How to Get the Mythical Pokemon Meltan in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee | Austin John Plays

How to Get the Mythical Pokemon Meltan in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee | Austin John Plays
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    What's going on boys and girls what's up world the Austin John plays here and
    today I'm gonna be showing you how you could transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon go
    and to Pokemon let's go it's know that the game is finally out we also have the
    Pokemon go update as of Wednesday around sales around 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard
    Time the update happened and in order to connect the two it's really quite simple
    one we're gonna go to the options screen here and let's go and you're gonna go to
    the Pokemon go settings it says would you like to pair your game with a
    Pokemon go account to communicate with it in Pokemon go you're going to go into
    the settings tab and you're gonna scroll down to where it says Nintendo switch
    and then you're gonna have an option to pair here you're gonna choose yes and
    the two we're gonna find each other and you're good to go
    from here you need to progress in the story to the point that you get to
    fuchsia City and you can go to the go park you talk to this gentleman over
    here welcome to the boat go park complex would you like to do let's bring some
    pokey man's you get to choose which park you want them to bring it to and it says
    you could transfer 50 Pokemon to each individual Park let's start
    communication in Pokemon go you need to go into your Pokemon and then you're
    gonna be able to choose what you want and you'll notice that there's a new
    Nintendo switch icon in the top right corner click the switch icon you're
    going to notice that some Pokemon are ineligible those Pokemon are the ones
    that you favorite it like this Bulbasaur if I unfavorite it then I can transfer
    it but anything that you previously selected as a favorite will be not able
    to be transferred I recommend whatever pokemon you're
    really using on your team a lot to not transfer them over for your raids and
    everything else like that now also is a pretty great time for you to make note
    of the Pokemon that you still need in your pokedex for you to transfer over
    like definitely want to transfer over that
    shiny dragon right there let's do one of each of the legendaries the fossils
    let's throw some lowlands in there you get a prompt saying hey if you transfer
    them over they're gonna be gone forever are you sure you want to do that choose
    yes and then let's head on over to the switch Austen job places account has
    been found would you like to receive a Pokemon
    yes communicating 84 700 percent done that was not edited that was just very
    fast on my phone it says Pokemon sent
    from here you get your option of what you want to do or you could go back to
    the park you're then gonna notice something very interesting on your phone
    you've received a mystery box and if you go ahead and use your mystery box
    militants begin to appear and this start and this happens for a half-hour so you
    can go and for a half-hour it kind of acts like a like a like an incense in
    that when you walk around Melton spawn near you which is dope you can go ahead
    get yourself a few melt and one should appear very shortly do keep in mind
    they're really really tiny boys little bit hard to see but once you have some
    melt at wow they are so small on this screen point 2 meters tall that's six
    inches it's half a foot tall let's go ahead and transfer over some melt hands
    into Pokemon go hmmm let's just do one for right now
    yes transfer over Melton searching for a Nintendo switch start communication
    let's go no pun intended
    on the phone side of things you're gonna get also a bonus usually a hundred
    experience and then after your box runs out it's gonna say that you have seven
    days left to access the mystery box so if you go into your items and scroll
    down you'll see that the mystery box is still there however they can only be
    activated once every seven days so you need to wait seven more real-life days
    in order to activate the mystery box again which is kind of whack in the
    meantime let's go take a look at Melton let's head inside of a park okay and
    here we have all my Pokemon here's Articuno here's my shiny new ride shoe
    my shiny Venus or my lowland pokemon my Alakazam really need this melt and and
    you can catch it or move it if you move it you can move it to a different box or
    you can catch it if you catch a Pokemon in a go park the pokemons information
    will be changed from when it was in go park is that okay yeah sure whatever so
    boom Melton has appeared in a go park wow that is a pretty high catch circle
    around him let's use up good berry and an Ultra Ball it's still red okay he is
    not gonna be easy to catch come on yes nice Multan Stella has been added to
    the Pokedex it melts particles of iron and other metals found in the subsoil
    so it can absorb them into its body of molten steel the hex nut pokémon and
    yeah now he's in our inventory well yeah this method of taking your pokemon from
    go into let's go helps you complete your pokedex also helps you clear up your eye
    your inventory in game so makes a lot of sense there just like that you could
    transfer over your Pokemon from goin to let's go there we go there's Melton
    he's so adorable want him to follow me around is he extremely small
    I bet he's extremely small wow he is so very tiny he's like his eye is like at
    the level of my knee and by I mean I mean the middle of the hex nut so guys
    that's key wrapping up this video on how to get your Pokemon from go into let's
    go so if you haven't done so already be sure to leave a like and if you're new
    to the channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications until next time
    Austin John out
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