Rie Shows Us How To Make Timpano

Rie Shows Us How To Make Timpano
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    How miserable do I look tonight lol.
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    Enjoy the Yakitori🐔🔥 with salt and sweet soy sauce.😋 http://bit.ly/2kvxarZ Shichimi chili pepper goes excellent with the sweet soy sauce.💗️🐩👩 #yakitori #recipe #焼き鳥 #レシピ
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    How didn't we know about these earlier?!
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    There's the law of the land that's written, there's culture and tikanga that's lived then there's the common dignity and respect from one human being to another in morning, my view - THE CHAINS AND THE SHOES SHOULD'VE COME OFF bet it would've changed the whole outcome leaving a lasting impression and lesson on all sides!!! It's the hardest in front of your own! When you are surrounded wall to wall with your most ruthless harshest most staunchest loyal and honest critics a.k.a whānau/hapū/Iwi you ain't going anywhere the officer in my humble opinion had nothing to worry about!!! It also highlights how whānau/hapu/Iwi need to get in there in more ways as a village to keep our men and women out of prison...nā, te wero nui! #prisonguardmanatripinoverthewholegoddamIwi https://www.radionz.co.nz/news/te-manu-korihi/376055/serco-prison-officer-s-refusal-to-take-off-shoes-at-marae-disrespectful?fbclid=IwAR1mWeESJZA8jHFlyKE3DdDiBOxfxcW27Lz5KX4x8hqvLD4pleH0gQPMMo4
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