How to Focus - 9 Tips to Improve Focus

How to Focus - 9 Tips to Improve Focus
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    If you want to start performing better at school, college,
    work or games. You need focus. That is you need to learn how to
    focus on that one thing you want to perform better at, while
    the world taunts you with endless number of distractions.
    My name is Alen and today I'm going to teach you how to
    focus. Imagine that you are watching your favorite tv show.
    You are sitting in front of the huge screen with your eyes
    pointing at the tv with laser precision.
    You are deeply immersed and focused. Alas there
    is a commercial break and
    you go to the fridge to grab more juice.
    You remember that you have an assignment tomorrow
    that needs to be finished but
    you just can't be bothered with it.
    Even if you try, you keep thinking of the cliffhanger
    that the last episode left you on. If this scenario rings
    a bell for you, I'm going to show you how to get out of
    the tv show cliffhanger loop
    hole and into the zone of productivity.
    First and foremost.
    It's time to clear out your mind.
    There are several ways to do this, some recommend
    mindfulness, some meditation some
    writing out your thoughts on a paper.
    Either of these could work but it's important to
    find what works for you. If writing out everything that
    worries you on a piece of paper helps you, then do it. If
    meditation is your thing, do that too. As long as it clears your
    mind it's good. The Second tip I have for you is to break down
    big tasks into several small ones. It's easier to just go
    wash the dishes rather than doing the whole house at once.
    Do them step by step and you will find yourself so much
    closer to finishing your goals. And since we mentioned goals the
    3rd tip I have for you is to write out your goals for this
    particular work or study session. What are you hoping to achieve
    with it and how will you go about doing this. To add
    to this the 4th tip is about time limiting yourself. If you
    give yourself too much time to do something, more often than
    not you will be doing it at the last second. Put a time
    limit on your obligations. The 5th tip I have for you is to
    make sure to take breaks. Even though working hard is important.
    Taking breaks is just as important if not more. Try
    to take at least a 10 minute breaks every hour. If you can
    go outside and take a walk even better. The 6th tip
    is to prepare your productivity palace. And what do
    I mean by productivity palace.
    Well essentially you want to prepare the room where you
    are going to do work. Clean out your desk and remove all
    unnecessary distractions. The 7th tip I is to
    wifi and put your mobile phone out of sight. As they say out
    of sight out of mind. Stop browsing all the time. There
    is no need for you to check facebook the fortieth while
    studying. The 8th tip is to learn your priorities. You don't
    need to say yes to everything. You need to learn to say no.
    Even if it seems amazing right away, give yourself the time
    to think about the consequences. Starting to learn a new
    language sounds like a great idea but not if you are already
    in a process of learning another language. Prioritize what
    you want to finish and progress in so that you know when you
    should say yes and when you should say no. And the 9th and
    final tip I have for you. Is to do it right now, yes go
    and do the things you should be doing right now. Preparing
    for the test, working on some projects, reading a book. Go
    ahead and do those things right now.
    And with that thank you so much for watching this
    video, if you know someone else who needs focus in their life.
    Please share it with them.
    And tell me in the comment section if I missed something or
    what else you would like me to cover.
    And remember, you can always help out those in need.
    You can always be a hero.
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