How to choose the perfect camera

How to choose the perfect camera
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    - I own a lot of cameras, like probably too many,
    but that's because it took me a really long time
    to figure out the style I wanted
    and then figure out a way to achieve that style,
    which is 35 millimeter Kodak film, I should have just known.
    Any who, people are always asking me,
    "Becca what camera should I buy?"
    Guys that's a loaded question.
    (bouncy pop music)
    There are a lot of fish in the sea, (laughs)
    a.k.a cameras and they all have
    their strengths and weaknesses.
    And this is work flow, It's all about what
    we personally use so keep in mind this
    is my personal arsenal and what you use
    is probably different and if we could all have Leicas.
    Come on we'd all buy a Leica.
    First and foremost, have some self-awareness.
    What are you using this camera for?
    In my eyes there are three types of amateur photographers.
    You have your Instagrammers, you have your Instagrammers
    with nice cameras and then you have your "I take nice photos
    "at family events and I maybe make a couple of bucks on the
    "weekend shooting head shots or weddings."
    But let's start with our Insta addicts.
    For you, you probably don't want
    to be taking extra gear around.
    You probably don't really know what an f-stop is.
    That's not a bad thing, you just don't know what it is.
    And you want something that's portable,
    easy and can take with ya anywhere.
    Just use your phone.
    Buy a Pixel 3, get an iPhone 10r or 10s
    or one of the newest iPhones.
    The photos are honestly bangin' and if you don't believe
    me check out one of our reviews,
    especially the Pixel 3 review.
    We put 'em head to head and I was like kinda shocked.
    Moving on we have our "there's no way that was shot
    "on a phone" Instagrammers
    or the novice travel photographer.
    You want something light and portable,
    maybe gives you a little depth of field
    and most importantly doesn't have you looking
    at a phone every time you want to take a photo.
    For that I use a SONY RX100 mark 4 but I would say that
    Canon's G7 X mark 2 or Lumix LX100 mark 2
    are great options as well.
    These are a step above your phone's camera
    and for around $1000 they have really nice specs.
    I mean they can shoot raw,
    so if you are doing any post processing
    you'll have a lot of latitude in your photos.
    They have 4K really sharp video,
    better than what your phone could do.
    They just have like a bigger sensor
    so everything is a little bit cleaner.
    I really like about these cameras is the EVF,
    or electronic view finder.
    It shows you exactly what your photo's gonna
    look like when you hit the shutter button.
    Now there's no fancy attachments,
    you only get the lens that comes on it.
    But if your not lookin' to like really get
    to know photography this could be a great gateway
    to just dabble or dip your toes.
    "Becca, come on I know what an f-stop is."
    Awesome, so let's talk about the big guys here.
    Those are the mirror less and the DSLR's.
    They're definitely a step above what
    we've talked about previously.
    I mean, you're talking about lenses and batteries
    and bigger bodies and a price tag of at least $2000
    for just the body of the camera alone
    and then a good lens is gonna be $1000.
    There's just a lot more stuff including
    the knowledge that you'll have to have to use it.
    But let's talk.
    For that I use the 5D mark 3
    and at night I use an A7S mark 2, here's why.
    The 5D is incredible, I just really like
    it's texture of it's photos, I'm really used
    to the Canon ecosystem including the menus and the buttons.
    I just don't think it performs well at night,
    I don't feel comfortable pushing it's ISO.
    Now the A7S mark 2 does really well in low light.
    Also, the A7S has an EVF and that bright
    view finder makes all the difference
    for shooting at night for me.
    Your camera is something very personal,
    it's something that your gonna hold in your hand more
    than hopefully your phone or anything else.
    So go to the store, test 'em out, feel it for yourself
    and get what feels best to you because you're the one
    shooting with it and hopefully it's something
    that makes you want to shoot more.
    All of these cameras are great but they have their flaws.
    So if I could have one camera that does everything I need,
    it would look a little bit like this.
    The most important thing for me is a small camera body.
    It's the main reason I love my RS100 so much,
    not to mention the single action electronic view finder
    and crazy moveable screen.
    I do wish it came with a grip though,
    it's like super slippery.
    So let's grab the small grip from the Fuji X70
    and put it on the body of the RX100 mark 6.
