Options Trading Strategy - Selling Options - Part 3

Options Trading Strategy - Selling Options - Part 3
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    Secular liberal democracy is the best political system currently available, but it must be continually defended from attempts to dismantle it, corrupt it or make it better accommodate sectional interests. If the USA is any guide, big money politics is not a style of government that would be good for Australia to imitate. Money corrupts law-making and Australians would do well to keep big money out of Australian politics. A corruption free, transparent government is unlikely to happen whenever money buys influence. Unsurprisingly, foreign powers also seek to influence government policy. That must be resisted at all times. Cooperation with foreign countries is a very good thing, but not to the point of a foreign power gaining leverage in our lawmaking processes via anything other than shared interests, rational argument and genuine persuasion. Banning foreign political donations is a no-brainer. We think banning all political donations might be worth considering. Perhaps allocate advertising funding according to registered party member numbers, from government revenue. That might encourage party strategists to better tailor their message. And the Secular Party would finally receive the funding it deserves as a voice for secular minded Australians. SPofA The charities alliance wants the new regime to be unambiguous in its application, because there is currently confusion about who is required to register. "Oxfam regularly works with foreign governments in the delivery of aid programs. We use those experiences and relationships in our communications with the department of foreign affairs and trade, and in the work we do to inform and influence Australia's aid policy and programming," said Helen Szoke, chief executive of Oxfam. "The foreign influence transparency scheme would require us to register as a foreign agent in those situations," she said. While Porter has argued there is no stigma attached to being on the register, that it is only a transparency measure, Szoke says humanitarian work "must be seen as independent and neutral". "Being categorised as a foreign agent could hurt our reputation with partners in Australia and overseas." Katharine Murphy Three THINGS RICH PEOPLE HAVE IN COMMON 1 - They are always learning… Every rich person I have ever met spends at least 30 minutes a day reading, studying and learning. As a matter of fact, the main thing they do is constantly try new things. Every single day - they find amazing things to read and expand their mind! 2 - They believe in SYSTEMS… Successful people don't get there by just trying random things. Not at all. They find a SYSTEM that works and then they RINSE AND REPEAT THE SYSTEM. 3 - They are ENTREPRENEURS. Face it. Rich people. Well, they control their own destiny. They make their own money. They don't trade TIME for MONEY. Rather, they CREATE wealth. They go into business for themselves. NOKIA N-95 This Cellphone cost 1million six years ago. A lot of people bought it,not because they needed it, but because they wanted it-to show it off, to use it's upgraded functions, or simply, just to have the latest phone in Uganda. Eight YEARS AFTER.. this phone has no value.. Had they invested their hard-earned 12th month or bonuses in starting a business, they would have been rich by now-and could afford to buy any of the newest phone in the market. LESSON: If you have extra money or cash, do not spend it on things that depreciate in value. If you use that money to buy, say, a Galaxy note 5 or an iPhoneX at 4.1m that phone will have no value after two to four years. That will make you poor and make Samsung and Apple rich! You may look classy, but no money. Let's Be WISE. SPEND Wisely that will your future self will benefit. Blessed Weekend.NTV Mwasuze Mutya 9am-11am Monday to Friday. NTV/Spark TV. http://cronwaterfund.com The Currency of Value is Water and Air? Not gold? Breath https://climateviewer.com/2018/09/22/climate-global-control-trading-llc-creates-steers-hurricanes-with-ionospheric-modification-cloud-ionization/ Need an affordable car with the best quality?? Come and visit us at CAR PRO. We offer trade in + cash / trade in + financing / cash + financing and split down payments. CAR PRO is the leading and most trusted quality used car dealer in northern Luzon. We offer car trade upgrades and financing deals that suits your budget. For inquiries please contact (Smart) 09209712509 Tel. No. (072) 603 0827 Showroom located at National Highway Pagdalagan Norte, San Fernando City, La Union Get ready to drive the future with Nissan Intelligent Mobility at the Philippine International Motor Show happening at the World Trade Center Manila from October 24 to 28. Get to see and test drive the Nissan Navara, Nissan Terra, Nissan Patrol, and Nissan X-Trail. Also catch the NISMO 370Z, NISMO GT-R, and NISMO Juke in the metal. Learn more: bit.ly/NissanatPIMS Subscribe to the AutoIndustriya.com channel: http://bit.ly/2j0jZC2 Subscribe to our weekly newsletter: https://www.autoindustriya.com/subscribe.html Follow us: https://www.facebook.com/autoindustriya https://twitter.com/autoindustriya https://www.instagram.com/autoindustriya Tell me again why we traded Eduardo away?🤦‍♀️ The historic Gantouw Pass is a World Heritage Site and a key feature of the FNB Wines2Whales Route. The pass was forged by eland, Africa's largest antilope, and named by the Khoi who used the route to trade from the Elgin Valley with the early settlers in the Cape. When the wagons of the colonly first started exploring the hinterland the Gantouw Pass was the only portal though the imposing Hottentots Holland Mountains. They lugged their wagons up the steep slopes, cutting gouges into the rock. our tax-funded state universities should convert to trade, business and science schools with emphasis on empirical and evidence based subjects. if students want to learn snowflake esoteric subjects, they should enroll in private schools and waste their own money. #Trump said that he has told the leadership of #China that this is no longer the same old White House Another Muthaara son Nairobi controversial businessman Paul Kobia declares his candidature for the 2022 Presidential polls. Other sons from the region who've tried or had declared their intentions to vie include the late GAP leader Mwereria and the trade CS Peter Munya.
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