How to use Configurator for Kodi android app 🔥 Setup Kodi 🔥 Kodi Builds *UPDATED*

How to use Configurator for Kodi android app 🔥 Setup Kodi 🔥 Kodi Builds *UPDATED*
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    Hello guys, this is kodi best build and
    Everything Streaming my second channel. We are back with you again with another great video
    I wish you doing well and having a great time with your friends with your family or
    Anyone, so in this video?
    I'm gonna show you how to install build from this great amazing app
    You can find it in the App Store
    It's the configurator of Kodi
    you can clean Kodi you can install anything or updates or whatever and
    You can clean your kodi and make it better with this great app
    So if you want to get it, you'll get it from your Play Store as you can see right here
    Go to your Play Store and type
    Kodi configurator as you can see right here, press under search and type
    Configurator as you can see right here it works really great and amazing
    It's safe from the Play Store. You won't get any problem
    So you'll get it right here, press on it and then press on install
    So right here, let's open the app
    So here you got the homepage of the app you get configurator you get notifications
    maintenance tutorials
    So you got privacy policy of this app?
    so here you got a
    lot of things if you want to install a build right here you got installer and
    Here got notifications. So you press on installer
    So you'll get a lot of a
    huge library of
    add-ons or of builds
    I got plutonium. You got the many green. You got the supremacy black bill
    You got the eminence you got bills from one nation
    The Phenom you got a lot of builds right here
    Sorry, you guys got a huge library of builds
    You can pick any build if you got Amazon first Sikh or Nvidia shield or any other
    Android box
    so just install this app into your
    box and enjoy
    The features and the great features of this app. So if you wanna pick any bill, just press on it
    So right here as you can see, let's pick the small
    ever for Cody because I got a
    Few space on my device. So if you got a bigger space you can pick any build into your
    So right here as you can see get the size before installing any build you got
    The size of it. So let's move into the top
    Get No Limit no limits build as you can see right here, so
    press close and
    choose what version of Kodi egapp if you got cpmc and
    CMC or Cody? I got Cody press on next
    So right here press on I
    will and
    Then as you can see right here
    The download process is going and the build is gonna be installer install it into your box
    the download process is done and then you can
    Run this build and enjoy it without any problem
    so here guys one of the other features of this great amazing app you can install from your
    from a source or installed I'll remove any ads or
    Mint do maintenance or switch bill, so right here we can install any other
    add-ons, and you can see right here or
    remove any add-ons
    You got the add-ons into your kodi so you get other add-ons right here
    You got a huge store of add-ons you can pick any
    add-on you want it and
    Press on it. So it's gonna be connected to the server and
    Install it to your kodi as you can see it's install it
    Successfully so you can press on continue and use the app. So this is really a great app
    You can install it into your box and enjoy
    Your control of Kodi got a full control of Cody you got right here
    Tutorials you got remote control old also you get some downloads
    So it can also
    mirror casting your stuff into your smart TV or whatever, so don't forget guys to
    Download this app ek, and enjoy it into your box
    leave me a like and
    Leave your comment in the comment sections if you got any problem with this app, I'm gonna show you
    how to use it and solve your problem
    So right here as you can see my dear friends
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    they are really a great persons doing a really great work on the candy tube and
    doing a really a great help for
    streaming and Cody stuff
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