    Now with my eye to the view finder I really
    like having my shutter speed and f-stop on my left hand.
    Before digital controls these options were built into
    the lenses and in using a lot of film cameras
    I've totally become accustomed to this.
    Nikon's F-mount hasn't changed since 1959
    and is still compatible with their camera values today.
    I appreciate that and I have a lot of F-mount lenses
    and I'm gonna put an F-mount lens system on this camera.
    Alright, moving to the top,
    I super dig the dials on top of Fuji cameras.
    In general I've really appreciated how Fuji has
    kept their controls on the outside of their cameras
    instead of menus or via buttons.
    So let's grab that dial on top but I'm gonna make it
    an ISO dial that I can program to be different increments.
    Also, I'm gonna grab that hot shoe melt for a microflap.
    Alright, it's that time, let's talk about a sensor.
    I'm gonna take the sensor from the Sony A7R mark three.
    That low light range has me sold
    and it's 42 mega pixels, I mean come on.
    And since this is my dream camera on the side we're
    putting a headphone jack, we're putting an XLR input,
    USBC, micro-HDMI and internally there's
    definitely built in ND's.
    (upbeat pop music)
    Any who, you got the camera, you got literally the sickest
    shot you've ever taken in your life
    and you want to make some tight edits
    and then post it somewhere.
    If I'm on my phone or using my RX100
    I usually just use Instagram's in house editing tools.
    I'm typically only like muddying the blacks with some blue
    and upping the contrast and that does everything I need
    But if I wanted to take it a step further,
    Lightroom is incredible on mobile
    and better yet, it's free.
    So if you don't have this downloaded
    and you make edits to photos on your phone,
    go, go right now.
    If I'm on my desktop, that usually means that I shot on
    an A7S or a Canon and I have a raw file
    and for that Lightroom all the way.
    It is expensive but it has all the tools
    and I'm really used to it.
    Now some people complain about it's work flow,
    it can be confusing, like where did all my photos go
    but as long as you keep your folders organized
    and your starring things and then deleting things
    you don't need it's really not that hard.
    Lightroom, she expensive.
    So if you don't quite have the money for that
    there's this awesome program called RawTherapee.
    It can open raw and tif and jpeg files
    and it has a lot of tools that Lightroom has
    but it's free and they're constantly making updates
    to it via their blog, so check them out.
    This series wouldn't be possible
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    CaptialOne, what's in your wallet?
    (upbeat pop music)
    I know I didn't mention a single Fuji camera
    and I'm so sorry because they have a cult following
    and I know you're out there, including one
    of our directors here, Vjeran, he loves his.
    I just had never got into it but soon enough I'll
    get my hands on one and I'll be #fujiframez too.
    So hold tight for that, alright.
    And for now let's make bad decisions and fly drones inside.
    (drone buzzing)
    Yeah! Oh my God.
    I'll tell you what... When, with no warning, the big equipment showed up that Saturday morning months ago and demolished my neighbor's house, considering I work at home, and I have a process, and that process is pretty sacrosanct, as much as I wish I was more flexible -- this being I need zero disruptions (outside Starla, obviously) and complete silence when I could say I was worried. Very worried. Work on the new house did not begin in earnest until very recently. And although there was a shining ray of light when that super, amazing, almost surreal hot guy was wandering the property, obviously being bossy, that only happened once. The rest I was sure was going to be a nuisance. And the first time the workers turned on their music SUPER FREAKING LOUD so they could hear it over their power tools, I figured I was in for it. Except, when I walked out on my balcony, waved my arms like I was flagging down a plane to rescue me from a deserted island, caught their attention, and did the universal sign language of "Please Turn It Down" and they did immediately... And then that happened again, only once more, yesterday, and they turned it down immediately... I realized that people are pretty cool. All you gotta do is not get pissy, communicate, be nice about it, even if you're using sign language, and life will go on with minimal aggravation. Of course, when super, amazing, almost surreal hot guy shows again, I'll be sure to go over and have a chat, complimenting his workers on how polite they are with their music (and such). I think he'd like to hear that. No? BeeTDub: I'm done with the first installment of my new fantasy book. Thank God those guys turned down their music so my process could remain sacrosanct. Right? Rock On!
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