How EARLY Can You Get Mew from PokeBall Plus in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee?

How EARLY Can You Get Mew from PokeBall Plus in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee?
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    What's going on boys and girls what's up we're all Austin John plays here and
    today I'm going to be showing you how you could transfer your mu from from
    your pokeball plus accessory into Pokemon let's go Pikachu in a V so first
    of all on the pokeball plus accessory itself on the very top there is a very
    subtle Mew and on the back it literally just says hey here's mu some other
    information on how it works great perfect instead of doing a I'm going to
    do this and tell you how to do this sort of video I've decided on a we're gonna
    do this together boxes so here we have an extremely short USBC cable
    instruction manual and controller that's it my memory was wrong that is not the
    size of the pokeball plus accessory it wasn't about this size it was where's
    my stress ball it's pretty much the exact same size as my stress ball is
    which is neat oh do I need a parrot let's do with a regular way of plugging
    in in via USB alright so it looks like the back here has a little pull cover
    and a very subtle little USB see it is super hidden close-up of that nice oh I
    heard the sound of a pokeball shake and then I heard bump
    alright so it just popped in my copy of let's go Evie and I decided that I
    wanted to play through and find the exact time that you can go ahead and
    receive your mystery gift Mew from your pokeball plus accessory I'm going to
    assume it's after we deliver Oaks parcel or after we get the Pokedex
    one of those two ah if it doesn't awesome John I would have liked a little
    voice acting in this game that would have made it just over the top clutch
    what's this and voila this I know how to catch your pokemons eat baby became your
    Pokemon it's less dramatic without the background music okay we still don't
    have access to communication we also don't have access to Eevee so after we
    deliver Oakes parcel is the time that we get access to checking out Eevee by
    doing the controller shake so I think that's gonna be the time all right now
    we're in Viridian city let's go get our parcel and now we can head straight back
    to the lab he's gonna hop on top of our head it's adorable
    Wow its center of gravity to be able to stay on my head while I move it around
    it's pretty damn impressive so soon as we deliver Oakes parcel we could go to
    communicate and go to mystery gifts alright let's connect to the pokeball
    plus as our main controller great perfect confirm communicating Oh
    Mew sounds now we can go in to communicate and mystery gifts and with a
    pokeball plus what I'd like to receive it yes
    attention your battery runs out you're not gonna get your mystery gift you can
    connect it to the Internet is that okay I don't know why you need to connect to
    the internet but okay searching for gifts
    it's mu Muse registered in the Pokedex it's level one when we first get it and
    we could have a limb travel alongside us soon as we start the game before even
    our rival fight it's so tiny
    no wait up come on Austin no one's like paying attention to the
    fact feel like I just got the mythical Pokemon Mew right in front of them oh
    there's a speaker in here he took damage and it came through the
    speaker built into the pokeball plus that is neat let's listen to that
    ahh Oh anytime anyone takes damage we hear it that sounds like like the
    original 8-bit sound too I like that one more thing I want to check Oh
    so this is actually very important I'm listed as the origin the original
    trainer that's very important that means that I start the game with EMU and I
    could bring him with me the entire game and if he gets over leveled it's not
    like it's gonna actually affect anything because yeah i'm i'm his original
    trainer it's not like it's someone else's pokémon it's over leveled i can't
    use it but like boom we're good yeah so that right there ladies and gentlemen is
    how early you could get mew and how to transfer it from your pokeball into
    pokemon let's go pikachu and let's go Eevee
    i would've did this video last night except here in new jersey we got snow
    and no one was prepared for it for some reason they talked about it for a week
    and my store was closed so great but yeah guys that's gonna wrap it up this
    video if you learned something new we found in an entertaining to me if you
    ever to leave a like down below if you're new to the channel be sure to
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