How to Get The Shiny charm in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee

How to Get The Shiny charm in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee
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    What's going on boys and girls what's up we're all to Austin John Plays here and
    today I wanted to go over what happens when you complete your pokedex and
    Pokemon let's go Pikachu and let's go Evie so I'm only three Pokemon away from
    completing my pokedex and all three of them require moonstones to evolve I've
    already posted location to moon stones in mountain moon however here in Saffron
    City oh you're the copycat right Austin John do you like Pokemon no I just has
    to you hi you're strange quick mimicking me Pikachu's tail is going crazy
    Sara hidden item it's a moonstone perfect so the only three Pokemon I need
    are nettle King natto Queen and Wigglytuff and now that I have three
    moon stones I could do that also some people have been complaining
    about the way that I say natto king and natto Queen I know some people say Nitto
    king and Nidoqueen but deal with it it also seems to be some some language
    barrier of allure le ure some people call it a lure here in the
    east coast of the United States we call it allure that makes sense because like
    you can allure someone and you can allure someone same thing same thing
    tomato tomahto wonderful the people who are you telling me I'm saying it wrong
    are from overseas and by overseas I mean cross the pond final moonstone on
    Nidoqueen night Oh Queenie and with that that's 150 pretty sure my missing one I
    might be missing one I think I need Hitmonlee I have melt hands so that's
    150 yep need hitmonlee pretty sure hitmonlee is classified as a secret rare
    Pokemon which I'm definitely gonna be making a
    video about secret rare Pokemon and where to find them your starters are
    three of them there was a pretty much Pokemon that you can encounter they're
    super duper rare and they don't appear on the Pokedex and with that there we go
    that is my last Pokemon that is Hitmonlee added to the Pokedex so now if
    I go to pokedex you'll see that I have a pokedex completion of 151 the only one
    I'm missing is mute because I didn't transform this game transferred him to
    my other game great let's go to Pallet Town know what let's do the walk to the
    walk of victory it looks like a Charizard and Dragon Knight came to say
    their goodbyes now we're in Pallet Town with a complete pokedex let's go talk to
    Professor Oak let me take a look 151 CE and 151 caught an Oakes judgment
    is you've completed a perfect pokedex congratulations you've done it you've
    really truly done it now you've completed a perfectly complete pokedex
    it's magnificent truly this is a fantastic feat roar Thank You Austin
    John a sincerely thank you why did you roar and what happened to the third
    pokeball what was it you made my dream of reality that's it
    I don't get like something cool or special or anything on your computer ah
    on this computer there's a message from Samson oak from uh Lola there's the
    email for professor oak I've heard the Pokemon League has a champion
    congratulations pokemon leagues all around the world we'll have champions
    from now on it's very interesting to me because there are no gems or even a
    Pokemon League where I live I'm thinking about going to indigo plateau to have a
    look Samson ha neat there's one other place that we can go that is celadon
    City and this building right here so this is the Game Freak headquarters the
    people who make the game always has been always will be
    and let's talk to you Wow excellent you completed your pokedex so wonderful
    congratulations play oh please allow me to honor you with an award what is it
    it's a diploma to Train Ralston job congratulations this diploma certifies
    that you have successfully completed your pokedex gamefreak nice special gift
    from me you've got a shiny charm from the director show your pokedex to the
    developers - okay you want to see it did you complete the pokédex screen it was
    worth programming it congratulations on completing your pokedex looks like
    you've really grown and matured actually your model has a change at all has it
    earned never mind don't mind me about this guy you complete her pokedex
    impressive but you still have a long way to go just kidding or is he oh you're
    the final coach oh I didn't mean to do that I don't have a good battling team
    setup right now coach trainer of Morimoto like Chiquito Miyamoto
    Oh oh boy well leveler your Pokemon Oh 54 I could
    do that nice Oh doesn't matter he's dead oh wow
    he's a beast too beige boys just flying around
    well Morimoto was pretty easy do you give me anything cool for winning
    10 PB maxes oh cool so uh yeah there we go we got ourselves our certificate and
    the shiny charm a shiny charm is said to increase the chance of finding shiny
    pokemon in the wild by how much I'm not really too sure do need to look that up
    so uh oh look there's also red green blue and yellow on the wall neat those
    are right there see it guys that's gonna be wrapping up this video what happens
    when you complete the pokédex and pokemon let's go Pikachu and let's go
    Eevee if you learned something the newer
    family's entertainment be sure do drop a like if we new to the channel be sure to
    subscribe turn on notifications until next time
    Austin John out
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