How To Get Free Fortnite Skins - Free Skins Fortnite - Fortnite Free Skins

How To Get Free Fortnite Skins - Free Skins Fortnite - Fortnite Free Skins
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    Free Fortnite Skins
    What's up guys welcome to today's video
    I'm going to show you how to get absolutely any for tonight's game for free in just about two minutes of your time not worn
    So let's go to this side so I can show you how to get your free skin. The site is skin patch here
    Come go to Google or any other browser and type that in to continue
    So guys as you can see on the site, there are many different skins
    You can get all these skins if you want
    of course, they're all free and I recommend getting as many skins as you can and as you want so guys, let me just
    Choose some skin to get let's say flytrap
    I think flytrap is a good skin to get
    So guys once you tap on the skin you want it will take you to this page here
    you must type in your real fortune if account username that is mine in the background as you can see and
    type that in and after that slug the platform you play fortnight on so guys I play for my own PC and PlayStation 4
    But I want my skin on my PC. So let's tap that proceed button
    Okay guys now just be patient because this always does take awhile to load
    So let's just wait for the site to load. Everything has to it's it will only be a few
    Moments other time let's just wait for that
    It says that it is successful. So let's wait for it to finish up
    It seems like we yes, we do have to pass human verification this time
    This does not always happen. Just sometimes it pops up when the site thinks that your IP address is fishy. So it
    Gives you that error icon. You only have to download two apps and open both apps for 60 seconds
    And after that you will receive your free skin in your locker
    So guys of these apps are free safe and easy to download there or from the App Store or Google Play depending on what?
    what the device you're getting your free skin on and
    You only have to open them for 60 seconds. And after that you will you can easily delete them
    I'm going to speed this part up of me playing with the apps and I'll be right back in a few moments
    When we have to go through my lock
    So guys it's been about two minutes
    So let's just wait two or three more
    Seconds and let's just exit after the app and go to her locker and see if we got her free skin
    So guys the skin will automatically go to your locker
    It will not pop up like everything else important and right there Fly. Trap is in my locker guys
    Isn't that amazing go get your fee skins at skin facial calm as you can see this actually does work
    I did not get his backpack
    So that means this is not an official skin that I have bought but it is an auto-generated
    Skin as you can see it's free
    It's working go get your free skins at skin facial calm
    leave a like and let me know down in the comments if I can help you in any way and I'll see you in the
    Next video. Bye guys
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