Trading Losses (How to Cope): Options Trading & Stock Market Trading

Trading Losses (How to Cope): Options Trading & Stock Market Trading
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    Trading losses. David Jaffee with where I earn a million dollars a
    year by trading options you can go to and enter in
    your email address to receive over $400 worth of free trading materials. Today
    we're going to talk about the emotional toll and the emotional stress that goes
    along with trading and I know that on many of my videos there's a pre-roll
    with Jason Bond and some other criminals who tell you that they are killing it in
    the market and they earn like 200% a year. These guys don't even trade but if
    you want to believe them and you believe that it's extremely easy to use
    three chart patterns or to use technical analysis and that this will enable you
    to be a profitable trader consistently then I definitely welcome you to
    purchase their program and then find out for yourself based upon your own
    experience. What I can tell you from from working as an investment
    banker, for trading for the past 20 years (25 years almost) is that you're going to
    have ups and downs when trading. You are going to have substantial emotional tolls
    when you sustain a loss. Before February of 2018 I was profitable
    for around 20 straight months, that's a pretty incredible streak I didn't have
    any losing months in 2017 and I think my last
    loss was in like 2016 and so you know I kind of got a little bit used to that
    and perhaps I took it for granted but I can tell you that in the middle of
    October of 2018 which is where which is the date that I'm currently filming this
    this past week was a little bit treacherous and I lost a few hundred
    thousand dollars and for me or having 25 years experience by making
    thousands of trades every single year I can even tell you that I start getting a
    little bit depressed I started you know not wanting to deal with things. I'm a
    little bit slower in the way that I handle things my thinking is not as
    positive and this is a situation that I've been in before like I have complete
    100% certainty that I'm gonna make all that money back. In fact actually made
    money on Thursday and I made money on Fridays so this past week which was one
    of the worst weeks that we've had in about eight or nine months on a net
    basis I'm only down like a few percent in my account but when you're going
    through it you don't know that the market is gonna turn around and you just
    look at your account and you see that the hard-earned money that you've made
    is going down like you're losing money and that's a that's a
    really horrible feeling and I think that's one of the reasons why I rail
    against these fake gurus because they tell you that it's extremely easy they
    tell you and they almost promise you that you're gonna make consistent income
    and that every single one your rates are gonna be profitable but when you day trade (daytrade)
    when you use technical analysis not only are you not going to make money but
    you're gonna buy bullshit product and then you're going to end up losing all
    your money because the strategy that they teach you is not consistently
    profitable but even with a strategy which is consistently profitable selling
    option premium you're still going to have to weather the ups and the downs
    and I can tell you that from my for my trade alert students I lost, I didn't
    lose that many, but I lost a few of them on Wednesday because they sustained
    relatively large losses and they just told me that they couldn't deal with the
    emotional baggage that goes along with paneling losses and that's something
    that that goes along with experience I can tell you that some people end up
    getting depressed they sleep they start thinking more slowly they get a little
    bit angry and that's something where - Look success is not easy whether you're
    doing this, you're doing real estate you're doing this as a side hustle
    you're trying to make extra money, you're vlogging you're driving traffic
    to your website anything that you do you're going to have hurdles and if you
    are not okay with overcoming those obstacles then I'm sorry like maybe
    trading is not for you. I feel completely confident telling you that
    because I know that selling option premium is the only way you are
    going to make money and even when you're going to be profitable on 95%
    percent of your trades there are going to be situations like that happened this
    past Wednesday and Thursday where the market Falls like six percent and one in
    two days and if you are not able to overcome that then I don't believe that
    you have what it takes in order to be a successful and profitable trader
    That's just what it comes down to and whether you're trading verticals or your
    trading naked options. It really doesn't matter because at least when you're
    trading naked options you have the ability to then turn that into a
    vertical to increase your buying power during the one or two times a year that
    we have a major sell-off and it's extremely easy to roll and manage that
    position and to reduce the size and when you're trading vertical is you're
    pretty much locked in and you're going to sustain that loss because you're
    going to have to roll forward that lower price put option and buy that put option
    when volatility is spiking and when those put options that you're purchasing
    are extremely expensive, right? And that's something that instead of
