How to SHIFT To Your DREAM Reality within 6 Months

How to SHIFT To Your DREAM Reality within 6 Months
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    this video I'm gonna be sharing with you exactly how to shift to your dream
    reality within six months or less and six months from now you may find that
    you're in a totally new reality simply because you watched this video I'll come
    back to another video my name is Aaron and I help people to expand their
    consciousness now in this video I'm gonna be sharing with you exactly how
    you can shift to the parallel reality you prefer within six months or less now
    understand this whether you're aware of it or not you are constantly shifting
    through different parallel realities what we think of as movement is actually
    the shifting through different parallel realities now the idea is that we have
    our brain and our brain can remember things so it can piece all of these
    different parallel realities together so that it looks like one long fluid stream
    but in the same way I've used this analogy for but think of it like this we
    have that of a film projector a film projector is projecting the film onto a
    big screen now if you were to take that film projector and take out the film and
    stretch out the film you would see individual frames some of them look very
    similar but we still know they are separate individual frames now because
    the frame rate is at a certain point to where we can see things happening in a
    certain way we think it's one long fluid film when in actuality it's different
    individual frames well in the same way there are individual frames of reality
    different parallel realities exist we are constantly shifting through these
    parallel realities every second and if that's hard to believe imagine this
    there are billions of parallel realities that we're shifting through because
    every little minut change on the external reality what we perceive to be
    the external that little change imagine all those different variables changing
    just one little thing change well that's a separate reality where imagine over
    there the cat walks this way instead of that way that's a separate reality
    imagine something falls over there that's a separate there's little
    individual things there's a tree outside that's blowing in the wind right now
    imagine it's blowing a little bit differently well that's a totally
    separate reality even though my point of consciousness is right here with you
    right now the idea is that there are infinite
    number of that exists the key is to whether we
    experience them or not because they already exist that's the thing to
    understand as well they already exist many times the law of attraction we're
    trying to attract something from over there into here and because we're trying
    to do that what happens is we end up emphasizing that because it's over there
    and not over here already that we don't already have that so in a way we are
    emphasizing the lack or emphasize that is not already here the reality you want
    to experience it already exists the key is tuning into the vibrational frequency
    of it to that version of you how are you thinking how are you feeling the actions
    you are taking all those those different things but it's not just acting as if
    it's not just acting as if it also includes being being not just thinking
    not just doing but being that version of you and that's what we're gonna be
    talking about in today's video is exactly how we can begin to do that now
    I began to do this about two years ago mainly is when I really began to do it
    because I tapped into the best version of me I'll talk a little bit more about
    that in a little bit but I started to literally embody the thought patterns
    the actions the motions of the versions of me that's doing exactly what I'm
    doing today and I didn't close that gap of me experiencing it our choices also
    influenced what shifts us to the parallel reality you want so for now I
    want you to know that you're always shifting from parallel reality to
    parallel reality whether you're aware of it or not and because you're always
    shifting it's just about becoming more aware of what's already happening but
    then starting to direct it in a powerful way if I were to say to you right now
    what would be your dream parallel reality do you know what it is because
    if you don't then it's like where is the direction going there's no direction so
    we're gonna be talking about that as well but one of the main things that
    this has to do with is understanding how our vibration correlates with what we
    experience and how our vibration influences the reality that we
    experience it is about aligning with that vibrational reality knowing that it
    already exists right now but the key is focusing on the vibration now what most
    people do with the law of attraction is they say I really really want
    something and in there really really wanting of it we were vibration saying I
    really really don't currently have it we're coming at it from a point of lack
    now the key is knowing that when we start to fill up our own cup when we
    start to transcend the ego desires and we start to get into a higher frequency
    that's when things will begin to happen very quickly and that's when we begin to
    shift to more realities that are conducive to that level of consciousness
    now you may have seen me share this chart right here before this is the
    chart from the book called power versus force this is the different levels of
    consciousness and as you look at it you'll notice at the bottom you have
    emotions such as shame fear guilt you eventually move up to neutrality which
    is where you learn how to observe your thoughts very big step right there then
    you'll see that of willingness you'll see that of reasoning then eventually
    love and then joy peace enlightenment now there's different calibrations this
    is a scale that goes from zero to a thousand and the idea is that a lot of
    people are manifesting from that of feeling lack feeling in victim mentality
    anger towards other things that have happened in their past their main
    vibrational state is of a less high vibration therefore when they're trying
