Registration Upcoming Webinar: Trading Strategy Using the FX Meter App

Registration Upcoming Webinar: Trading Strategy Using the FX Meter App
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    Many of you guys already got the FX Meter App from the iOS store and left
    wonderful reviews about it. However I get some emails here and they're asking me
    "Navin is there a more efficient way on how to use the App in a particular strategy?"
    Hi my name is Navin Prithyani from Come join me
    this Tuesday I'm holding a webinar at 8 a.m. New York City time discussing on
    how to use a strategy based on the strength numbers from the FX meter App.
    So, again you can join me this Tuesday at 8 a.m. New York City time.
    Use the links on this page to register and I look forward to seeing you there LIVE.
    DST- CII #TechSummit2018 discusses new areas of #knowledge co-operation. PMO India Dr. Harsh Vardhan Ashutosh Sharma Iitk Sanjeev Kumar Varshney Department of Science and Technology, Government of India CII Technology Summit Embassy of Italy in India Press Information Bureau - PIB, Government of India The joint annual flagship DST-CII 'Technology Summit' discussed research & development collaboration opportunities between India and Italy in the areas of aerospace, clean-tech, cultural heritage, education, healthcare, ICT and renewable energy. The DST-CII India-Italy Technology Summit was jointly inaugurated by Union Minister for Science & Technology and Earth Sciences, Dr Harsh Vardhan and Italian Vice Minister in the Ministry of Economic Development, Dr Michele Geraci, on 29th October, 2018, New Delhi. "The partnership between the countries strengthened through the summit will connect scientific knowledge creation to business enterprises," Dr. Harsh Vardhan said in his inaugural address. The iconic annual conference-cum-exposition of the world's best in technology and research in different sectors is organised jointly by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India. The partners from the Italian side for the summit this year include Farnesina - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; the Ministry of Economic Development; the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR); the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) and Confindustria. Dr Harsh Vardhan insisted that follow-up of the summit should converge from dialogue to action, potential projects for S&T and business collaboration should be identified, seamless way to link academia and industry facilitated and 3-4 technologies identified for time-bound development and demonstration. The annual summit provides a platform for Indian industry, academic and research institutions to forge collaborations with global partners and boost policy to trigger investment in research & development and technology. It set a stage for industries, institutions and government agencies from India and partner countries for forging tech transfer, joint venture and R&D partnerships in wide ranging areas. Dr. Harsh Vardhan emphasized that the high quality and high impact research partnership from discovery to solution between the two countries will help boost technological entrepreneurship and it is pertinent to focus on new areas of collaborations looking at market needs and societal challenges. Deputy Minister of Italy Dr Michele Geraci said that more than 150 people from Italy had come to India for the Technology Summit, from more than 50 companies. Both the countries are going through big challenges which are crucial for them to solve. While Italy is looking at ways to ensure long-term growth, India is already on a high growth curve. This offers great opportunity for the two countries to increase their bilateral trade. Participants at the summit deliberated on emerging areas for increased R&D collaborative investment like artificial intelligence, lower earth orbit, unmanned aerial vehicles, cyber physical systems for preserving the rich cultural heritage, renewable energy and so on. "Protection & restoration of cultural heritage from Hampi in India to Pompai in Italy, MEMS, cognitive neurosciences, IT, artificial intelligence, communication sciences are some of the areas in which the two countries are emerging as major collaborators," Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science & Technology pointed out. "Many collaborative projects were already going on between India and Italy and more than 100 scientists were working together. The synchroton project and the Trent project were two examples. India is emerging as a leader in affordable technology. To leverage this, the two countries need to work together to boost tech incubators and startups," he added. Talking about the challenges and opportunities in India-Italy business cooperation, Mr. Shreekant Somany, Chairman of CII MSME Council & Chairman & Managing Director of Somany Ceramics, said, "Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) could be the cornerstone of partnership between the two countries." Among the potential sectors of increased bilateral trade, he mentioned fine dining, electronics, jewellery, watches and automobiles. Chairman of CII Technology Committee and Chief Technology Officer of Tata Sons, Dr Gopichand Katragadda said it was important to keep an eye on the changes taking place constantly across businesses, needs of people and societies. Mr Vincenzo De Luca, Director General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that two years ago, 23 new projects were launched, showing intense strong productive useful cooperation in a very short time. Key areas he identified for cooperation included clean energy, energy efficiency, life sciences, and space. Mr