How to Find ALL 36 Wild Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee

How to Find ALL 36 Wild Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee
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    What's going on boys and girls what's up well the Austin John plays here and
    today I'm gonna be going over the location of every single rare Pokemon
    and Pokemon let's go Pikachu and let's go baby now there are two different
    categories here for rare Pokemon rare Pokemon consists of anything that's
    going to be of a low percent to spawn in an area and it's going to be a Pokemon
    that isn't supposed to spawn in the area but somehow via magic totally can for
    sake of this video not being a half hour long I'm going to be going over first
    all of the Pokemon that's supposed to spawn in areas however they have an
    extremely low percent what I mean by that is right here I have mucks pokedex
    up and it literally just says somewhere over here in Cinnabar Island I'm gonna
    be telling you exactly the percentage exactly where you can find Pokemon like
    that and then I will be going over the extremely rare Pokemon that don't
    suppose to spawn in areas like Lapras for example Lapras has no known location
    cool stuff right and then I'm also gonna be giving you little tips and tricks as
    far as everything along the way so just watch it all the way through it's also
    worth mentioning that for all of these Pokemon
    you should have learners increase the chance of both the rare Pokemon and the
    super duper rare Pokemon both spawning in the areas so make sure to have lers
    active first of all ready and forest there's a 1% chance to find a Butterfree
    you probably see one flying around it's not that much of an advantage counter P
    can evolve at level seven in ten once you reach Mount moon every single floor
    has a 4% chance to spawn a Clefairy there's somewhat hard to come by and
    even more rare than that is a 1% chance on every single floor to find an Onix
    it's also worth mentioning that on the lowest floor that's the one that has the
    wraparound into the exit there is a 1% chance to find a clefable so I'd
    recommend just staying right next to the staircase with a lower active you could
    even do this super early game and a great way to get a clefable and save
    yourself a moon stone next is going to be the rock tunnel
    inside of the rock tunnel is a 1% chance to find a kangaskhan this is the only
    place in the game that it appears unroot in between Safran city and lavender town
    you have a chance to find arcanine 1% cadabra 1% or Abra 1% do keep in mind
    that growlithe and ark and RNA are exclusive to let's go Pikachu and Vulpix
    and ninetails are exclusive to let's go Eevee I'm pretty sure you could find the
    Vulpix and nine tails here on route 9 in let's go eb route 10 this is the very
    small area right before the rock tunnel it also has a pokemon center there and
    this is also the way to the power plant if you know what that is there is a
    small patch of water here and in that patch of order there is a 4% chance to
    find a shorty knee this is the only place in the game that it spawns
    regularly and a 1% chance to find a dragon air routes 15 and 14 which are
    just to the right of fuchsia city are the two routes in which you can find
    your single form bug Pokemon so for let's go Pikachu there is a 1% chance to
    find a Scyther and let's go Eevee there is a 1% chance to find a pincer on these
    two routes also there's toros here and there super rare I couldn't find it on
    the actual chart but yes super duper rare maybe like 5 percent and I only
    found it on route 15 on routes 19 and 20 you have a 1% chance to find a star me I
    don't know why you will go that far out of your way to find a star me since you
    could just use a water stone on a star you likewise just south of Pallet Town
    on route 21 any grass that you see there has a 1% chance to find a vileplume
    again glooms are extremely common and they just need a leaf stone to evolve so
    don't know why you would want to hunt one down let's get to the bad boys here
    on route 23 this is the path to victory Road and the path immediately following
    however there's no grass after it so just before Victory Road route 23
    there's going to be patches of grass there those patches of grass have a 1%
    chance for NATO king natto Queen and execute or this is also the only place
    that you can find execute I recommend just grab an execute and a leaf stone
    instead of going one percent executor however NATO King
    an idle Queen catching those is gonna save you a moon stones so that might be
    a good idea that are pretty limited supply in this game in cinnabar Islands
    pokémon mansion there is a one percent chance to find denno on every floor
    however he's ten percent in the basement and on every floor is a five percent
    chance to find muck in Pokemon let's go Pikachu and a five percent chance to
    find weezing in Pokemon let's go Eevee however the grime errs and the
    coughing's that you're finding are fairly close to their evolution level so
    I want to worry about it too much last note from cerillion city there is the
    cerulean cave it doesn't appear on the map so really in cave on the lowest
    level has a 1% chance to spawn a Poliwrath again poly worlds are very
    easy to come by and they just need a water stone it is worth mentioning that
    cerulean cave is the only place that you can find a licking tongue licking tongue
    whatever let's talk about your super duper rare pokemons and I'm gonna go
    over them in order of their pokedex first is going to be Bulbasaur
    Bulbasaur have it an extremely slim chance to spawn a Viridian Forest
    however because the spawn table is so large for Viridian Forest meaning that
    many Pokemon can be on the screen at the same time it's a little easy to come by
    do keep in mind you need a l'heure active for any of these super rare
    pokémon Charmander have an extremely rare chance to spawn on route 3 that's
    right after pewter city route 4 on both sides of mountain and inside of The Rock
    Tunnel Charizard is literally everywhere once you're in postgame you get the
    ability to fly with one of your companion Pokemon by riding a Charizard
    Dragonite or Aerodactyl and if you're riding these Pokemon
    you can be up in the air and you can encounter wild Charizard
    they're there literally every route I'm not gonna go over them like every single
    time that there's a route like I found them just north of Pallet Town on route
    1 they're literally everywhere same goes for Dragon Knight I'm gonna mention that
    later - squirtle has an extremely slim chance to spawn in the water on route 24
    the water on route 25 and
    at seafoam Island as you know in Safran City there is the Pokemon fighting dojo
    I sometimes call it a gym because that's pretty much what a dojo is there is a
    dojo here and after the completing it you get your choice of hitmonchan or
    hitmonlee however both of them can be encountered in the wild just south of
    Victory Road on route 23 the same patch of grass that has a 1% chance of not
    okaying natto queen and executor so good luck with that
    you may actually want to go here and whichever one of those that you
    encounter first you then catch and then choose the one that you want in Safran
    setting Chansey is also literally everywhere everywhere after route 5
    after you leave cerulean city every single route there is a chance in the
    grass you're gonna find chancy's you're not gonna have trouble finding one
    you're not here for Chancellor laparis there is a gift laparis in Saffron City
    after you complete the self Co event however you can also find them in the
    wild on route 19 and route 20 I actually have one spawn right next to Cinnabar
    Island for me pretty neat speaking of this self Co event after completing it
    if you have left to the Pokemon Center there's a man with the porygon he gives
    you that or you can find a wild porygon on route 7 in this one small patch of
    grass right there there is an extremely slim chance to find yourself wild
    porygon in cerulean cave there is an extremely slim chance to find yourself
    wild Snorlax the sentence is done you already know about the other two and
    lastly is Dragon Knight which as I mentioned literally every single route
    in the air as long as you have a Pokemon that is Charizard Aerodactyl or Dragon
    Knight and you can ride them that way you can be in the sky and there you have
    it ladies and gentlemen every single extremely and somewhat rare Pokemon and
    Pokemon let's go Pikachu and let's go Eevee if there was some that I missed be
    sure to leave a comment down below if you learned something new be sure to
    leave a like and if you're new to the channel be sure to subscribe turn on
    notifications until next time Austin John out
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