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    President Xi Jinping called on Friday for more efforts with Japan to expand common interests, safeguard multilateralism, support free trade and promote building an open global economy. (China Daily) #XiJinping #SinoJapan Singapore's economy is likely to expand at a slower pace for the rest of the year and beyond as a result of the US-China trade war, the Monetary Authority of Singapore said. Nearly every industrial company reporting results in October has mentioned tariffs "LOW END IS THE NEW HIGH END" ANG NETWORKING NG PANG MASANG PILIPINO Company name GBS trading Corp. * GOLDEN BIZ SOLUTIONS 777 EARN PROGRAM Entry: 777 php Sales match : 200 php 10 sales match daily *WAYS TO EARN 1. Advertising Bonus - 1 bottle of 30ml perfume 25% oil based pang international ang amoy and world class ang packaging lakas maka artista. no limit or 2 Bottles of Buah Merah na sikat na sikat dhil marami ng napapagaling. 2. Sales Match Bonus - 200php every sales match commision 3. Direct selling of products 4. Unilevel commissions *SAFETY NET 1. 10 sales match bonus daily. Once the 56th sales match has been reached, account must be re-activated to enjoy binary commissions. 2. Account Re-activation. 3. Every 5th sales matches shall be converted to travel points or Life Incentive program. 4. Payout weekly Min of Php 700.00 in form of cheque or deposit to your bank account. *POTENTIAL INCOME *1 account Php 777.00 Php 1,600/day Php 11,200/week Php 44,800/month *3 accounts Php 2,331.00 Php 4,800/day Php 33,600 /week Php 134,400 / month *7 accounts Php 5,439.00 Php 11,200/day Php 78,400/week Php 313,600/month *15 accounts Php 11,655.00 Php 24,000/day Php 168,000/ week Php 672,000/ month *31 accounts maximum per account Php 24,087.00 Php 49,600/day Php 347,200 / week Php 1,388,800/ month * NOTE : EVERY ACCOUNT HAS A MAXIMUM OF PHP 11,200 EARNINGS. AFTER IT REACHES THE MAXIMUM. ACCOUNT NEEDS TO RE-ACTIVATE (SAME ACCOUNT) BY PURCHASING ANOTHER PACKAGE TO CONTINUE EARNING IN SALES MATCH BONUS UNTIL IN REACHES PHP 11,200 AGAIN THEN REPEAT THE PROCESS. FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE: I have known Willam Thomas Zeigler "Tommy" for more than 18-years. The first time we met, we spoke through glass. He told me that he had been wrongly convicted and sentenced to death in 1976 for murdering his wife and three other people. Truthfully, I found it hard to believe that an innocent man could be on Florida's death row. I spent weeks going over his story, researching the facts, and doing interviews. I did several news reports on Tommy in the year 2000 and pressured then Governor Jeb Bush and his administation to take a second look at Tommy Zeiglar's case. A few hearings were held, but nothing really changed for Tommy. He is still on death row. We trade letters when I learn something new about his case and when I need him to clarify information. I have also visited him several times at Union Correctional in Raiford, Florida where he has spent the past 42-years of his life. In 2013 I produced a 30-minute news special for WFLA News Channel 8 that exposed some of the numerous irregularities that led to his conviction. Back then, a judge could overrule a jury. Today, that's unconstitutional. Back then, a judge could overlook jury intimidation without question. Back then, witnesses could be ignored when they contradicted the prosecution's theory. Back then, DNA was not available for jurors to consider. Today, there is something called touch DNA that could at the very least create reasonable doubt. A New York law firm, working pro bono has spent millions representing Tommy. Bay Area Private Investigator, Lynn Marie Carty has also spent years working pro bono for Tommy. So far, all they have managed to do is save him from electrocution or lethal injection. Tommy is now 73-years old. What he wants is a new trial so a jury can see everything that did and didn't happen back on Christmas Eve, 1975. He wants to clear his name and live out what few years he has left, as a free man. Why is the state of Florida so reluctant to allow Zeigler's case back in court? Is there a chance he could be the next Florida death row inmate to be exonerated? Watch my special report "Fighting For His Life" Monday, October 29th at eleven. 7th Philippine International Motor Show here at World Trade Center. See you all. God bless everyone! 😊 #Honda #PIMS2018 #futuremobility 📸 : @orillojc Talking Points: • There have been many signs of risk aversion building for months but US indices held out a symbolic status for confidence • Where risk aversion has stirred many assets to action on some abrupt moves, we seeing a breadth and frequency that should concern • Wide tumbles and even flash crashes do occur without systemic consequence, vicious cycles start due to positioning and liquidity What makes for a 'great' trader? Strategy is important but there are many ways we can analyze to good trades. The most important limitations and advances are found in our own psychology. Download the DailyFX Building Confidence in Trading and Traits of Successful Traders guides to learn how to set your course from the beginning. (https://www.dailyfx.com/free_guide-tg.html?ref-author=Kicklighter) I know I posted yesterday I was 50/50 on the 4 draft picks for Jimmy Buckets but seeing this crap that I'm currently seeing is evidence enough. F#*$ those draft picks I'm all in for it. Chriss and Knight will be eligible for trade by the 31st as well. I know it's still "early" but you don't get blown out ON your home court again like this I'm disgusted. This team is still a championship caliber team and I know when we're all healthy we're a force. The defense is absolutely pitiful and we need another two-way player who can do it all. Jimmy is that guy. Morey figure it out because this is embarrassing. Reminds me of Howard's last year here after making the conference finals and starting the next season horrific I can't believe what I'm watching Houston is a LOT better than this injured or not. #pat HoopsHype's Alex Kennedy tells us what he's hearing regarding the latest trade rumors surrounding Jimmy Butler.
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