official Story" on 9/11 It Still Doesn't Let Them Off the Hook: The Evil Royal Saudi Bin Laden Family, and the Skull and Bones Secret Society Member Nazi Funding New World Order Bush Family, were Business Partners. I believe they are in the Business of Destroying America. W handpicked Dr "NWO" Kissinger to lead the 9/11 Commission. Kissinger was forced to Resign, like Tricky Dick, after it was discovered he was on the Bin Laden Payroll. I believe we are living one Big Secret Covered-up Lie, and it's about to blow up in our face, just like the "Forgotten" Buildings on 9/11. 9/11 (Lie) + Wars (Lies) = New World Order (Plan Based On Lies). I believe the Mountain of Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job, is as high as the "Forgotten" Twin Towers, once stood. I not only believe 9/11 was an Inside Job, I believe it was turned into, an Evil Royal Elite ZioNeoNazi Masonic Satanic Ritual. Goes with the Pre-Meditated Oil Wars, in the Name of God, based on 9/11. The Ghosts of 9/11 will continue to haunt US until The People stand for "The Truth" about the Events that occurred on 9/11. Anyone willing and able to "Pull" off 9/11, is willing and able to "Pull" off anything, and everything. Including, "The End", at least for US. I believe they proved what they thought of US on 9/11. We're under the Rule of a Death Occult. Skull & Bones Secret Society aka The Brotherhood of Death should have been a Clue but the Majority are Clueless. Some see 9/11 as a Fraternity Prank, which is Sick, and Twisted in my Book. Ironically they are the first ones to call me "Crazy". People can call me "Crazy", as I believe I'm going to be called "Right" in The End, but then it will be too late. The People will have Failed the "Test of Time" from above. The People did not Stand for the Truth, when they needed to most, and that is in The End. Could be Today! 9/11 Truth is the only Answer we have Left: The Truth, or The End, our Choice. 9/11 was Predicted in many Scripts: Predictive Programming is a subtle form of Psychological Conditioning provided by the Media to acquaint the Public with "Planned Societal Changes". 9/11 was also "Predicted" on many Denominations of our Funny Money. Paper Money is also called "Script". COINcidence? Follow the Money right up the Illuminati Pyramid Scheme. I believe there is more to this Story then meets the "Ruling" Evil Royal Elite ZioNeoNazi Masonic Satanic All -Seeing Eye, just like everything else, being "Ruled" under Secrets and Lies. All you have to do to see it is turn over a one dollar bill, you will find the Illuminati Pyramid Scheme with their All-Seeing Eye at the top, and New World Order written on the bottom. It's next to "In God We Trust", which proves who their God is, the Root of all Evil. We're sitting on a Ticking Time Bomb with eminent Financial Collapse, that is about to Blow Up in our Faces, just like the Buildings on 9/11. We've been Robbed! Call 911 as most of our Debt is Based on 9/11. I believe the Goal of 9/11 was to Bankrupt US, while Stripping US our Rights, so we "Default" to the New World Order. Could be Today! The Corporate Owned Media Outlets Are Weapons, of Mass Distraction, and Mass Deception. They call it "Programming" for a reason, and I believe they are about to "Chip" all of US, to complete the "Circuit". Welcome to the Matrix aka 1984 aka Reality. The more you look, at Reality, the worse it gets. The War is On, For, and Against our Minds. "Whoever controls the Media, controls the Mind" - Jim Morrison. The so-called Government, and Corporate Owned Media, thinks we're "Stupid". We, The People, need to quit proving them "Right". Whether, we "Like" it, or not. Whether, we "Believe" it, or not. Whenever there is a Big News Story, look for the Bigger News Story, they are trying to Distract you from. Think, for yourself, while it's still legal. Education is Indoctrination, being "Ruled" under Secrets, and Lies. Indoctrination is the process of teaching a person, or group, to accept a set of beliefs uncritically. Critical Thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. Nobody should need a Book, or another Person, to lead you to the Truth. If you don't control your Mind the so-called Government, and Corporate Owned Media, will do it for you. Psychological operations (PSYOP) are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. Look familiar? Actually, look at "Familiar", as I see Family of Liars. Life in the Matrix. They call it "Programming" for a reason. I believe there is a Mass Conspiracy and Mass Cover-up, includes the Mass Media, of the Destruction of America. I believe it is all part of the "Mass" Conspiracy for a New World Order. I believe the Treasonists are the "True" Terrorists, Insider Traders, and Traitors. I believe we have Acts of Treason, in the highest Degree, being committed by those sitting in the highest places. I believe the Treasonists are Protecting and Serving the Highest Degrees of the "Ruling" Secret Societies, while working against The People, and we pay "Them" to do it. What a Country! Not, for long, unless The People stand now. I believe everything that JFK warned US about in his Secret Society Speech, over 55 years