How to Draw the FEMALE BODY 【My EASY Technique for Basic Human Anatomy】

How to Draw the FEMALE BODY 【My EASY Technique for Basic Human Anatomy】
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    hello everyone and welcome back to my channel I'm brushes and bunnies and in
    this video tutorial we're going to be tackling how to draw human bodies more
    specifically female bodies although this video tutorial is for female bodies the
    basic proportions and basic anatomy that you will learn in this video can also be
    applied for drawing male bodies of course I'll be doing a separate video
    tutorial for how to draw male bodies in the near future so of course if you're
    interested in that do subscribe to this channel and also ring the little
    notification bell and you'll be notified for my next upload when it comes to
    drawing bodies there are so many tips out there there are so many tutorials
    out there and also techniques that can help you as a beginner to learn how to
    draw a body whether it's female or male I'll probably be doing a separate video
    about this just outlining some of these techniques that you can do but in terms
    of the technique that has helped me to learn how to draw or to understand the
    basic shapes and the way that you place things for a body I will be showing you
    this in or I'll be showing you this technique in this video
    just like what I did for learning how to draw faces
    I drew a very basic guide in my sketchbook and I would draw this guide a
    little bit at the beginning maybe in multiple sketchbooks just so I could
    refer back to it in the future when I was drawing the face for this example I
    am drawing a guide to show where the basic areas of the body start for
    example we have maybe a body that will be a heads tall and depending on the
    size of the head that you draw you can then further kind of proportion it based
    on the height of the head so in this case we have 10 heads down or sorry
    eight heads down and from there on you can draw guidelines that's separate the
    heads and here between these guidelines you can then further separate it based
    on where the shoulders will appear where the elbows and waist will appear where
    the knees will appear a lot of this just really helps to kind of figure out where
    certain things start and where certain things end for example some key markers
    that I have drawn that have really helped me is to just fill in where the
    shoulders the elbows and waist the hips or the hip and pelvic bone area the
    knees and the ankles will appear within this 8 head structure
    if we take a look at this guide we can see where certain things will be for
    example the shoulders will appear in the second head section about 1/3 of the way
    down the elbows and waist will appear in the third head section directly above
    the line that separates the third and the fourth head the hips and the pelvic
    area will be entirely covered by the fourth head just like the elbows and
    waist the knees will appear directly above the sixth and the seventh head
    guideline and the ankles will of course be in the very last head placement near
    the bottom part of the head may be at a halfway point drawing this basic
    proportion guideline in your sketch book is definitely super helpful and it's a
    great exercise and technique to do if you are wanting to learn how to draw
    bodies of course this is just the basic guidelines things can change depending
    on your style and of course depending on the character height maybe it will be
    five heads short or I don't know even taller it again depends but this is just
    the essential building blocks to building a body
    another exercise that's really great to do is to go one step further so
    essentially just draw the same thing that you just did on the left hand side
    that you see here in the sketchbook draw it again and this time we add a little
    bit of more structure to it and we actually draw the body shape and we use
    just basic geometry and basic shapes to build something that looks kind of like
    a human body but you can also use it as a sort of representation or a guide for
    the future when you're drawing other actual bodies so just to kind of Risa
    mirai's the little exercise I am drawing the shape of the head and depending on
    that size of the head or the height of the head I will then replicate eight
    heads down I will do the same head over and over in this case if you want to get
    an accurate measurement you can of course use your ruler or use your
    fingers or use something that will help measure but for this sort of exercise
    that I'm doing now I'm just winging it and just kind of guessing you know the
    the appropriate size so there's gonna be a little bit inaccurate here but once
    you do it more you will get better and you will understand the correct
    the next thing that I do in this exercise is to typically sort of work
    with the guidelines that I already established on the left-hand side here
    so for example where the shoulders will appear or the waist and the elbows and I
    start to build my character in terms of just you know quickly building something
    I will just do very vague shapes that sort of resemble a human torso for
    example and I'll start just using triangles and squares and circles and
    just build my character and try to build the general anatomy based on the
    guidelines that I've already established for the different parts of the human
    body there will be different measurements as well for example the
    shoulders should be at least three heads three heads wide the pelvic area should
    be two heads wide for example there are different things and perhaps I think
    I'll have to do it another video about this showing the actual exact
    measurements for everything for both female and male but for this video the
    purpose is just to kind of take a look at the basic structure and what you know
    technique I have been using to build body shapes yeah if you're curious about
    this also if you're curious to get the exact measurements you can find all
    these great tutorials online I will link a few down below in my video description
    so if you're interested you can take a look at what has been helping me figure
    out how to proportional eyes things and you know how big a leg should be how
    wide shoulders should be as a general basic guide and of course a lot of this
    is subjective in terms of it being different for each character you draw
    but this is sort of the essential basics that you will need to be aware of the
    next piece of the puzzle is to understand movement now for this video
    tutorial I should have kind of went into a little
    bit more detail in terms of what this meant but when I was recording I was
    just doing something very quick and I just wanted to show you guys the thought
