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    The Justice Department says the last time a senior official was appointed acting attorney general without Senate confirmation was 1886 — before the Justice Department even existed.
    How will the Internet of Eyes change how we work? We're researching how applied computer vision is being approached by organizations. If you're in an organization with 500 or more employees, please take our survey:
    Hours after Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's wedding, a photo of #Ranveer dressed as groom is going viral.
    Gentrification and the growth of online platforms for selling sex have pushed prostitution indoors. Some New York City landlords are finding a way to profit from that.
    This Friday is sure to be a great evening, kicking off the holiday season! At IC Care, we're also using this time to give back to seniors who often go without during the holidays. Find out more tonight on WTRF 7News!
    What a week. A moment. To say thank you. I appreciate so much having all of you, sharing 'Lovers That Come and Go' with you. Watching you make it your own. Messages from some of you throughout the years telling me how you have used my music to bury loved ones, to marry the person of your lives and everything in between. There are no words for how that makes me feel and how much meaning and strength it gives to me, especially on the cold days. I don't for one second take it for granted. Also. A moment. To thank my people, without whom this album would not have been. To my co-producers and creators @nicokorner (Nicolai Kornerup), @babyduka & @lheering. You are not only extremely talented but also some of the most important people in my life. All these hours we have spent together, not sleeping, fumbling into the dawn, spilling ourselves over, getting lost in the art. In different ways, for different reasons, thank you. For your trust. I adore you. @daniel_lynas. 80% of this record was mixed by you, not to mention the ideas you added. My fear and loathing road trip darling, my heart of gold. You are so much of a good friend and I learned decades about sound sitting in the studio with you, watching you work. To musicians @jungleugle (Mikkel Baltser Dørig), @simonlittauer, @livejohansson & T.James. Beloved talented friends. You are so dedicated to your respective crafts, so tirelessly hard working. You gave your gifts and time, sometimes in the middle of the night at the drop of a hat, to different songs on this album. And enriched it ten fold. To my management team @leroybenros @kristiannyholm @thankdw (Dawanna Butler) @firstaccessent - you hold me down. Hard. Couldn't and wouldnt want to do this without you. Each of you filling such necessary and different strengths and roles. Grateful for you, your belief, our evolving vision, our business. Also, big up to @chrisgehringer for mastering this project and to @joshgudwin for mixing the shit out of 'Follow My Heart'. And to my lovers that came and went. My roller coasters, my street lights, my deserts, my neon signs, my whiskey, my hotel rooms, my birds, my moments of madness. Nothing lost my darlings. Thank you for the art- Nice one.💘👊🏾 photo: @garbi.hb
    Here's how we'll survive when the population hits 10 billion:

    "Don't look at how evenly I cut it." 😂
    Neetu Kapoor shared an emotional note on Children's Day
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