Piergiorgio Borgogelli, CEO and Director General, Italian Trade Agency, said that India is creating opportunities for Italian companies to provide technologies and help in development. Mr Giulio Pedrollo, Vice President, Confindustria, noted that the Indian government initiatives like Make in India program, ease of doing business and others have fostered trade and investments. India & Italy have been trading partners since the Roman Era. While India contributes as a very old civilization with a history of excellence in science and technology, Italy has given to the world some of the foremost scientific thinkers like Galileo Galilee, artists like Leonado de Vinci and many more. The 40 years of S&T collaborations with Italy has helped R&D become pillars for industrial co-operation with extraordinary achievements & exceptional potential. The DST-CII India-Italy Technology Summit can take the historic bilateral exchanges between the two countries to a new high. A short snippet from our Accredited Online Financial Trading. All video productions are filmed at London Stock Exchange studio, ensuring first class production and user experience. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ #trader #trading #profit #forex #investmentfunds #ktafx #finance #education #learntoearn #London #exchange #professionals Behind the scene!!! 275 LBT Trading located in Maranding,Lala, Lanao del Norte #copras #uling #humay model: Cee Cee videographer: Ako All Window Blinds and Curting are made in our own Industry. For order our exclusive Window Blinds : Inbox us your order. For direct contact : KA-74/2, Kuril Chowrasta (1st Floor) Badda, Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh TEL: +88-02-48956258, 02-48956259 Mobile: +8801711 875590, +88 01987 667574, Email: Facebook page: Today, President Muhammadu Buhari received the Governor-General of Canada, Rt. Hon. Julie Payette, at the State House. The two leaders discussed, among other things, trade relations between Nigeria and Canada. "Nigeria is Canada's largest trading partner in Sub Saharan Africa." Danone is looking for young unemployment permanent position must be grade 8,12 and Abet must be willing to work an learn salary R 6 000-R 14 000 p/m Apply online here>> comment:yes so we can inbox you the fax number or click here if interested>> Markets fluctuate for many different reasons. Being on top of what's happening day after day can be tiring but it's absolutely vital when it comes to becoming a successful trader. In this article, I'll explain the concept of stock market fluctuations and give you four key tips for day trading in a fluctuating market. KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange is thrilled to announce that they have listed another currency of an AI solution project called VisionX VNX. Deposits are now available with supported trading pairs such as VNX/BTC and VNX/ETH. Other VNX transactions are accessible utilizing KuCoin mobile apps, or to their official website at Read more: Dear customers of Dominant Finance, On Friday, 26.10.2018, there was the third official webinar of Dominant Finance held by our Chief Compliance Officer – Magnus Larsson. We understand that many of you could not be present at the live broadcast, so we took care of every client of Dominant Finance and posted the webinar video on our YouTube channel. Watch the webinar video here: We also bring to your attention the results of our 3-months operation and future plans announced at the last webinar: ● First point. The data on the percentage ratio of the investment packages purchased by our customers: — the DOMINANT package keeps leading in the "Best DF package" nomination. Currently, 56% of our customers purchase this package and receive an average of 15% passive income per month. Last month, as you remember, the DOMINANT package was purchased by 63% of clients, and this means that our investors began paying more attention to other packages, which are only slightly lower than the DOMINANT package in terms of yield; — the second place is currently taken by the ALTPOOL package (its share is 19%); — the third place is confidently taken by the CRYPTON package (17%); — and the share of purchasing our biggest and most profitable package – MASTODON – is 8%. But for the MASTODON package 8% is a very impressive figure, since one must purchase it for at least $15.000. And despite the fact that this package is quite expensive and rarely available for sale, our customers purchase it within a few hours after it goes on sale. This suggests that we can see a great interest in our company by large investors. And this is just the beginning of our company's development. Imagine how many people will want to buy the MASTODON package when Dominant Finance becomes a real giant in the cryptocurrency. ● Second point. Our company has already been operating for three months, and this morning was 17.870 registered users from 65 different countries in our customer base. The number of active customers, that is, those who have purchased at least one investment package is 3.410. Compared with the second month, we see a considerable increase in the number of active customers of Dominant Finance. Sales conversion has increased by approximately 10%. ● Third point. Upon three months of operation the capitalization of Dominant Finance is slightly higher than $1.500.000. That is, on average, our structural turnover increases by $500.000 per month. And we want to tell you that it is very good. Dominant Finance is developing smoothly, we are not in a hurry, nor are we competing with other companies. We just do business, allowing us to distribute investments wisely between our two instruments: crypto-mining and crypto-trading. Once