    to create what they want they're creating more blocks and resistance now
    the key to shift into the reality you want is actually embodying the higher
    vibrational states of consciousness because remember we always get a
    reflection of how we are feeling of our vibration so the key is to transcend the
    lower emotions and as we transcend the lower emotions we then experience a
    reality that is equal to that which is of a higher vibration now for example I
    did this back in just a couple years ago actually when I decided I was going to
    start to go for my passion more I started to follow my heart and I started
    to go in a direction of making daily videos on YouTube that's when things
    blew up from going from 3,000 subscribers on YouTube soon I over
    almost 400,000 and that reason that is because I was following my heart
    I was following that vibrational frequency of me doing what I love and at
    the same time what I did is I worked on myself and I worked on letting go of my
    past you see the past experiences we have
    are keeping us tied in and shackled to certain parallel realities so the key is
    letting go of the shackle by becoming aware of how we can integrate our past
    experiences in a powerful way now something I will be doing is a live
    Q and not even a live Q & A but a live webinar showing you how I went from
    being a shoe salesperson into that of living my dreams doing what I love
    without using the old-school loa way of going about things and this is a webinar
    that is actually coming up if you click in the top of the description box below
    you will see that of a link that will take you and see if you can make that
    live webinar it's gonna be live so if it's something that you that you know
    you can make then sign up for and if not then then maybe at a future time but
    you'll see that in the top of description box below but it'll show you
    exactly how I use reality shifting and to transform my life and it'll go deeper
    on everything I'm sharing with you today but understand that with this process of
    reality shifting it's about understanding that you can embody the
    frequency of what you want right now and you will then experience the reality
    that you want because you will always get a reflection of that which vibration
    you are putting out now raising your vibrational frequency is about letting
    go more than anything else letting go of the past experiences
    letting go of these perspectives of things do things happen to us and really
    letting go and understanding that as you let go you naturally start to raise your
    vibration anyways now the key to understanding reality shifting is also
    knowing that the reality you want to experience already exists so the key is
    choosing it rather than creating it in order to choose it you must be aware of
    the intentions you are setting so the intentions that you have are putting the
    focus of your life in a certain direction now most people just simply
    don't have that intention they don't know what they want when I say shift to
    your dream reality do you know what that is and if not it's okay but become aware
    of what that dream reality is become aware of what you are moving towards
    unless you become aware of what you are moving towards you'll have no
    but then what you do is you set intention and intention is a declaration
    that is moving the energy in a certain direction so I can intend like when I go
    to the gym today I can intend to have a great workout then I'm giving them more
    of a destination rather than just going to the gym and kind of aimlessly walking
    around which some people do but it's about being aware of those intentions
    being aware of what do you want be aware of that that dream reality is remember
    it already exists so you don't have to create it but the intentions increase
    the probability of you closing the gap of actually being there now
    one of the things that I have learned to do is to moreso embody the frequency of
    my heart of what I actually love doing you see a lot of people will go and go
    for parallel realities that have to do with certain amounts of money with
    certain materialistic things and there's nothing wrong with that but the key is
    knowing that many times that's not the goal the goal is the emotional frequency
    that you want when I make youtube videos I'm not making YouTube videos because
    I'm just trying to get many subscribers I'm making YouTube videos because I want
    to add value to people and people then feel that authentic nasaw feof what I
    teach and what I say people many times will tell me a it's not necessarily what
    you say but it's the energy that you say it with that I really resonate with
    because it's the energy behind what I'm saying it's the energy that's connected
    to my heart and the key is knowing that the goal is never the money the money is
    just a symbol that we use in society to represent something it's the energy it's
    the things that the money can quote unquote gets you which is the freedom
    which is also an emotion so the keys when you break all of this down into
    that of an emotion and you start to know that you can embody the emotion right
    now in the present moment because it already exists anything that you can
    imagine it already exists it's simply we are not perceiving of it because we are
    not the vibration of it yet but you could start to give yourself more and
    more permission to feel whatever it is you want to feel right now in the
    present moment so the key to this whole process is
    understanding that when you begin to set these intentions that's when things
    begin to change because then you have direction for it now there's something
    else that is called outer intention when you tap into and allow the universe to
    manifest for you it is how I manifested this house for example I had to tap into
    the outer intention and I almost gave this house a consciousness of its own I
    realized that energy is everything so what I did is I aligned with the
    vibration of this house because there was competition for this house and by
    doing so I tapped into outer intention which is actually more powerful than
    inner intention because when you realize that we live in a system we live in a