ago, is "Ruling" US today. I believe everything that Ike warned US about in his Military Industrial Complex Speech, over 55 years ago, is "Controlling" US today. I believe we are under the "Rule" of the Secret Societies, of the Military Industrial Complex, who are hell-bent on bringing US down to the New World Order. I believe many of our Public Servants are putting Secret Oaths, to the "Ruling" Secret Societies, over their Oaths to The People.The People need to show "Them" who their real Masters are. It's "US", against "Them" in my Book. Follow the Money! The Evil Royal Elite ZioNeoNazi Masonic Satanic War Pig Banker Hypocrite Pyramid Scheme. Follow the Money! Globalism, is one of the many "Isms" that control US today, being "Ruled" under Secrets and Lies. How can we have Separation of Church, and State, when the State is a Religion? Statism, idea's so good, they need to be kept a Secret. Statism, idea's so good, they need to be Mandatory. Statism, is the most dangerous Religion, in my Book. Money is Power, and because of their actions ours is Worthless, leaving them Powerless. I believe America has been dealt the End Game, it follows their "Rigged" Royal Game of Monopoly, part of their "Rigged" Royal Game of Life. Death follow Life. The "Object" of the End Game? The Truth, or The End, our Choice. Nothing "Changes", without the "Truth", we're living proof. But, I believe the days of US living under the "Rule" of Secrets and Lies are Numbered, the Writing is on my Wall. I believe we are under the "Rule" of the Occult and our Days are "Numbered". I believe we are under the "Rule" of the very Evil Royal Elite Family (Secret Societies), Evil Royal Elite War Pig Banker Hypocrites, and Evil Royal Elite Preachers we Declared our Independence from in 1776. The Ruling Class. The Master Race. I believe we are our own worst Enemy followed closely by our so-called Allies. With, Friends like this, who needs Enemies? Wake Up! Know Your Enemy. Take The Power Back! The words of Rage Against The Machine. They screamed at US, over 20 years ago, about everything happening to our so-called Nation today. This is a Plan! Everything from JFK, to 9/11, to Today is a Rich Man's Trick. As, America is "Bankrupt" today, follow the Money! It's, not "If" we're Bankrupt, it's "When" they tell US. Could be Today! I believe the Massive Military Industrial Complex, built on a Credit Card, will be used against US when we Default. I believe we are about to "Pay" for it with our Freedom, our Nation, and then our very Lives. I believe the Evil Royal Elites behind our Funny Money are behind the End Script. I believe we are living out the Script to "End" all Scripts. Literally, living it out, until we live no more. The "Grand Finale" of the End Script? Who knows? Everything is a Secret, when forced to Talk, they Lie. The "Ruling" Evil Royal Family (Brotherhood) of Liars. I believe the End Script is a combination of Stories in History Books, and End Time Stories in the Bible, rolled into one action-packed Script. I believe the Politicians, and many of our Public Servants, are playing Leading Roles. I believe they see the End Script as a Comedy. They are laughing at all of US! It's so funny, that I forgot to laugh, and it actually makes me sick. Money is called "Script". Coincidence? I believe we are witnessing the Controlled Demolition of America, using Controlled Opposition, to bring US down to the New World Order. Our so-called Government admitted "Guilt" in the Conspiracy to Assassinate MLK, as the same should be said in the Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK, and RFK. Dead Men Don't Talk. They, can Kill the Messenger, but they can't Kill the Message. I believe America is living out the JFK Story, literally living it out, until we live no more. The "Plot" of the JFK Story? Since, The People did not stand for the Truth on the Assassination of JFK, we received 9/11 Decades later. What's next? A Nuke? I believe 9/11 was a Controlled Demolition, which was part of an Occultist Ritual, to bring US down to the New World Order. Find, the Truth on 9/11, and I believe we will have found the Truth on the Assassination of JFK. Same, Evil Royal Elite ZioNeoNazi Masonic Satanic "Plot", different day. Nothing "Changes", without the "Truth", we're living proof. But, I believe the days of US living under the "Rule" of Secrets and Lies are Numbered, the Writing is on my Wall. This Photo, others attached to Comments, appeared on my News Feed. My News Feed is a mix of Politics, Religion, Life, and Death. The Cardinal Sins of Conversation in a Brainwashed Nation, and World, being "Ruled" under Secrets and Lies. Politics and Religion "Rule" our Lives until we Die. I figure it is better to write about them, and talk about them, then to die over them. The Plan? When I look at my News Feed, I say "Thank God", that I am not the only one thinking "Like" this. Great minds think alike. We're all in this together, whether we "Like" it, or not. Our so-called Government created and built Al-Qaeda. What would make anyone believe ISIS is any different? When, all else fails, blame the Aliens! They blame everyone, but themselves, the Guilty. You