Day Trading (Daytrading) & Technical Analysis is a SCAM

Day Trading (Daytrading) & Technical Analysis is a SCAM
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    Day trading and technical analysis is a scam. This is David Jaffee with
    you can go to enter in your email
    address and receive $400 worth of free training which is more
    valuable than anyone elses paid materials and in this video we are going
    to discuss why day trading and technical analysis is a scam so the first thing is
    that these fake gurus who tell you that they make money by day trading and
    trading penny stocks and using technical analysis - they don't trade! They are not
    successful traders, they are marketers a lot of them are criminals and scam
    artists the second thing is that they're preying upon innocent people who are
    trying to make easy and quick money so for example maybe they're preying upon
    people who are depressed or who have bad habits who are unable to hold the job
    who are having monetary issues and when you day trade you're very engaged and
    active in the market so it's exciting when you wake up that seven o'clock in
    the morning or eight o'clock in the morning and you watch the futures market
    and then you trade it back and forth it it's almost addicting it provides you
    with the dopamine hit and yes you're gonna lose money within these fake gurus
    tell you that that's all part of the learning process
    but the reason why you're not going to make any money is because day trading is
    not a statistically viable strategy what they do is they teach you that looking
    at moving averages and looking at three special chart patterns or according to
    that criminal Jason Bond is something that's going to increase your win rate
    when you day trade but it's not you're gonna lose all your money
    and not only are you going to pay them but the you're gonna invest a lot of
    your time to learn a bullshit strategy and everything that you learn is not
    going to help you at all because you are going to lose all your money there is no
    strategy involved in day trading nothing I mean
    it doesn't even make sense like the prices correspond with market values of
    the specific stock things change there are buybacks there are dilutions
    there are options exercises from employees and when someone purchases a
    stock six months ago at a hundred and fifty dollars and that might map over to
    a market value of 200 billion dollars six months later that same 150 price
    point is my might map over to a market value of 250 billion because there are
    more shares outstanding but it just completely wouldn't make sense for
    someone to say that I believe that there's resistance on this specific
    stock when it's valued at 201 billion 223 million and 783 thousand dollars it
    just doesn't make sense but it's all about miss attribution but these fake
    gurus are doing is they are using fake reviews from their affiliates they're
    creating fake websites, if you're buying options then
    they're posting like they're 2 out of 10 out of the winning trades and they are
    just simply gaming you and trying to steal your money and defraud you the
    only viable strategy that you can make money consistently in the stock market
    is by selling option premium and yes I know that they prey upon innocent people
    and I know that day trading is very engaging it gives you a reason to wake
    up it's exciting it gives you a purpose but if you really want to learn how to
    make predictable predictable profits in the stock market you have to learn a
    viable strategy that has a very high probability of profit and the only way
    to do that is by learning how to trade and sell stock options not buy options
    or selling options this is David Jaffee you can go to
    and you can receive $400 worth of free training which is more valuable than other
    people's material that they try to sell you.If you have any questions, let me
    know please like comment share subscribe to this video and I really hope that you
    haven't bought into the fake gurus and the criminals who try to teach you that
    day trading is actually a legitimate strategy because it's not but if you
    don't believe me and you want to do that then all right
    go do it I'm I can't control what you do I'm just trying to help you but if you
    don't believe that that what I'm telling you is accurate then go day trade and
    you'll learn from experience. thanks again
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