How Anybody Can Become A Genius? #UnplugWithSadhguru

How Anybody Can Become A Genius? #UnplugWithSadhguru
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    Namaskar Gurujji You said that let me close if you can already answer only less than
    one person of the people tap into their genius you have always told us that turn
    inwards so how do we turn inward and what do we look at no no I didn't get
    that can you hold the microphone I'm saying that only 1% of the genius only
    1% of the people tap into their genius and you say that you need to turn inward
    to tap into their genius how do we turn inward and what do we see well these are
    there are two things mixed up in this to unfold human genius you need both
    external ambience and internal ambience internal ambience is just this you must
    come to ease you must come to total ease with life most people are going like
    this all the time you have to come to ease coming to ease means somebody was
    asking me in one of the colleges how do we know where it is in the Yoga Center
    we have a corporatist you know about this already huh you already know about
    it some of them say most of the venomous
    creatures are like this particularly Cobras are like this and the bees are
    like that and even the spiders are like that they don't see you they don't hear
    you much Cobras are stone-deaf in a store snakes are mostly stone-deaf they
    can't hear a thing but they feel your chemistry if you go into the forest and
    just pick up a cobra like this not holding by the head and all that simply
    like this he will simply come without any reaction I think you saw they saw a
    short quick image that where I'm holding a king cobra in my hand not by the head
    just like this he's not a pet he's a wild snake okay he was with us only for
    two days then we left him in the mountains because he came there I caught
    him so if a king cobra bites you it will
    give you somewhere between 20 to 40 minutes to live he has enough venom to
    kill an elephant okay that king cobra that you saw is nearly 13 feet long he
    has enough venom to kill a elephant but I am holding him like this he's simply
    there because he only sensing your chemistry if you sure little bit of
    anxiety he'll go for you because he senses danger your anxiety is danger for
    him so we can put you through a cobra test whether you have come to ease or
    not even if you come to ease whether the social situation will allow you to
    explore your genius or not that is also there when you have a very dogmatic
    social structure around you when you have very dogmatic religions around you
    then they won't allow you to explore your genius they will make sure that you
    stick to the norms that they've established so creating a social
    ambience and an internal ambience is important I think today you can escape
    from any kind of dogmatic situations or compulsive situations around you you can
    leave that place it was not possible to leave that place 100 200 years ago but
    today if you find a situation is completely not conducive for your way of
    existence you can leave that place and transport yourself to another place and
    live there isn't it this was not possible in the past but now you have to
    come to ease but today whole lot of you are taking pride you're looking at your
    lack of attention your stress like qualifications I'm stressed and stressed
    it's supposed to be a qualification or what it's almost become like this
    especially I am seeing in the management sector if you're a CEO at least you must
    have an ulcer otherwise you're not a good CEO you're not working hard enough
    this is because we are thinking stress is a natural
    no stress is just your inability to handle your own system yes you do not
    know how to handle your body how to handle your chemistry how to handle your
    thought your emotion and your calling this this is happening because of
    something else no outside situations people will create
    the way they know life it's for you to create the inner situations the way you
    want it isn't it the world will never happen 100% your
    way never ever but at least this one person
    must happen your way isn't it so right now this person is not happening your
    way that's a big problem the reason why I'm here today is to see
    to provide tools or technologies for well-being so that at least within
    yourself you're the way you want to be if you had a choice as to how to be
    within yourself would you choose to be joyful or miserable you must tell me
    right now I'm going to bless you choice for yourself is very clear isn't it if
    there is a choice between pleasantness and unpleasantness you want pleasantness
    for yourself what you want for your neighbor may be debatable but what you
    want for yourself is 100% clear coming to ease there are many ways people this
    this question can be asked ease means people will say peace this happened can
    I tell you a joke are you okay because many of you looking
    so serious I am wondering join in JNU there are jokes are only serious hello
    jokes okay so Shankaran Pillai was a abusive husband
    he was always abusing his wife sometimes physical abuse sometimes sexual abuse
    sometimes verbal abuse on a daily basis everything but the wife was always just
    calm underst one day he freaked on her but she was
    undisturbed Danny asked how do you do this I'm abusing you every day I say
    something nasty some days I do something nasty to you but I have never seen you
    throwing up you're always peaceful how do you do it
    she said I clean the toilet what if I abuse you you clean the toilet she says
    yes if you abuse me I clean the toilet when I physically abuse you she said I
    will clean two toilets if I sexually abused you
    she said I'll clean all the toilets in the house but cleaning the toilet how
    does it keep you peaceful he said she said I use your toothbrush
    there are many ways of handling it
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