    process of what I think about before I start to draw the body so not only do I
    think about the general guidelines in terms of where the shoulders go and how
    high they should be and where should certain body things should appear but I
    also consider the movement of the body so how do I want my character to stand
    and in what way could something may be curved a little bit
    year to the side to the right side or maybe the pelvic bone is shifted a
    little bit where she's standing on an angle so these are the types of things
    that you can add to your character when you're drawing to give it a little bit
    more I don't know personality and
    characteristic and of course make it a little bit more realistic in that
    regards so movement is definitely something you should be aware of and a
    lot of the movement does come from the center of the body so where the torso is
    and where the pelvic bone is and you can do this by just sort of quickly fleshing
    out how it will appear with just very basic lines
    after doing a few practice runs in your sketchbook whether you created some
    guides or you just did some very quick drawings in terms of movement or
    proportions definitely go ahead and put all of that work into practice and
    actually sketch some bodies so for this video tutorial I actually did four
    different types of bodies I'll just be fast-forwarding in a little bit so you
    can see all of them while I'm still talking a little bit and there's
    something but I actually wanted to give us a little bit of a trick so when
    you're learning kind of draw body is something that I do use are of course
    reference photos I go on Pinterest and or deviantART and I searched for I don't
    know just I don't typically search for anything as much anywhere because a lot
    of the things do appear in my recommendations already in my feet so I
    do have a lot of inspiration already there for me but in this case you can
    just search for um I don't know just females I guess or male I don't know if
    you want to search for models you can do so there's all kinds of really great
    resources out there to use so I do look for a photo and I do try to find
    different body shapes and different unique things that could be fun to draw
    so for example I will draw perhaps a curvier woman or I will draw someone who
    is a bit more on the thin side like a supermodel for example just to try to
    draw the different muscles and try to draw the different textures and the
    curves and yeah it really does help to to to learn that way is to draw
    different body shapes once I find a reference photo that I want to draw I
    then analyze it based on the kind of proportions and the guidelines that I've
    already worked on or that I practice beforehand so how tall is the models
    head and basically I break down the body based on that measurement and this
    really does help to see where certain things will be especially if the model
    is sitting in a funny position maybe you're not used to drawing it could be a
    little bit challenging maybe something like the knees are like she's sitting on
    her knees for example how long should you draw the leg and if you can't really
    see it as well there's all kinds of different examples where there are more
    fans positions and this might be a bit tricky especially if you're a beginner
    so just really an analyzing the reference photo that you have first is
    super super helpful just to kind of break down the different parts of the
    body before you get to actually sketching it
    another thing that I would like to point out apart from the basic proportions and
    also the movement and sort of the the position of the character is to also
    recognize the curviness of a woman especially if you're drawing a woman now
    of course different bodies there are different bodies out there different
    women have different bodies and it's also something that you should recognize
    in your drawings of course rather than just draw the same body over and over
    again because it not only helps you try to draw different things but it's also
    really really fun to do different shapes and thicknesses but one thing that will
    differentiate between a female in a male body is of course the hardness of the
    Lions so what I mean by that is with the female body things are just naturally
    more curvy there are more round shapes things are
    yeahjust curvier no matter of sort of like whether it's the arm or the hips or
    the chest or even the face it's just more it's less angular more curvy whilst
    the males could be a little bit more muscular or yeah again it really depends
    on the body shape but this is something that you can definitely play around with
    and have a lot of fun when you're drawing your characters is to just
    remember to curve those lines and make them not so rigid and just kind of go
    with a really nice flow in a way when you're drawing a female
    to summarize this video tutorial I would recommend that you take these following
    steps the first thing would be to of course practice those basic proportions
    build a general basic guideline in your sketch books that you can refer back to
    in terms of the body and where certain things will appear and how it will
    appear based on the head shape this technique has helped me so much as you
    can see I am drawing bodies without so much of not that much of an effort in
    terms of it being so hard it's actually not that hard once you understand how
    things can be broken down there are so many guides out there I will of course
    again link them down below in the video description it will help you take a look
    it has helped me for sure and I hope that this basic video of just kind of
    understanding how things can be started off or how things can work will also
    help you so definitely practice practice in your sketchbook apply your guidelines
    to actual practice and just sketch away just draw all kinds of things all kinds
    of bodies different positions different characters and yeah just have some fun
    doing it it's really not that challenging or not that impossible
    that being said I will be doing some more video tutorials like I said tips
    and tricks for drawing bodies things that you can do before to prepare
    yourself especially if you're a beginner and also additional video tutorials on
    how to draw male bodies or how to draw the actual legit proportions for example
    how wide is how wide should the shoulders be what to do if your
    character is a bit shorter or a bit taller so these are the things that I
    will hopefully be tackling very soon I want to wish you all a wonderful Sunday
    and I hope you're having a great weekend keep drawing never give up keep being
    awesome and we will see each other next weekend bye
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