would have to be living on another Planet to believe anything they say at this point. Those, who fail to learn from History, are doomed to repeat it. What we allow, will continue, and be done onto US. If, we are going to allow ourselves to live under the "Rule" of the Evil Royal Elite ZioNeoNazi Masonic Satanic War Pig Banker Hypocrite Secret Societies of the New World Order, we better get to know "Them" real well. It's "US", against "Them", in my Book. Guessing they are all of the same Evil Royal Elite Bloodline, and have only changed their Names, to protect the Guilty! I believe our Secret CIA are Agents for the Evil Royal Elite Federal Reserve "Rigged" System, at the direction of the Council on Foreign Relations, overseen by the State Department. They are all Enemies of "Our" State in my Book. I believe we are our own worst Enemy, followed closely, by our so-called Allies. With, Friends "Like" this, who needs Enemies? To solve the Crime, of 9/11, follow the Money. To solve the Crime of the Wars, based on 9/11, follow the Money. To solve the Crime, of the Destruction of America, follow the Money. Our so-called Government hands Israel Billions, while the Israeli Lobby Finances our Politicians, and the argument could be made they are Financing themselves! I believe the Evil Royal Elites behind our Funny Money are behind 9/11, Wars, and New World Order. Our Funny Money is nothing but Paper, and for all those who think they are rich, are only holding more Paper then the rest of US. It's not worth the Paper it is printed on. There is no "Justice" in America until we get the Truth starting with 9/11, Wars, and New World Order. One Thing Leads To Another. 9/11 + Wars = New World Order. This is a Plan aka a Conspiracy. I believe they they lead to the death of all of US. The Plan? I believe 9/11 was the Big Event needed to put the "Plan", for a New World Order, in motion. The days of "We investigated ourselves and we did nothing wrong" need to End today, as there be no Tomorrow, being "Ruled" under Secrets and Lies. The Plan? Tomorrow's Headlines, but we won't be around to see, or hear about them. I believe we have a critical case of End Time Deception that is Self-fulfilling Prophecy. Ends Times, just don't happen, they are made to happen. I believe we will Die, if we continue to Live, the 9/11 Lie. Problem / Reaction / Solution. The Government to the Rescue! Tragic Events, don't just happen, they are made to happen. Tragic Events make great Headlines for the New World Order News Channels. They bring in huge Ratings, as Americans can't get enough of watching people kill each other, until it's them. The Plan? Wars, just don't happen, they are made to happen. Mankind must ends Wars before Wars end Mankind. The Plan? I believe we are living out the Evil Royal Nazi Playbook, literally living it out, until we live no more. I believe 9/11 was Nazi Germany's Fire at the Reichstag, a False Flag Terror Attack, to create False Flag Wars. Look familiar? Actually, look at "Familiar", as I see Family of Liars. Wars, and Rumors of Wars, surround US. Damascus is "Falling". I believe we are being "Set-up" for Nuclear World War, against the Great Enemy from the North (Russia), as we stand by the side of Israel until the day we die. Could be today! The War scenario described, along with the New World Order, come straight out of "End Time" Stories. Coincidence? My Life, being "Ruled" under Secrets and Lies, is one Big Coincidence. Einstein said "Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous". Who, am I, to argue with Einstein? The Truth, or The End, our Choice. United we Stand / Divided we Fall. Stand now, or forever hold our peace, as in RIP. Silence, is Consent, and can be Deadly. The Plan? Follow the Money! The Root of all Evil, which has touched every Branch of our so-called Government, in the District of Corruption. Home of the DC Comics, the only time they tell the Truth, is when they are joking. The jokes on US! They will be laughing all the way to our Graves, unless they decide to turn US to Ash, like many of the "Forgotten" Victims on 9/11. I believe the Clowns on the Left, and Jokers on the Right, are Stuck In The Middle with the New World Order. Anyone talking about the New World Order, is talking about the Destruction of America, in my Book. My Book may be proven to be a form of Suicide, better for them to do it, then me. I am sick and tired of living in a sick and twisted Nation, and World, being "Ruled" under Secrets and Lies. Guessing, I am not alone, as Suicide Rates are at all-time highs. Suicide Solution. I believe we are witnessing America commit Suicide, but most of The People want to sit back, and watch. Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death. The state of the Union is Pathetic, a direct reflection of the Pathological Liars "Ruling" it, and ruining it for all of US. The New World Order, is not a Conspiracy Theory, it was promised by Skull and Bones Secret Society Member Royal George HW Bush. Hitler promised a New World Order! Goes with Skull and Bones Royal GHW Bush, being the Son of Skull and Bones Prescott Bush, his Royal War Pig Banks were shut down for Funding the Nazis in WW II. We allowed the Son and Grandson, of the "Banker to the Nazis", to become President. What could possibly go wrong? Everything! I can think of over 21,500,000,000,000 without looking past the massive National Debt, they built, and want US to pay for. I believe our Evil Royal Rulers and so-called Leaders make a "Living" off of "Killing" People. They make a Killing! There is no more profitable Business then War, so profitable they Fund, and Arm both sides. Doubling Down on Death! Are we, The People, next on their Agenda? I believe everything that was meant to be a "Good", has been "Infiltrated", and turned to "Evil". It, is safer to say "Everything is a Lie", then it is to say "Everything is the Truth". The goal of the New World Order is for One World Government, One World Currency, and One World Religion. THEIRS! If you think it's yours, you better think again, while you can still think for yourself. The New World Order, One World Religion, will do the thinking for all of US. Think, about that, the ultimate form of control. History proves, if they can't control, they kill. I believe Lady Di could Testify to that. But, I believe they killed her, after they couldn't control her. Just like, JFK, my Namesake. Just like, Joan of Arc, my Bloodline. Just like, the Son, my Savior. I believe we are under the "Rule" of the Evil Royal Elite Money Changers who nailed the Son to the Cross, burned Joan of Arc at the Stake, put a Bullet In The Head of JFK, "Pulled" off 9/11, and created the Oil Wars in the Name of God based on 9/11. Their God, the Almighty Dollar! I believe the Evil Royal Elites behind our Funny Money are behind 9/11, the Wars, and New World Order. While our Evil Royal Rulers, and so-called Leaders can keep Secrets and tell US Lies, God knows all. I believe he has seen and heard enough. I believe the Message of the Spirit of Truth (John 16:13) is" "The Truth" or "The End". The Truth will set US Free (John 8:32). Free at last. Free at last. Free and Independent. One Thing, I can tell you, is you've got to be Free. Come Together, right now, over me. It's, Now or Never, Do or Die time. Sudden Death, could appear like a Thief in the Night, being "Ruled" under Secrets and Lies. Of, all The People to walk the face of the Earth, we get to live out "The End". Lucky US! Of, all The People to walk the face of the Earth, I get the Message from above to avoid "The End". Lucky Me! When you receive a Message from above like the Truth, or the End, Nothing Else Matters. May, God Bless the United States of America, because we need it! See my entire Facebook Page, it's my Book - Change 2018. It follows Change 2017, Change 2016, Change 2015, Change 2014, Change 2013, and Change 2012. PS: Don't shoot the Messenger. It's God's "Call of Duty" for all of US. Peace. From a trade war to a real one Today MEPs will vote on a trade committee report about harnessing globalisation... we have retabled amendments in plenary (which were defeated by the Right and Liberals in committee) to ensure that labour rights and environmental protection measures are enforceable. Here's what I said in plenary this morning. Beijing and Tokyo are both looking to warmer economic relations amid Trump's protectionist trade policies, analysts say. Border trade increases, but with some Chinese impact www.bangkokpost.com/business/news/1564422 Border trade in the first nine months of 2018 grew 6.14% year-on-year to 1.04 trillion baht, with an export surplus of 133 billion baht, but the negative impact of falling Chinese tourist arrivals is now showing. #chinese #trade Over two years after the government declared the war against illegal drugs, the chief of PDEA expressed confidence that the country could be the first in the world to win the war against the illegal trade. #INQNews Panamanian Vice President and Foreign Minister Isabel de Saint Malo and Minister Vivian Balakrishnan signed a Memorandum of Understanding of Policy Consultations to institute a regular dialogue between the Foreign Ministries of Singapore and Panama. This MOU will further strengthen bilateral relations with our largest trading partner in the region. Panama was the first Latin America country that Singapore signed an FTA with. In addition, the Confidential Memorandum of Understanding to formalise the expansion of air traffic rights under our air services agreement was also signed between Vice President Saint Malo and Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure and Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan. Vice President Saint Malo is in Singapore for a working visit from 23-25 October 2018, and had also called on President Halimah Yacob and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.
    Learn English 24/7 with EnglishClass101 TV Cardi B - Money (Official Audio) DJ Snake - Taki Taki ft. Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B My Experience with Sports Kodak Black - ZEZE (feat. Travis Scott & Offset) [Official Audio] Jada Finally Broke Me. Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake Bad Bunny feat. Drake - Mia ( Video Oficial ) Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter #2 (TEST) Goodbye Youtube.