    reality where we're all connected you can begin to tap into ways of adding
    value to the system itself adding value to the other people in the system itself
    and then the universe wants to help you get what you want manifest what you want
    that is something I will also be teaching in that live webinar so if you
    can make the wive webinar like I said it's in the top of the description box I
    will teach you exactly how to use outer intention and how it transformed my own
    life now for this whole process to work one of the main keys is becoming aware
    of the dream reality you have an understanding that it already exists now
    when we say within six months here is the thing you are always shifting
    through different parallel realities whether you are aware of it or not you
    are shifting it is a natural byproduct of the way reality works it's the way
    movement works as I go like this I am shifting through different parallel
    realities that looks so similar and the memory in my mind can tag them together
    and go like oh yeah that looks like one long fluid movement but the only moment
    that does exist is this moment right now the key is between you creating from
    where you are to creating your dream reality it's you creating a greater
    degree of change from this reality to the reality that you want to experience
    and the way you do that is by making choices and starting to feel the emotion
    in your heart center it's about heart center manifestation than just the idea
    of the mind because that's when you get to being at your core frequency you
    are being rather than thinking and doing and having it's about being and bodying
    it and that's about understanding how you can cultivate the heart energy
    within you and you can amplify that energy and then move in that direction
    now to do that within six months the key is paying attention to the version of
    you that already exists and imagining exactly what that version of you would
    be doing and to simply be doing that in the present moment right now and the key
    is knowing that this is different than just acting as if because this is
    knowing that that as if is a reality so it's not acting as if it's just being it
    is just you being you the version of you you prefer to be and as you begin to do
    that things to begin to change now what you do is you literally link up these
    thoughts emotions and habits of the version of you you want to experience
    that's what I did to grow on YouTube I was sitting there I was living at my
    dad's house at the time because I knew I wanted to make it on YouTube and I
    thought to myself what is the thing that I could do that a year from now it
    transformed my life the most I remember thinking to myself and I'm ever thinking
    I had a feeling it was almost like the version of me that I am today was
    reaching back to that parallel reality version of me and it was like listen
    make a video a day that is who you are that is what you love to be doing so I
    decided to make a video a day and then I decided I was gonna link up the thoughts
    and emotions of that version of me which is an important part you see most people
    will just think they have to do to act as if there's to do whatever that
    parallel reality is and sometimes the beliefs and the emotions will follow
    but you must link up the emotions the thought patterns and the actions of that
    version of you and that's what I did I started to associate pleasure with
    making videos I knew that once I got into a flow state things would happen
    easier so I focused on being that version of me not just thinking not just
    doing being that version of me which then included the vibrational frequency
    of it which then within three to four months totally transformed my life this
    happen within and closer to less than six months but it depends on your
    believability and it depends on how much you want embody it right now in the
    present moment now another thing I want to talk about before I end this video is
    understanding importance when we give things a lot of importance we create
    resistance if I were back there in the day it's saying I want to grow in
    YouTube oh my god it would be amazing and so amazed and it would make me feel
    so blissful if I were to have 10000 subscribers on YouTube then I would
    create resistance because I'd be putting on such a high pedestal so the key is
    seen it as natural for you to be experiencing what you want I knew it was
    natural once I was making daily videos I'm like this is who I am and then I was
    like this is a natural byproduct of making daily videos is having people
    join the fun having people join and then things started to exponential eyes so
    it's seen it as natural now that's something I also teach in that live
    webinar which you will see if you click on the link in the description box below
    and if you could make it great I look forward to seeing you there showing
    exactly how I went from selling women's shoes to that of living my dream reality
    of that of using reality shifting which includes decreasing importance tapping
    into outer potential or outer intention which is what I used to grow my youtube
    channel all these different things this is going beyond the law of attraction
    this is creating from a higher level of consciousness
    remember that chart that I showed you it's created from the higher vibrational
    states of consciousness and I can show you how to transcend that that's what I
    do in the training that's coming up so if you want to join it you will see the
    link at the top of the description box below also I'm going to be doing more
    live Q&A s on Instagram so if you want to interact with me there and be a part
    of the Q&A s you'll see that right here also I post twice daily there as well so
    you want native content you got that too other than that I hope you enjoyed this
    video feel free to like this video if you liked it subscribe if you haven't
    ready hit the little notification gear next
    right bun so that you could see the daily vids that I do the story YouTube
    does things now actually have to hit that button to see the daily fit
    now that has always peace much love and namaste
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