How Much Experience Do I Need to Trade?

How Much Experience Do I Need to Trade?
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    - So this video lesson,
    I'm going to teach you whether or not
    you need experience in order to stock trade.
    (exciting music)
    What's up?
    Tim Sykes, millionaire mentor here
    answering your questions.
    A lot of people ask me
    do you need experience to start.
    Um, to start what, to start trading?
    Yes, you need experience studying.
    To start studying?
    No, you need no experience whatsoever
    because you're just focused on learning.
    The sooner you start studying,
    the sooner begins your entire process.
    Because first, you do need to study
    what is a stock, what are these patterns,
    how do you actually trade them,
    what broker to have, all the stuff that I teach.
    After enough studying, you are ready for trading.
    And now a lot of people say Tim,
    I'm just gonna trade right away,
    I don't need to study, I'll learn as I go.
    You will get obliterated.
    90% of traders lose money.
    Never forget that stat,
    there's been several academic studies.
    Brokers don't wanna talk about it,
    no one in the industry really wants to talk about it
    because then everyone's like well,
    if 90% of people lose, like, that's really low odds.
    That's anything in life!
    Anything worth doing, you're not gonna have good odds.
    What are the odds that you're gonna be in the NBA?
    Freakin' less than 10%, okay?
    Probably 0.001% and you need to be genetically gifted.
    With training you don't need to be genetically gifted.
    I know a lot of the top traders,
    they're fat, ugly, weird,
    their genetics are bad, but at least
    they have work ethic and they have knowledge.
    And how did they get that knowledge?
    They studied a lot.
    What did they study?
    Study patterns, study trends, study rules.
    This is what I teach, you have to remember,
    I had no experience when I started.
    My parents gave me roughly $12,000
    in my bar mitzvah gift money,
    they thought I would lose it all.
    They thought that it would be a good lesson for me, okay?
    I would learn like, the value of a dollar.
    Instead, I screwed up all their plans,
    I made six figures senior year of high school.
    I made nearly seven figures
    between freshman and sophomore year in college.
    I did make seven figures before I graduated college.
    So I learned, but I also started during the tech bubble.
    So I was in the right place at the right time.
    You are not necessarily in a bubble right now, okay?
    Unless you live in New York, Miami, or L.A.,
    but that's another video.
    This is not any kind of stock market bubble,
    we have been in a bull market.
    In fact, this is the longest bull market in history.
    So it's a good time, but you're not gonna
    turn 12,000 into nearly two million in four years
    like I did, given the current market environment.
    My top student, Tim Grittani, has turned
    1,500 of his own money into seven million,
    but it's taken him seven years.
    For the first nine months he made nothing.
    So be prepared to make nothing.
    Be prepared to lose a little bit.
    I'll teach you how to lose, and somebody will say
    what, you're gonna teach me how to lose,
    I don't need you to learn how to lose,
    I can lose on my own.
    You need to learn to lose small.
    You need to learn how to control your risks,
    to manage your losses, to not let small mistakes
    turn into potential big disasters.
    I'll teach you that.
    So a lot of people say oh, I need experience to start.
    You don't need anything!
    You need the right mindset to start.
    You need to understand that this is difficult,
    but with enough training, with enough mentorship,
    with, frankly, enough patience,
    you can be successful in time.
    And you need to have that perspective from the beginning.
    'Cause a lot of people think oh,
    I'm gonna get into the stock market
    and I'm gonna make all this money right away.
    That's not reality, that's dreams.
    Okay, that's not real.
    You'll probably make nothing
    for quite a bit of time, just being real.
    And in fact, if you're like most traders,
    you'll probably lose.
    But we can manage those losses.
    You can learn to break even and over time,
    one, two, three, four years,
    you'll learn to spot the hottest stocks.
    You'll learn to take the meat of the move.
    You'll learn to grow your account exponentially
    like my top students and I have done.
    But you need to have the proper training
    and you need to have dedication all throughout.
    You're gonna have friends, you're gonna have family,
    everyone saying this is a scam,
    penny stocks are a scam, Tim Sykes is a scam.
    I've heard it all before.
    If you think that, don't learn.
    Don't waste my time, 'cause I'm not a scam.
    But I do require dedication,
    'cause I have thousands of video lessons,
    thousands of webinars, and dozens of DVDs,
    all of which you're gonna have to watch.
    Because this is not an exact science.
    This is not like me teaching you math,
    nine plus seven equals 16, no.
    In different market environments, different equations work.
    It's not like oh, let me just find
    the exact value of the company
    and that's what the stock price should be.
    I'm sorry, it doesn't work like that.
    Everything is moving, this is like a moving target.
    I made a video lesson the other day.
    I showed a scene from the movie Interstellar,
    when Matthew McConaughey is like,
    spinning out of control and he's trying to dock
    on this space station that's spinning out of control,
    and he has to match like, the space station,
    like the same spinning out of control,
    and then y'know, they connect and they actually succeed;
    Interstellar is a great movie.
    But that's what this is, the stock market is always moving.
    You're always moving and you have to try
    to match the best you can with a moving target.
    And I'll teach you.
    That's the beauty of this, you don't have to be afraid.
    You have a mentor that I never had.
    My job every single day is to be the mentor to you
    that I never had, so you're in good hands if you trust me.
    Leave a comment just below,
    let me know if you're gonna be dedicated.
    Let me know if you're gonna be patient.
    That's the key to success in this game.
    Hey, Tim Sykes, millionaire mentor and trader.
    Thank you for watching my videos, I hope that they help you.
    I want to share everything that I've learned over the years.
    You can check out more videos right over there
    and also click subscribe
    so that you can watch all of these videos,
    get that knowledge, and become my next millionaire student.
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