How To Style A Vest | Men's Fashion 2018

How To Style A Vest | Men's Fashion 2018
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    I think a vest is one of those understated piece of outerwear that quite a lot of people disregard
    Just because it doesn't give a full coverage for warmth
    But in reality I believe it does offer quite a bit of versatility
    Today I'll be working with this Sussex vest from J.Crew
    And what I love about it is that it has a slim silhouette and a nice quilted construction
    So for the first outfit I've gone for more of a leisure look
    Which I think is quintessential if you're taking a stroll in the park
    Or meeting up with some friends for a couple of drinks or perhaps a bite
    I think a hoodie is a great layering piece
    And that everyone should at least have one especially for the fall season and winter
    And what's great about it is that you can easily chuck them on when you're in a rush
    For the bottoms I wanted something more relax and carefree and I believe a slim cotton chino rolled up
    pulls the look really well
    Especially when combined with this white retro sneakers
    For the second look I wanted to show how you can easily dress up a vest to make it more work appropriate
    I think the key pieces to pull a dressier look
    Is you have to at least wear a button down shirt and a pair of smart leather shoes.
    Here I decided to wear this ludlow penny loafer by J.Crew
    What's special about these shoes is the versatility that it offers
    They're great for smart or casual looks
    To which I think really pull this outfit together specially with this rustic brown cardigan
    Which makes me looks like a grandpa
    I'm really digging that vibe right now
    For the third look I wanted something that is a lot more rugged especially when the weather gets colder.
    I believe a denim jacket plays really well with that rugged look
    Just because the fabric is a lot more stiff and rough
    For this last outfit I just want it to be a little more eccentric by wearing this sweatpants
    I think sweatpants are not only great for lounging but also doing outdoorsy activities
    I would say that this is probably how I would envision the dad look which is a common common trend this year
    but with a bit of extra flair
    So hopefully I've been able to give you a little insight into the versatility of a vest
    and why I think every men should own one
    And likewise, I hope you found something in this video that could work for you.
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