again we want to draw your attention to the fact that we are at the very beginning of our journey and we prefer building a quality infrastructure for our business before we start attracting large capital. Believe me, in a year we will have a huge market capitalization, and all our partners and clients will have very large revenues. ● Fourth point. Next we would like to tell you about our first leadership meeting in Moscow, which took place quite recently, on October 6-7. After this meeting you have possessed a new marketing tool, which you can use to build a very large network and get financial success in this year. The essence of this tool is that our leaders have made a lot of high-quality photos and videos from our leadership meeting in Moscow. Visiting our office and mining farm, informal socializing during dinner, and much more. This is excellent material for the development of your business! Just take these materials from our leaders and use them for your business development. Be active on social networks, Telegram groups and WhatsApp chats. Be active on the Internet. Start telling other people about our company and you'll grow fast. You are bound to succeed. Already in a few months your earnings will grow many-fold. ● Fifth point. We are all waiting for a new leadership meeting, and such an opportunity will arise soon. We will meet with many our leaders in Singapore in January 2019. Our promotion for Singapore was opened on October 16, and we already see a few partners who have fulfilled the qualifications and are in anticipation of our new meeting in Singapore. Yes, my friends, it will be something bigger than just a meeting. The level of our Singapore event will be very high, and we don't want to make this event accessible to everyone. We want to work purposefully with the TOP 50 leaders of Dominant Finance, so that each of them will become even more productive in his work and transfer the received information to all his partners. ● Sixth point. As you know, more than 20 leaders of Dominant Finance saw our mining farm live, and there were 296 ASIC Antminer units and another 15 rigs, including a total of 80 GPU cards. Many people say that mining is currently unprofitable, but we are looking into the future. We use mining not as a means of generating income right now, but as a tool bringing us cryptocurrency every day. And when the crypto-market grows, we lock in profits at a good rate. That's our strategy. At the moment, our equipment gives us about 6 Bitcoins per month. But we have set a goal – to expand our mining farm, and the next month we will launch another 500 ASIC Antminers. This will bring us a total of 14 Bitcoins per month. And since our company pays profits in cryptocurrency, we absolutely do not care how much Bitcoin costs. It can cost either $5.000 or $10.000 – it is irrelevant to us, since we pay profits to our investors in cryptocurrency. Our local goal is to put into operation 2.000 units of Bitcoin mining equipment in the next 200 days. We believe in mining and understand that Bitcoin price will grow. And when Bitcoin becomes high, we will lock in our profits at a very favorable rate. ● Seventh point. Also we want to give you some clues concerning webcam on our mining farm. We used a webcam at the very beginning, when only 200 devices were running. We gave people a visual representation of our mining farm via the Internet. But now we are connecting new 500 devices, so we don't have the opportunity to show live stream. At the moment our employees are carrying out continuous work on installing 5 additional racks with equipment. We removed the screen where the chat was broadcast, as soon it will be 3 times hotter there than it was during our visit on the farm. In addition, our top leaders visited the mining farm and saw how our equipment works. Now we have a lot of photos and videos from the mining farm, so we don't need a webcam anymore. ● Eighth point. We never forget about trading. At the moment, our traders are in medium-term positions, and by the end of this year we want to make more than 50% of our profit from trading. Over 400 days, we plan to make more than 200% of net profit from trading. Soon you will be able to see all trading reports on our website, as well as you will receive signals to purchase or sell Bitcoin and altcoins from our traders. And, please, do not forget about the Singapore leadership congress, where we will show you how our trading work. ● Ninth point. We want to note that our event in Singapore will be entirely focused on training and development of our leaders. Of course, we won't confine ourselves to training, and in May 2019 we will have another global congress for 200 leaders under the auspices of our BetterTogether community. The second leadership congress will be held in Turkey. We will open its participation qualifications at the end of January 2019. Yes, friends, in a few months, our community will have a huge number of leaders to participate in global international congresses aimed at training and making money in the cryptocurrency market together with Dominant Finance & BetterTogether. Congratulations all the partners of Dominant Finance on finding yourself in the most reliable and transparent crypto company. Together we will earn hundreds of percent of profit on cryptocurrencies, and we want 100.000 people to become successful together with us in 2019! You should know – we're the best! And you are the first of the best. Join us right now and become part of the success story which will be known all over the world very soon! Best Regards, DF Customers Department Morning Market Prep | Stock & Options Trading | 10-29-18 | Learn More:
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