Live Trading and Day Trading is a Scam & Fraud

Live Trading and Day Trading is a Scam & Fraud
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    David Jaffee with where i make around a million dollars a
    year by training stock options. Please like share comment and subscribe to this
    video and this channel it helps me get the word out and helped other innocent
    people to avoid scams and also teaches them the best way that they can go about
    learning a valuable skills that they can improve their life in this video I'm
    going to discuss why live trading the stock market and day trading is a scam
    by people like Ross Cameron from Warrior Trading, Jeff Bishop Jason Bond, Tim Sykes,
    Kyle Dennis from Raging Bull, Biotech Breakouts etc. Why there are all
    criminals and they deserve to be in jail. So one really important thing is that
    none of these people post their their full transaction statements they don't
    post their trading history they don't provide you with screen recordings from
    inside their accounts that shows their full transaction history they don't show
    you their brokerage statements and honestly if they did show you their
    brokerage statements I would think that they're going to be fake. The reality is
    that any day trading or penny stock trading or technical analysis or Forex
    any of those gurus are complete fake gurus they're criminals they belong in
    jail the only way that you're gonna make money consistently is by selling option
    premium. That's it. If you guys were interested you can learn more on my
    channel you can also subscribe to tastytrade where you know they provide
    you with free education I definitely do not agree with a lot of what tastytrade
    says they tell you that you should trade small trade often I think that
    opportunities are not the same so therefore by spreading out your account
    size in many different underlines just because they have high implied
    volatility I don't think that that's the best way to go about it also they do
    sometimes have like a negative, like a short Delta, as opposed to like a
    positive Delta and that acts as like they drag against the returns but I'm
    gonna get into that in a different video in this video I want to discuss why live
    trading does not work so a lot of these guys they're just using simulators and
    they're scamming you I mean that's pretty much it. I had a few
    situations where I almost I would say almost fell prey to
    like a Nigerian oil scam but I had these businessmen come in and they told me
    that they had to face money and all they needed was this expensive chemical and
    they can turn like a hundred dollars into a thousand dollars and you know
    that it's bullshit but you want to believe that it's that it's not because
    you visualize yourself being able to 10x your money very easily and all these
    guys are criminals they belong in jail the other thing is that when you when
    you live trade like for example for me I couldn't possibly live trade because I
    don't force trades so on Thursday of this past week during the first week of
    October 2018 when the stock market fell tremendously it fell around 2% over the
    past two days on Thursday or Friday potentially even a little bit more there
    were a lot of opportunities because you have Facebook that felt below $160,
    Alibaba fell below $155, Goldman Sachs fell below $225 and those
    represented incredible opportunities to sell puts but if I'm live trading and
    the market is going up and Facebook is trading at like $170 and Alibaba is trading
    at like $165 there simply aren't opportunities so I would have to
    force trades as a show just you know just to show the the viewers that I'm
    actually active. Meaning that you can't that people who make money in the stock
    market do not live trade because at that specific moment there might not be an
    opportunity for you to make a trade the people who are successful in the stock
    market are opportunistic they watch the market and then they react but it's not
    a situation like there are some days where I make five or ten trades there
    are other days where I make zero trades and I have no idea when I'm going to
    make a trade because I respond to how the market is reacting and I place a
    high probability bet by selling a put and selling an option and then receiving
    premium so I act as the casino as opposed to acting like a you know like a
    gambler. Now with these live traders realize that
    all the reviews are fake they use fake websites
    at Trustpilot. Tim Sykes has even created his own fake
    website like where he provides fake reviews and
    you know it's readily available where you can see that all these these
    people are fake so look if you want to lose all your money you can subscribe to
    these services and you can pay them but just recognize that there is no easy
    money if you want to make money you have to learn a valuable skill that you can
    monetize the only valuable skill in the stock market that retail traders can use
    in order to earn substantial returns of around thirty to sixty percent in years
    by selling option premium the reason why they get you is that they tell you that
    they have earned two to three hundred percent a year so even though you don't
    want to believe it you kind of know you feel like it's
    worth a shot you figure okay I'm gonna throw five
    hundred two thousand dollars at these guys and maybe I'll make you know two
    hundred percent a year by by doing that you're chasing quick money and you're
    gonna lose all your money and you're gonna go broke so not only are you gonna
    lose a few thousand dollars that you paid to them but you're also going to
    lose all your money or your principal amount and also do not discount the
    stress and anxiety that goes along with trading when you lose money and you and
    that and also the time so you're going to invest weeks of your life to study
    bogus videos and bogus material that is just a complete scam right and then
    you're going to invest your hard-earned money thinking that you're gonna make
    200 percent a year you're gonna lose all your money and you're gonna be out
    thousands of dollars and weeks or months of your life that it took you to learn
    this bullshit product that in this bullshit program that is worse it's
    worse than garbage it has zero value so please like share comment subscribe
    click the little bell I really want to help other people because a lot of my
    video a lot of my students have been scammed by these people and I just I
    want to avoid that from happening so if you this is David Jaffee from you can go to entering your email and receive $400
    dollars worth of free training materials that my free training materials is
    better than anybody else's paid materials so just be sure that you don't
    fall prey to these live trading schemes and to these criminals who are trying to
    take your money and remember that there is no easy money out there you know you
    want to make sure that you set your expectations correctly when you can
    easily make 30 to 60 percent a year by selling options you know that's very
    easy you can do that and thirty to sixty percent a year is about on par with what
    Warren Buffett makes he probably didn't makes less than that he makes around
    twenty percent every single year so as a retail trader you do have an
    advantage you can sell options but hey look if you're not okay with making
    thirty percent a year then you can try to make two hundred percent a year and
    you're gonna lose all your money so I will still be here when you buy those
    other people's products and you lose all your money I will still be here to help
    you so I'm not trying to convince you I'm just trying to help you and provide
    us a public service announcement that if you invest in their products you're
    going to lose all your money but if you don't believe me then go ahead and buy
    their products because I will still be here to help you and I will still be
    creating videos once you get defrauded by these criminals who belong in jail
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