3D Leopard Face - Part 1 - How to Sculpt with Acrylic

3D Leopard Face - Part 1 - How to Sculpt with Acrylic
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    Kirsty: Hi everybody, I'm Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I'm gonna show you how to create a Leopard.
    So, we're gonna do a 3D Leopard Face.
    So, I've already prepped this nail. I've removed the surface shine from the nail.
    I'm gonna use a Sculpting Form and we're gonna do a stiletto because it's quite fierce.
    Me and Andrea, we're having a little confab about it.
    We were like "what shape can we do?" So, we thought we'd do a stiletto for you.
    I'm gonna close the end of that first.
    Have a nice little handle to hold it with as well there. I'm gonna put it on like that and then we can adjust it at the end.
    The form will drop slightly down.
    Maybe not that much because I'm gonna go pretty long,
    like a number three.
    Now, when you close the form,
    it will change position very slightly.
    Just gonna pinch
    that form a little bit there, just so it doesn't drop flat completely, it's just an ever so slight pinch.
    So, we have a little fold.
    So, I'm gonna get my thumbs and really put a bit of pressure on there,
    just so I know that's really secure here as well and it also gives the nail a nice tight pinch.
    I'm gonna be using Caramel Dream and Clear.
    So, Crystal Clear and Caramel Dream.
    I'm going to be using Medium-speed Liquid,
    so I'm gonna pop that into my Dampen Dish.
    So I'm going to be using the Nail Prep Dehydrator.
    That goes on first.
    I'm gonna put Acid Base Primer on now.
    So, we're gonna start with some Clear
    I'm gonna pop it there.
    Make contact with the nail,
    then bring down a very thin layer.
    Ever so slightly with that three.
    and I'm gonna use Caramel Dream
    right at this cuticle.
    Get it nice and neat.
    It does set quickly. Caramel Dream does.
    Fastest setting powder that we do.
    You're gonna let that set up a little bit, then I'm gonna pinch this layer.
    Then I'm just gonna pinch the length as well.
    Once that's set, I'm actually going to take the form off.
    You've got to be gentle because this free edge is really thin.
    I'm taking that off because I'm going to file around here,
    because the majority of the design will actually build up the thickness required for the nail.
    This top part however, won't have a lot of the design on it.
    So, I'm gonna file that, make sure that's all nice.
    I'm gonna do my sidewalls.
    So, you're basically creating a very thin layer for the rest of the 3D design.
    I like to do it this way because if I did it on a nail
    that was already constructed with the right thickness for a nail extension,
    then I put the 3D Leopard on top, it's gonna be one hell of a thick nail
    and I don't want that.
    So, the strength for this nail will come from the Leopard itself.
    Kirsty: Told you it's a fierce nail, didn't I? Andrea: Mm-hmm!
    Kirsty: You'd be very gentle when you come to file this free edge, it is very thin.
    So, we still built up an apex at the back.
    The rest of the design will come from here down. So, it's gonna come from the apex down
    and that's obviously, where the nail is very thin.
    So, I've dusted over.
    I don't need to wipe it. As long as I've gotten enough dust off, I'm good.
    I don't need to wipe it with any Acetone or anything like that.
    I'm gonna start by creating
    the neck part.
    I'm doing it all with Caramel Dream,
    and then I'm gonna colour on top with coloured acrylic.
    Adam: Acrylic or acrylic paint? Kirsty: Acrylic and acrylic paint.
    Adam: Oh! Kirsty: All the kinds of acrylic.
    Adam: Oh!
    Adam: You're going all out here.
    Kirsty: Mm-hmm!
    I want it to be even nuts that's why.
    So, the main face will be here.
    I'm gonna blend this a little bit.
    So, it's important to keep everything nice and neat.
    You want to smooth it out, go over with a wet bead and that'll smooth.
    If I put liquid on there, that sort of gives me an outline to where the top of the head would be.
    So, it's gonna be that highest point of that apex.
    So, the top of the head is gonna come down
    to about here.
    So, I'm gonna start with the top of his head because his snout will be closer to me in distance.
    Does that make sense?
