How To Set PSN Messages To Private On PS4 - Quick & Easy Tutorial

How To Set PSN Messages To Private On PS4 - Quick & Easy Tutorial
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    Hey, what's up guys?
    Blakk Vulture here and welcome to my guide on how to change the privacy settings on your
    PlayStation Network messages
    So what you'll
    Want to do guys is you want to go to your profile and then click on this icon with three dots and choose change
    Privacy settings.
    Now from here you want to enter your sign-in
    Information. So this is a email address and a password that is associated with your profile
    Alright guys, so once you've inputted your
    sign-in information
    We can then go to privacy settings personal info and messaging
    Scroll down to messages and
    From here you can choose any one friends only or no one
    So for the sake of this guide, I'm just gonna keep it as a friends only for now
    And there we have it guys your personal messaging
    Privacy settings are now
    Able to be changed. I hope this guide helped you out guys and
    feel free to check out the rest of my
    informational videos on my channel.
    Thanks for watching and
    See you all soon. :)
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