Digibyte (DGB) recovers some of its losses in intra-day trading: Long-term prospects look good

Digibyte (DGB) recovers some of its losses in intra-day trading: Long-term prospects look good
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    After dropping down market cap rankings for the last couple of days, Digibyte (DGB) has
    Today, it is up a few points, just like the rest of the market.
    This is quite a break from the past week when it was falling even as the rest of the market
    made some gains.
    It could be an indicator that the worst is finally over for Digibyte (DGB), and could
    rise up rankings again.
    But short-term price fluctuations aside, Digibyte (DGB) is one crypto that could rise significantly
    in the future.
    It has the fundamentals to give it that push.
    Other than its core fundamentals such as being a truly decentralized cryptocurrency, that
    is extremely secure, Digibyte is also probably one of the most apolitical cryptos in the
    Of all the cryptos that have the potential to be used as currencies, Digibyte (DGB) is
    one of the few that cannot be linked to any country or block of nations.
    It's a global community and always was from the very start.
    This gives it leverage for adoption across the geopolitical spectrum, without raising
    any geo-politically motivated regulatory issues.
    That's a big deal, one that could see the adoption levels of Digibyte (DGB) keep rising
    going into the future.
    The only thing that could hold it back is the fact that most people are not yet accustomed
    to the freedom that comes with decentralization.
    Many don't see the need for it.
    However, that need will emerge at some point in the future.
    It will most likely be triggered by a global financial crisis.
    After the 2008 financial crisis, a number of countries became insolvent and this had
    a direct implication on people's bank accounts as well.
    In some countries, banks took huge chunks of money from people's deposits.
    This is a scenario that would replay itself in case of another financial crisis.
    That's because the levels of sovereign debt at the moment is far higher than it was back
    in 2008.
    Such an occurrence would make people appreciate the value of a truly decentralized cryptocurrency
    that is permissionless and uncensorable.
    It is this appreciation of decentralization that would drive money into truly decentralized
    cryptos like Digibyte (DGB).
    It is not an accident that Digibyte (DGB) has made significant progress in a number
    of developing countries whose fiat currencies have been under pressure.
    Digibyte could get adopted at scale if similar conditions are experienced at scale.
    Interestingly, payments are not the core market for Digibyte (DGB).
    Its core focus is security, more specifically, security in the IoT space.
    This is a market that may take time to shape up, but once it does, everyone could be using
    a device secured by Digibyte, without even knowing it.
    This will be a mark of Digibyte's true utility, and one that could see its value rise significantly
    going into the 2020s.
    It is a crypto for long-term investors.
    It's use case, and its community-driven nature keeps it apart from most pump and dump
    projects in the market today.
    For those who can hold it long enough, Digibyte could create them tremendous wealth in the
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