Stock Market & Options Trading: Life as a Trader (No BS)

Stock Market & Options Trading: Life as a Trader (No BS)
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    Life as a Trader. What you should expect when trading options David Jaffee with you can go to enter your email address
    and receive $400 worth of free training materials that is better than anyone
    elses paid materials that they try to sell you so in this video we're gonna
    talk about the realistic expectations that you should have when you trade
    options so one of the the big distracting factors that people have
    which cause cost them a lot of money is they try to hit home runs and they think
    that it's possible for them to earn like 100 or 200 or 300 percent a year I mean
    we've all seen the videos of this criminal Jason Bond say this year I'm
    absolutely killing it in the market just learn my three easy to learn chart
    patterns and you too will kill it I mean it's complete bullshit a guy
    should be in jail but and I guess it's good that he's not teaching our children
    because he's a fraud and he's a criminal but the reality is that when you trade
    you can potentially make like thirty to seventy percent every single year by
    trading stock options but you have to have realistic expectations so this over
    September and October I have right now a very bad position on in Alibaba when
    Alibaba fell from around Alibaba was trading around $180 then it fell to
    around 165 I soul puts on it at this moment Alibaba is turning around one
    hundred and forty seven dollars and my paper losses in Alibaba are showing me
    around 150 to 200 thousand dollar loss that's a lot like that's pretty
    significant but I'm not really that worried about it and the reason is
    because I kept my contracts very small and I know that eventually I'm going to
    make money on that position now am i 100% sure I'm not but I'm like 98
    percent sure that essentially all I have to do is just continue rolling out that
    position and with enough time I will definitely make money on that position
    but even though I made the right trade because Alibaba fell from around 2
    eleven dollars all the way down to around 180 then it was 170 and I was
    very patient and I made a very high probability trade the fact is that you
    don't win all your trades the market just be you so some days you're going
    some years you're gonna meet 70% in 2017 I made over seven I made around 70 to 73
    percent this year I'm going to make less money and I'm completely okay with that
    because I didn't make bad trades I've mastered my craft and sometimes you can
    do everything right and things still don't work out your way I'm sure that
    you know we've all had situations where let's say you like really liked a girl
    or you really liked a boy and you did everything right you were nice to them
    we're kind you listened to them and for some reason they just didn't like you
    back I mean that happens in the stock market too where you doing everything
    right you're patient you monitor your entry you you know you call like a local
    bottom because let's say Alibaba fell from like 180 to around 165 it was
    hovering around 165 and it sold it sold out to around 162 and then when was
    trading it's relative low you decided to sell at the 150 put that's a very high
    probability trade but right now when I leave I was trading it like 147 that
    trade is going to show you a loss so you have to have realistic expectations that
    you're not going to win in every single trade and if you get frustrated and you
    get shaken out or you trade too many contracts where you cannot assume the
    paper losses so your broker forces you to close out those positions for a loss
    then you're not going to be able to participate in alibaba's resurgence when
    it retraces some of its losses and it starts appreciating and valuing going up
    in price so if you sell too many contracts and you trade too many
    contracts and then Alibaba goes against you like it did with like it has been
    over the past month and it follows the trajectory of those five out of a
    hundred instances in five out of a hundred occurrence
    because remember that trade will be profitable 95% of the time but if you
    trade too many then those five out of ten instances where it's going to trade
    below the strike price that you sell you are not going to have the ability to
    roll that position and hold it and wait for it to retrace some of this losses so
    you need to have realistic expectations that you're not going to win all your
    trades that you're some years you're gonna make like 70% other years you're
    gonna make 30% other years you might make 15% but the reality is that selling
    option premium is the only way that you can predictively make consistent profits
    in the stock market and I just want to set the expectation because on this
    video you probably see scam artists who are advertising to you about how they
    make a shitload of money by day trading and you shouldn't buy into that so this
    is David Jaffee with comm you can go to my website enter your email and receive $400 worth of free materials and
    if you have any questions let me know please like comment share subscribe to
    this video it helps me out and you're also helping other people out and that's
    another thing that's really weird like sometimes people don't want to spread
    the message because they think like they don't want to help me so they like
    consume the information but then they don't want to share this video with your
    friends and every time people do share the information you 'only appreciate it
    like I respond to everyone's comments everyone's emails so it will be
    fantastic because not only are you helping me but you're helping other
    people avoid scam artists and that should make you feel good about yourself
    so regardless of a state of mind that you're in at this moment you can share
    this video and it should make you feel good because I am trying to help other
    people avoid scam artists and also set a realistic expectations for what they
    should expect by trading so once again if you have any questions I'm here for
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