How To Get Melmetal in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee

How To Get Melmetal in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee
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    What's going on boys and girls what's up we're all to Austin John plays here and
    today I'm gonna be talking about how you could evolve the mythical Pokemon Melton
    into the mythical Pokemon male metal so this adorable little guy right here
    Melton there is only one way to evolve Melton and you cannot do it in game you
    can't do it in game and I think that's the silliest thing ever I've already
    made a video on how you obtained Melton there's one major thing here and that's
    called the mystery box I'm not gonna do screen capture so we'll just look at the
    phone real quick so every seven days you have the opportunity to open your
    mystery box and then once your seven days expires you have to transfer
    Pokemon I'm also frustrated Pikachu I'm also frustrated smash is coming out and
    I'm not done covered pokemon yet that's why I'm frustrated why are you
    frustrated and then at the end of the seven days you need to then transfer
    Pokemon from Pokemon go into Pokemon let's go so I'm gonna go into the go
    park bring Pokemon into my park let's transfer over I don't know this poliwag
    great let's transfer over some Pokemon from Pokemon go into Pokemon let's go
    and the most important part is now our mysterious box will once again say that
    it's available and then we could once again use the mysterious box that we got
    for Melton so here is my third melt and damnit I didn't use a berry the part
    that sucks now is with that box for a half hour every seven days you have the
    chance to catch Melton 30 minutes out of a week then you have to wait a week then
    you get to do it again you need to catch so many Melton you require 400 Melton
    candy for it to evolve 400 this is something wrong here this box I'm
    assuming this works like a l'heure and if you're moving around there's a better
    chance of its spawning Pokemon and if you're not moving around there's a
    lesser chance of it spawning Pokemon I'm now nine minutes into the lore and I've
    caught three Melton right so let's say 30 minutes / every let's say four
    minutes 7.5 times I'm gonna go ahead and use a pen at Barry so for catching this
    one Milton we got 6 candy including the transfer that's 7 candy so this 7.5
    times 7 candy 52.5 let's say 53 candy right so that's 53 candy that you can
    get every half hour every 7 days I don't even need calculator that means it's
    good take 8 weeks 8 weeks that you need to grind for a half hour and Pokemon go
    for you to get the mythical Pokemon Melton so just in case I'm not clear on
    this once you transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon go to Pokemon let's go you then
    get the opportunity of having the mystery box if you use the mystery box
    Melton show up for a half hour and then you catch all those Melton then the
    mystery box is done then you have to wait exactly 7 days again for you to use
    that mystery box you then use your mystery box you catch about 7 Melton you
    always use a pin app berry on them and you transfer every single one except for
    minus the one that you're going to be evolving you get about 50 candy
    and you're going to be doing that for eight consecutive weeks so two months
    for you to go ahead and get yourself enough candy for you to evolve Melton
    into mell metal it's like trying to get a Gyarados for a half hour every single
    week it's it's horrible it's so grindy the only thing that would make this
    easier is if you did a lot of legendary raids and you had rare candy left over
    til I have a new rare candy left over I have no rare candy left over Oh pip
    Knight sent me a gift thanks pimp greetings from Bunbury
    Australia ha we're now great friends I'm currently at 52 Melton candy this is my
    second time using the box I met I'm at an eighth of the amount of candy I need
    that and because Milton is a mythical Pokemon you have to individually
    transfer every single one of them which is just the worst thing ever like you
    can't select multiple I'm at 62 melting candy after two weeks I mean I still got
    15 minutes left on this mystery box but it's it's just a really rough process
    also I've known this information for a while because of the data miners but I
    was waiting until the official guide came out that way I can just double
    check because there hasn't been anything official about how to get Melton and I
    didn't want some pokey tuber to say that I I was all wrong so I needed to 100%
    make sure that all of my information was correct like it is in the other video
    that he said I was all wrong about that boy wears a collar you can't believe
    anything he says so guys that's gonna be wrapping up how to get Mel metal and
    Pokemon go and then you just transfer it to Pokemon let's go how'd it get melt
    metal in Pokemon let's go Pikachu and Eevee good luck as I mentioned you could
    do some legendary raids for a chance to get rare candy the rare candy you can
    use on a Pokemon to get more candy of it but um this is this is gonna be a
    grinding one boys and girls a grinding one indeed it's a quick note that all of
    the melt and candy that you could get in Pokemon let's go Pikachu and Eevee
    cannot be used on melt and to try to get it of all
    so you can only get the melt and candy and Pokemon go and then evolve it into
    Melton and then transfer it over the melt and candy and Pokemon let's go is
    just going to be for it to get stronger so guys that's can be wrapping up this
    video if you learned something new or found this entertaining be sure to leave
    a like down below every one like equals one melt and candy until next time
    Austin Jon out
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