    rolling over the position and using that credit to reduce the size of
    that position instead when you're trading verticals you're going to be
    using that money for the time value of the premium in order to buy the lower
    price point option so remember there definitely is an emotional toll that
    goes along with trading and there's no easy money and that's what these fake
    gurus are trying to tell you that there is easy money but there's not even when
    we win 95% of our trades it is pretty stressful and on Wednesday I did lose a
    few students not that many you know like 99% of them stuck with me
    but I did have a few can cancellations and remember that when you have
    people like like David Einhorn or Bill Ackman and they're down like 10 or 15
    percent on the year those guys are brilliant they have
    access to every one or every single resource and they don't make money every
    single year we make around 30 to 70 percent a year and you think that
    Timothy Sykes is up like 250 percent a year I mean come on the guy's a criminal
    he deserves to be in jail but the main point of this video is that there is a
    major emotional toll that goes along with trading and having trading losses and you experience that if
    you're trading options or trading anything this past week and that's
    something that you're going to have to that you're going to get better with
    experience but you're going to have to teach yourself to weather that storm so
    I made a few notes realize that success is not easy there's going to be ups and
    downs I was up 20 straight months prior to February of 2018 I think that that
    was a little bit of a non-recurring event like I think that that was an
    outlier I don't expect to have to be profitable 20 consecutive months
    indefinitely in 2018 there's been more volatility in the profitability on a
    month-by-month basis losing socks that can lead to things like you know being
    depressed being upset and etc I think that the biggest takeaway is that you
    have to be prepared for trading losses. Trading options is an extremely easy way for you to parlay
    either you know if you have a relatively large amount of principal like $200,000
    $200,000 you can easily live offer your income that you make by
    selling option premium pretty easily just manage your expenses don't buy dumb
    stuff and if you have around $200,000 you could easily live off the income
    that you make now if you have less money which is completely cool then you're
    going to have to use trading options as your "side hustle" you can look
    at it as a way to supercharge your earnings so you're working real estate
    you're working a nine-to-five you're working a side hustle you can then trade
    options for about 10 or 15 minutes a day and
    juice that baseline revenue or they are juice that baseline income from 30 to
    70% every single year so that you have ways of increasing your income on an
    annual basis but the mean takeaway from this video is that you have to be
    prepared and you have to take control over your own destiny one of the reasons
    why I started trading options and why I'm so keen on teaching other people to
    think for themselves is that when I started working as an investment banker
    and when I graduated from Cornell and then I started
    working as an investment banker and also I was promoting nightclubs
    I threw so much stuff on my plate that I became very anxious and very depressed
    so instead of dealing with those issues by myself I went to a psychiatrist who
    start taking anti-anxiety medication and antidepressants and that was one of the
    biggest mistakes that I made because my mind has still not made a full recovery
    from that where I was before I started taking those medications my memory is
    not as good my verbal communication ability ability is not as good as it was
    now yes have I need like a 95 percent recovery I have but the reason why I'm
    telling you this is that you have to know yourself well enough to acclimate
    yourself and make decisions that are best for you. If you believe that
    sustaining a relatively large loss like we sustained in February 2018 and this
    past week is going to put you out of commission for two to three weeks then
    maybe you shouldn't treat it now even though you're a hundred percent certain that
    you're going to make that money back right if going through that moment
    is going to paralyze you and you're going to get incredibly depressed and
    you're gonna lose confidence then I don't recommend that you trade because
    trading options is the only and selling option premium is the only way you're
    gonna make money and if you can't stand to win ninety five percent your trades
    but the five percent of the losers end up overwhelming the confidence that you
    have when you win ninety-five percent your trades and trading is not for you
    so this is David Jaffee with if you have any
    just let me know please like comment share subscribe click the little bell
    below this video I answer everyone's comment if you have any questions I'm
    here to help you and you can go to and receive free training if
    you want to instantly become a successful and profitable trader you can
    sign up and become a membership student that's probably my best product that and
    the education course I mean those the only two products that that on that I
    offer but the alerts are amazing yeah I love that I love interacting with my
    students so you have any questions I'm here to help you thank you
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