How to Make Praline Candy | Gemma's Bold Baking Basics

How to Make Praline Candy | Gemma's Bold Baking Basics
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    Hi and welcome to Bold Baking Basics, this is where we get into the fundamentals of baking.
    These videos are about getting you to bake with confidence, anytime, anywhere.
    So praline is a really popular treat around the holiday season and although it is caramel
    based it is actually really easy to make.
    The recipe can be found on along with all of my other recipes.
    Okay let�s get started with our first step.
    So for this praline I'm using slivered almonds, you can also use whole almonds.
    And a great thing about this recipe is you can actually use any nut that you like.
    What we�re going to do now is scatter these on our tray.
    So what we�re gonna do now is pop these into the oven at 350�F/180�C for roughly
    8-10 minutes or until they get nice and toasty.
    Toasted nuts are so aromatic and it makes a huge difference to your praline.
    So I'm gonna set those aside and let them cool down.
    Now before we get started with our caramel, here I have a tray lined with parchment paper.
    And I put some butter on it and we�re gonna pour our praline straight onto this and with
    the butter it won�t stick.
    I'm gonna put this right beside me because when the praline is ready it�s gonna go
    straight onto there.
    Okay I've got everything I need, now let�s start making our caramel.
    Into a heavy bottomed saucepan add in your sugar, and a little bit of water.
    Then turn on the heat to around a medium, medium low, until your sugar dissolves.
    At this point you can stir your sugar until it dissolves.
    So praline is based on caramel which some people can be a bit nervous about making,
    I've got a video about troubleshooting caramel, it tells you what to do, and what not to do.
    It�s really really easy to follow, if you watch that video you'll be able to make praline,
    no problem.
    So it�s really important for your sugar to dissolve before you allow it to simmer
    and I�ll tell you why.
    When making praline it sometimes can be a little bit grainy, and that is because the
    sugar wasn't fully dissolved before you simmered it.
    So just make note of that.
    So I can tell by looking at it that our sugar is dissolved, this is the perfect time to
    let it come to a simmer.
    Okay so now this next step is the waiting game.
    You're not gonna touch the heat you're just gonna let it sit there, and continue to bubble
    away very gently until it reaches a lovely amber color.
    The timing of this step does vary because caramel does take quite a long time to make,
    so it�ll take around 15 minutes or so.
    So a really important thing when making caramel is to be patient, let it just bubble away
    and do its thing, what you can�t do however is walk away, you always want to be close
    by keeping an eye on it, because it can turn pretty fast.
    So we�ve just reached the color that I want, this is perfect, so I'm going to add in my
    butter, and my toasted almonds.
    And then just give that all a stir up together, coating all those nuts.
    So once it�s all mixed together, go ahead and pour it immediately onto your prepared
    Now be very careful at this point because caramel is extremely hot, so if you need help,
    ask for it.
    So that�s our praline, but don�t touch it, right now we�re gonna have to set it
    aside and let it go completely cold.
    So it�s been around half an hour, our praline is completely cold so this is the fun part.
    Get something nice and heavy, and then just bash it up into little pieces.
    Little or big, whatever you want.
    So one of the reason praline is so popular around the holiday season is that it makes
    great gifts.
    You can make it 4 weeks in advance, keep it out at room temperature in an airtight container
    and then you can just hand it out to your friends and family.
    What you don't want to do is pop it into the fridge because it can go soft if you put it
    in the fridge.
    Mm, my mum absolutely adores praline and I think that's why I love it so much.
    You can make any different type you want, you can dip it in chocolate, use different
    nuts, you can even use salted nuts to add a bit of extra flavor.
    Head over to for lots more basics just like this one, like how to
    make cream cheese, and even homemade pie crust.
    I�ll see you back here really soon for more bigger bolder baking.
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