    Adam: It's a snout? Kirsty: His mouth?
    Adam: I think it's a muzzle. Kirsty: A muzzle?
    Kirsty & Adam: Hmm!
    Kirsty Snout mouth, okay, it's not pig.
    Adam: Is that the Leopard growling already, without his muzzle? Kirsty: Yeah.
    Adam: That's a clever leopard that.
    Kirsty: Gonna come around the edge, to the sides.
    So, anything that sits a little bit farther away from you, will be what you do first.
    So, even if you look at a face, a normal human face, the nose is the first thing that is closest to you.
    Unless you have a big chin like me.
    Kirsty: My chin might be longer than my nose. Andrea: I don't think it is.
    Kirsty: Cassidy says it is.
    "God! Mom, your chin is bigger than your nose."
    Andrea: She didn't.
    Kirsty: Laughing her head off.
    I am gonna do a thin section here
    just to give me a guide
    of how long or short the face will be.
    Kirsty: Now, this leopard doesn't have a big chin like me. Andrea: Or no chin like me.
    Kirsty: We're so critical of ourselves, aren't we? Andrea: Hmm!
    Kirsty: So now, we're gonna work down here and do the sockets and everything to the eyes and
    bring out this muzzle part.
    It's very important to plan this in you head at the same times as when you're putting it on.
    So I've got a wet bead there, so I'm just smoothing it a little bit and blending everything together.
    I'm just gonna add a bit of definition to the sides of his face.
    Adam: Yeah, it doesn't look ferocious at the moment. Kirsty: No!
    Kirsty: I mean, it wouldn't be really ferocious, to be honest with you.
    So, we're gonna do eye socket.
    Now, it has definition here.
    So, it's higher and it has like a little line through.
    Kind of like...yeah, I can't do it.
    I've had too much food.
    Andrea: What? Flare your nostrils? Kirsty: No, I'm just trying to...you know when go...
    Kirsty: Like that.
    Andrea: Frown. Kirsty: Yeah. That's like a bit of a.
    Adam: Furrow your brow. Kirsty: Furrow your brow.
    Adam: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: Is that what it's called?
    Andrea: Scowl. Kirsty & Adam: Mm-hmm!
    Kirsty: So, you'd know if the Leopard's had any Botox because it will have this line.
    Andrea: So, you would know if it's ferocious or not Kirsty: You know. You won't be able to read it.
    Adam: That'd be scary even, wouldn't it? Andrea: I know, yeah.
    Andrea: Well, I don't know if that leopard cross. Adam: Is it gonna eat me?
    Andrea: Yeah. Adam: Is it not gonna eat me?
    Kirsty: Yeah.
    I don't know if it's cross or not.
    Kirsty: I'm gonna place the ears on now. So, it's a small bead. Brush it in to the top of that face.
    Quite a simple shape. You want to just hollow it out a little bit with your brush.
    Just wiggle your brush in there just to create some definition with the ear.
    Now, I'm gonna do the sort of top line of his mouth.
    So, don't do the nose at this point, you wanna do this sort of top line of the mouth, this here.
    That's the shape you're concentrating on on his muzzle.
    Adam: You're liking that word, aren't you? Kirsty: I'm liking it.
    Adam: Bitey end. Kirsty: The bitey bit. The bit that you don't want get bit by.
    Kirsty: It looks like it's got a bottom.
    I'm gonna do his chin.
    to go with the bottom lip and the chin.
    And then I'm gonna do the height of his nose.
    Blend that up.
    Bring it down to a slight point.
    Tip of your brush just to slightly open up those nostrils a little bit.
    I didn't even use a Dotting Tool.
    Andrea: That's bloody amazing.
    Kirsty: We do want a ball in the eye to create that.
    So, I'm gonna pick up a tiny bead like this, gonna drop it onto the paper towel
    and I'm gonna pick it up.
    Dropping it on the paper towel so it doesn't absorb a great amount of liquid.
    I'm gonna place it just there and then pat it out a little bit.
    Same on the other eye.
    I feel like going
    [Kirsty singing]
    whatever they sing.
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